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The Alpha's Purpose (18+) [Complete]

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Chapter 30


I'm exhausted and I still can't fully understand the depths of what happened even after Max and the others explained what happened. But what I do know is that this is all over.

I smile warmly thinking about the incredible gift the Moon Goddess gave me when I saw my parents.

"Mom? Dad?" I ask in wonder, looking around to see them standing before me.

"Oh Honey! We are so proud of you!" my mom tells me with tears in her eyes as both she and my father approach me.

I run into them, so grateful to see them one last time, before I look to the side and notice what can only be the Moon Goddess staring back at us.

"You did well Kyda. Just as we knew you would" She tells me.

I take in my parents and catch them up on my life, but they already knew everything as they were watching all over me.

"Max is a good kid honey. The Moon Goddess paired you well" My father says, giving me his seal of approval.

I glance at both after what seems like ages catching up and smile at the Moon Goddess, knowing it was her powers that made time stand still for us.

"I love you and miss you both so much!" I tell them.

"We'll always be with you Kyda. We will always watch out for you. Enjoy your blessings"

They both give me a kiss and I see the Moon Goddess approach me one last time.

"Thank you for what you've done today Kyda. I'll keep your parents safe and you will be reunited again when it's time. But for now, enjoy your life and all the wonders of it. There will be more to come." She smiles at me and I hear Max calling out in the background. Feeling the pull, I take a look at her one last time and my eyes open.

I hear Max calling my name, "What was that baby?"

"Just remembering my time with my parents. It felt so surreal. I'm so happy to have been blessed with those moments again."

Soon enough, I'm all ready to leave the hospital, with most of my injuries healed thanks to Max and his remarking. The rebiting as done wonders at restarting both my healing process, and my libido. I feel starved for his attention, like a wolf in heat again. I take his hand and already feel his connection in my mind.

"Babe?" He tells me, taking in my expression.

"I'm fine Max. I'll be even better with you in me."

"One more day Kyda. I'm not risking it. The doc said you need at least one more day for full recovery and I'm not risking it."

I growl, "Max. After what I've been through, if you won't get me off, then I'll do it myself."

I shift into wolf and run towards the edge of a lake on the pack land and dive in, feeling the cool water soak my fur as I tread water for a bit before I shift to human. I move my hands towards my slick folds, moaning at the feel of the water combined with my juices. I hear a howl in the background and see Max's wolf glimmering on the edge before he shifts to human and jumps in after me.

"My wolf isn't happy Kyda. He can smell you, which means others can too"

"Then fuck me faster Max and we won't have this problem"

I swim to him and jump, gripping my legs around his waist, feeling his thick cock stirring right where I want him to. I move my hands around his neck and lift up for a kiss, before I feel his hands position himself right at my opening and pull my hips down on him as I moan in his ear at the intrusion. My inner walls clench him hard which solicits a groan out of him as I smirk.

"Fuck. me." I whisper before he quickly bucks his hips upward as he pulls my hips down simultaneously, making me see stars.

I slip a hand in between us and rub myself as I inch closer to climax, before I bring the hand down and cup his balls.

One of his hands drops from my hip as he moves it on my ass, squeezing a globe before bringing his fingers between us and thumbing my clit.

As soon as he touches me, I cry out, my orgasm hitting me hard as I clench on him, feeling his cum hit me, coating my walls.

"Fuck Kyda" I hear him whisper, holding himself deep in me as I feel his release.

I wiggle my hips on him, but he stills me with his hands on my hips as we walk towards the side of the lake, still connected.

He sets me down, pulling himself slowly out of me and lifting my hips up, spreading my pussy with his fingers.

"I love seeing my cum in you Kyda. It's sexy as fuck"

He inserts two fingers, swirling it around, causing my breath to hitch up, before he pulls his fingers out, rubbing them on my inner leg.

I wiggle for him to let me go, but his grip tightens as his eyes burn into mine.

"I want me in you just a bit longer. I want you full to the brim, dripping when you stand."

I blush, watching him continue to stare at me before he slowly lets me go.

I go to stand, feeling his cum drip down my thighs. As if knowing what I'm thinking, he grips my arm, "You aren't going back into the lake to wash off Kyda. You wanted to be fucked and couldn't wait a day, so this is your punishment. I'm putting my pants on and you're putting on my boxers and shirt on just the way you are. I want you to feel me dripping down your leg as we walk back to the cabin."

I heat under his intense gaze, before I walk towards him, taking his hand into mine, brushing his fingers up my leg towards my pussy, inserting one of my fingers and one of his in me, before pulling his finger out and bringing it to my mouth to lick our mixed juices off. "My pleasure, Alpha"

I feel his eyes bore into me before he roughly rotates me so I'm facing a tree, my back to his front, pushing me against the rough bark while I feel him kneel, licking my dripping pussy from behind.

"If you ever want my mouth on your quivering lips again Kyda, you won't tempt me like that again"

I shiver at his words, already missing his tongue on me before he stands and slaps my ass hard, causing me to yelp.

"Now put your clothes on before I change my mind and parade your marked body naked across the pack. My wolf may be jealous of others seeing his mate naked, but he'll get over it once they smell my cum dripping out of you," he growls.

I turn on shaky legs and quickly throw on his boxers and long shirt which comes down half my thigh, knowing that he's serious and fuck, I really want that tongue on me again so I obey him quietly as I hear him chuckle behind me.

"Good girl"

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