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Chapter 29


It was surreal. One minute, I see Kyda falling to the ground, my world darkening, and the next, all the wolves who came with James are whining, shifting back to human, and whimpering on the floor.

I look to Damien to make sure he's okay to get to Sonja before I leap to get to Kyda and James, but before he attacks, he stops, screaming in agony and clutches his throat. He falls to his knees, trying to talk, but nothing is coming out.

His body thumps to the floor, dead, by the time I get there and I shift to human, picking up Kyda and running to get her to the medical wing since she's bleeding profusely from the deep lacerations across her chest.

"Medic for Kyda now!" I mindlink the pack nurses, rushing to get her situated at the bed.

I mindlink Anastasia and Lyssa, letting them know our enemies are down, figuring I can explain to them later what just happened since I can't even understand it myself.

Anastasia told me to promise her that neither Damien nor I would interfere in her battle, that it must be Kyda who kills him, and I barely was able to do just that.

Lyssa responds, letting me know she and pup are okay and is waiting on Damien. I shut off the mindlink and immediately focus my attention on Kyda, using my hands to press into her chest to stop the bleeding.

I pray to the Moon Goddess, hoping that Anastasia and Sonja were right about how this prophecy ends.

The nurses make quick work of cleaning her up. "You're her mate, correct?" asks one of the visiting nurses from a neighboring pack. I nod my response. "Good. Remark her."

I look at her, perplexed, before I hear Anastasia come through the doors. "She's right Max. Remark her. It will kick in the healing process."

I look at her beautiful face, taking in the curls along her head before I brush them off her neck, lean in, give her a soft kiss on our mark, and pierce it again.

I immediately feel her body thrumming to life, her moaning, which is enough to make me question what I'm doing before Anastasia speaks again, "It's normal Max. You're reigniting the flame so to speak. Her body calls to you even in this state"

I lick the wound closed and step back, seeing the deep cuts begin to already heal faster with mate saliva.

I start to worry, but the nurse already speaks up noticing my distress, "She'll be okay Alpha. But she will need a bit more time to mentally heal. She overexerted her mental strength on that battlefield."

"Yeah, what was that about?" I look to Anastasia for answers, but it's Athena who walks in and answers me.

"She's the Chosen One Max. The reason she had to kill off James wasn't because of the physical aspect, it was the mental. She is the only one who could have taken down all of the wolves who came with him. We were outnumbered. Anastasia, Sonja, and I all knew even with all of our packs, that we would be cutting it close to win this war. She needed to be pushed to her mental limit, and she exceeded wonderfully. The prophecy knew she would be successful, but like most predictors, sometimes, not all players can know the outcome or that in it of itself can change it."

I look down at my beautiful mate, squeezing her hand and soon enough, I feel her hand slightly squeeze mine, but her eyes remain closed.

I lean down and whisper in her ear, "Rest my beautiful mate. You did great." I kiss her cheek and grab a seat to sit next to her.

"Will the rest of the prophecy be true as well? Now since I found out accidentally about this next piece?"

Anastasia smiles warmly at me. "There's a good chance. Given the type of injuries, I'm relatively confident the Moon Goddess will certainly not take away your reward."

I send a silent prayer and a thank you, and rest near my mate, my heart full of love and pride for her strength.


The next morning, I wake up, a bit sore from the stiff foldable chair I was sitting in and grab Kyda's hand. As soon as I touch her, her eyes flicker open. "Max?"

"I'm here baby" I lean in for a kiss on the lips, before I move my mouth towards her mark and kiss her subtly, seeing and feeling her skin react to my touch.

"What happened?" She asks me, barely above a whisper.

"You defeated them. You took down the wolves. You forced a human shift and those weakened died and those still alive we had the packs lock up or kill depending on their decision to join us or die with their leader."

She blinks a few times before remembering, "I saw my parents. They looked beautiful and in love. After killing James, the Moon Goddess came to me in a vision. She allowed me to see my parents. They were so happy and so proud of me." She starts to tear up.

"That's great baby! They got a chance to see you and you them. What an incredible gift the Goddess gave you" I tell her as I kiss her hand.

She nods in recognition. "It was amazing to talk to them Max. The feeling indescribable. Before I woke up, they smiled brightly and told me to enjoy our new gift. I looked to the Moon Goddess for answers, but she said when's time, I'll know"

I smile in the realization that Anastasia was right and that the rest of the prophecy will come to fruition soon.

"What about the others?" She starts to panic, but I easily rest her fears.

"They are good. Sonja is healing at the hospital. Lyssa and Damien are both healthy, along with the pup. She's due any day now so she'll be happy to know you'll be awake for the delivery."

She nods and tries to stand, but has trouble.

"Shhh, take it easy. We'll take it slow. Doc said we could leave the hospital after today. She wants to do a final check of your vitals and give you proper rest and nutrition"

She nods and motions for me to join her on the bed, which I do. I pull her head to my chest, brushing my hand through her curls.

"Rest baby. You saved us."

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