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The Alpha's Purpose (18+) [Complete]

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Chapter 27


It was time. After much preparing, I could feel the buzzing in the air as if the Moon Goddess herself was warning me.

I woke up, stretching besides Max, feeling nervous. I knew we were the most prepared we could be, but still. I didn't want to fail them: Max, my family, the wolves.

I went to sit on the bed, when I felt a nagging in my head.

A sharp pain before I raised my hands, already putting up the mind blocks, feeling James make his way through to me. I prepared myself mentally, reminding myself that I was in a safe place, before I let him in.

"You're getting better" He snickered at me.

"I let you in, asshole. Now what do you want?" I angrily throw my words at him.

I feel him trying to get to other parts of my brain while keeping me distracted, but I quickly shut him out before he chuckles at me.

"I'll be at your pack in about two hours Kyda. I hope you're prepared."

"Why are you giving me a warning? Isn't it in your best interest to sneak up on me?"

He starts walking around me, and I tense, feeling as if I'm his prey in the center, but I remind myself I'm safe, and that this is only in my head.

"Do you know who I am?" He abruptly asks while stopping in front of me.

"You're James. You used to be a part of my pack before you slaughtered my family. That's all I need to know. That you're a traitor, an enemy of the Moon Goddess, and an enemy of our kind" I spit out.

I see him clench his fists before releasing, "You don't know anything at all then"

I'm trying to not fall into this game he's playing and before I keep thinking if I should ask him to elaborate or not, he makes the decision for me.

"I wasn't a traitor to our pack, the Moon Goddess was. My mate was taken away from me. And not only that, but I was forced to see her be happy with a different wolf. And no one did anything to change it. I lost a part of my soul and left that forsaken pack, knowing I would get my revenge. I trained harder than anyone, as more skilled than anyone, and yet that was my fucking reward. It was your pathetic pack that fucked up. And you're stupid enough to believe them."

I was in shock. And I was pretty sure I wasn't doing a good job of hiding it. I never once heard the story of someone in our pack losing their mate to another wolf. He didn't say he was rejected, but that the Moon Goddess stole his mate. That type of thing was unheard of.

"Who was she? Who was your mate? And why was she given to someone else?" I ask.

James makes eye contact with me, before plastering on a sinister smile. "Oh Kyda. You'll know soon enough. After I kill off the last of you, I'll make sure to savor your final moments and let you know. Maybe you may experience that loss for yourself on the battlefield. Nothing better than learning from experience."

My heart seizes up when I take in his interpretation of hurting Max and I feel my fist clench. "You go anywhere near anyone that I love and I'll send you to the pits of hell unrecognizable James. Not even your fucked up pack will be able to put your pieces back together"

His anger reverberates in my mind and I know I need to get out soon before he takes me down with him. I push the wall closed around my brain before I hear him speak, "Soon Kyda. Very soon"

I blink and see Max hovering over me while I lay on the floor covered in my own sweat.

"Are you okay?" He tenderly asks me while he rubs his fingers against my cheek.

"Yes. But promise me you'll be safe during this war Max. Promise! He will use you to get to me. And as strong as I am to fight him off, I won't survive if you aren't with me"

He leans in and places gentle kisses across my face. "Trust the Moon Goddess Kyda. We have a plan. We'll be safe. You focus o yourself."

He pulls me up before he takes me to the shower to wash up. His caresses are tender, his attention makes me feel like the most powerful woman on the world.

We quickly dry off and head to the kitchen before I mindlink everyone on the pack grounds including the neighboring ones who have joined in on the fight. "Be prepared. James and his followers will be arriving in a few hours, but to be safe, be prepared in ana hour for the attack."

I hear the nervousness around the mindlink and feel the shift in emotion as if a ton of bricks hit me. Max squeezes my hand and draws attention to the food.

"Eat." He tells me simply and I follow.

I go through the pack grounds again to ensure everyone is prepared: women and children who cannot fight are safe, women and men who will be a part of the battle all dressed, weapons at our disposal, medics on alert. Everyone will play a part in this war and I know everyone will need to be prepared for the worst.

I look to Lyssa, "Your pup is your priority you got that?"

She nods before she walks over to give me a hug and whisper in my ear, "Trust Max and Damien Kyda. They will know what to do and when. You just focus on James okay? Finish this and then we can celebrate."

She gives me a bright smile while I take a look around the members.

"Thank you all for your belief in me and in the Moon Goddess. It means more to me than you know and I promise I will do my best to not let you down. This war will end today. James will die."

I hear hollers around me and feel warmth as I see everyone putting their faith in me.

I look up to the Moon Goddess before whispering, "Please protect us."

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