The Alpha's Purpose (18+) [Complete]

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Chapter 3


Wow. The guy can fight. And fuck if I'm not already catching feelings already. So he was a little sappy in that he couldn't hit me because I'm his mate...but his eyes; they spoke volumes. He wasn't just being cheesy - he actually meant it. I could actually see him pained when he tried to hit me.

I'm covered in sweat, but before I run back into the cabin to take a shower, I turn my head towards him again to catch a glimpse of his body and I lock eyes with him. Shit. He saw me checking him out! He smirks before I quickly look away and head back.

I never take the time to turn back for a guy -- they usually expect it and I refuse to give them that satisfaction, but with him, I want him to know that I like what I see.

After a hot shower to ease my muscles and wash the sweat off of me, I change into a light pink sundress and white sandals. It's hot out and after that workout, I don't have the energy to put on jeans.

I see a text on my phone from Mara telling me to come back out to the common grounds to meet some of the people who will be at the fake ceremony during the attack so I head over.

I meet Mara's husband Alexei, who is a complete gentleman. They radiate such love that I can't help but feel my heart constrict. I never imagined what my life would be like with a mate. I have been so focused on my parents' killer, the training, the roleplay, that I have squeezed romance and compassion out of my life completely. The only action I get nowadays is when I have to flirt on the job.

"Mara, how is the baby doing?" I hear Lyssa ask.

My eyes go wide, "Mara, you're pregnant?"

She smiles as Lyssa reaches out to hug her.

"Yes I am. Alexei and I just recently found out."

"Congratulations Mara! May your family be blessed by the Moon Goddess," I state sincerely. There is something about Mara and Alexei. They are so sweet and warm that I naturally gravitate towards their energy.

I could only hope to have that sliver of happiness in the future someday. Instead, the vibes I tend to give off are just seriousness which tends to put most people off. It's not that I can't be fun or enjoyable or happy, but when you've spent the majority part of your life thinking about your family's killer, you become so driven by that one goal -- that you can't let loose anymore.

As if he read my mind, Max comes up to me and asks, "Kyda - you okay? You looked a little spaced out there"

Damn - can the mate bond have him tune into my body like that even before we complete it? Or is he really that genuine of a guy? I need to ask my pain in the ass brother Damien to give me some details on him.

"Thanks for asking Max. I'm good, just kind of got lost in my own thoughts" as I lift my gaze from Mara to him.

He sees my eyes leave Mara and his facial expression changes just a bit, before he regains control and puts on his usual calm demeanor. "Ok just making sure. Let me know if you need anything. Lyssa's pack has been incredibly welcoming. Although I will warn you, they're a bit traditional so don't expect to see a lot fo women fighters here. Just be mindful of that so we aren't offending them on their home turf"

"Thanks Max" I state. I did notice they tend to keep females off the training facility. Damien mentioned it briefly to me when he caught me up with the plan, but I know once Damien becomes Alpha - he won't stand for that. We've been training women alongside men for as long as I can remember. I stifle a laugh -- this pack would probably have a heart attack if they knew I - a female - train the majority of our men and women back home.

I see Lyssa approach me with an evil grin on her face, "Alright everybody. We're throwing a party to get us all to ease up before the ceremony. Kyda, you're coming with us, a girls shopping trip to get dresses and Max, you go with Damien and the rest of the boys to get a suit. We need to show you newbies how true Russian elegance parties!" She states with a wink.

We quickly separate and go shopping and I swear in no time, I hear Lyssa squeal in excitement. "Kyda! You NEED this dress"

She hands it over for me try on and my mouth drops. It's a red dress, strapless, form-fitting around my body with light detailing around the waist. I turn around and there is a tall slit right up to my upper thigh. I blush, thinking that I basically have to wear no bra and the tiniest panties I own to make sure you don't see anything.

"Damn Lyssa. You have some taste girl" I look at Mara and she looks absolutely breathtaking in her dress that goes over her slight baby bump. "Mara, you RADIATE girl. I wish I could have the relationship you and Alexei have someday," I barely mumble, but clearly the girls heard me.

Lyssa and Mara basically both speak up, "Girl, Max was at a loss for words when he first met you. He will not stop staring at you."

I blush a bit, "Yes but he's best friends with Damien. And Lyssa I'm sure you know by now that those two from what I heard were little Playboys. Any guy that hung out with Damien could not have possibly been an angel"

Lyssa smirks at me, "Oh I know how Damien was. And look at him now. I'm sure you can get Max there in no time, especially with your skills" She winks at me.

We all get our dresses and head back to the pack to start getting ready for the celebration.

After tonight, we help Lyssa's pack fight off her power-hungry uncle, and then we head back home, which also means I need to speak with Damien at some point. Now that I have my mate and he's an Alpha himself -- where exactly do I go? I know tradition is to go with the mate, but Damien's family saved my life. I owe them my services -- there is no question about that.

Before I can worry about it any further, Lyssa and Mara drag me back to the cabin to get ready for the ceremony.

"Kyda - no more thinking tonight. Not about my uncle. Not about the ceremony. Not about any other worry you may have in that pretty little head of yours. Tonight we focus on you. Because Mara and I want first row seats to when Max sees you and basically blows his load in his pants" Lyssa giggles.

"Damn Lyssa. You and Damien really are meant for each other with your perverted minds" I state, Mara and I both laughing.

After we finish getting ready, we start to head to the party since we know the boys are already anty enough as it is. I take one last look at my outfit, and dare I say, I look good.

Time to ramp up your seductress vibes Kyda. Show Max where your talents really are...I think to myself, before I step out of the cabin and decide to make tonight one where I truly let myself enjoy the moment. No mission, no goals, just the present.

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