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Chapter 31


It feels like it was months since the last battle, but in actuality, it had only been a couple of weeks.

James was killed, and from my understanding, it was me killing him via our mindlink world that caused his death in life. The majority of his followers escaped, those who didn't either died due to their injuries or were in the process of rejoining other packs - an option that no one was taking lightly.

We believed in second chances, but we wanted to do as much of a background check as we could to check the sincerity of their wishes, why they left packs in the first place, and if they could be trusted to join the ranks again.

However, all of that was pushed in the back of my mind when I heard Damien tap into the mindlink, "Lyssa's water broke! We're heading to the hospital now"

I rush quickly, making sure Max heard, and push through the doors seeing Damien sitting next to Lyssa on the hospital bed.

"Are you okay?" I barely breathe out.

"Yes! My water broke, I'm fine. Contractions are pretty close so I'll probably go into labor soon, but Damien wanted to be extra precautious so here I am" she beamed a bright smile and I could easily tell she was nervous and excited at the same time.

"Do you want us to come back?" I ask her, but she quickly responds, "Nonsense! Actually, can you boys give me and Kyda a moment please?"

Damien leaves reluctantly with Max, but not before each of our mates give us a kiss.

I turn to Lyssa inquisitively, before she speaks up first.

"Firstly, You did fucking amazing Kyda. Thank you so much. I wouldn't even be here if it weren't for you."

I smile and blush at the same time, "If it wasn't for your pack and your mom's knowledge of everything, and being able to pull in Sonja and Athena for help, there's no way I would have been successful, but I'll take the praise anyway"

She chuckles before she motions for me to come close. "How are you and Max doing?" She peeks up at me.

I blush again, fully realizing how crazy Lyssa is and how there are no boundaries with her.

"We're doing well...I was a bit impatient last night so I kind of pounced on him. The wait time was getting unbearable!"

She gives me a bright smile, before I see her hand moving to her tummy and see her face wince a bit in pain.

I quickly mindlink Max and Damien to return and soon enough, the door's open.

"Hey! Unfair!" Lyssa shouts at me.

"Girl! You have a pup to deliver and I saw your face. You're about to be a mom very soon. I'll leave you two to your moment, but Max and I will be right here along the way.

The doctors quickly make way along with Lyssa's parents and soon enough, the little room is full of commotion, but Lyssa refuses to let any of us leave her site.

After a couple of hours, we finally hear the beautiful cry of a pup at Lyssa's delivery and Damien sends a message via mindlink to all the packs on the premises to announce the healthy delivery which is quickly returned with hoots and hollers.

We eye the beautiful couple holding their newborn and I feel Max tense up.

I look up to him, wondering what's going when I see the perplexed look on his face, but he continues to look at the newborn pup and at me cautiously.

"Does anyone smell that?"

He asks, seemingly into the abyss, but it's Damien who quickly turns his head and makes eye contact with Max as if he knows what's going on.

"What does it smell like?" he asks, with a knowing look in his eyes.

Max thinks over a bit before responding, "It's a new scent, but it's hard to differentiate between your pup's smell and this, but it's definitely two different ones" He crinkles his nose as he takes it in again.

Damien and Lyssa look at each other lovingly before they both turn their heads towards me and Lyssa speaks up first, "Well I guess the secret's out now, but...I think you might be pregnant Kyda!" She giggles at her announcement and I feel myself stilling.

"What?" I barely state above a whisper

"It's true" Damien continues. "Max is smelling your new pup. I was the same way with Lyssa. Your mate will smell the pup first before anyone else realizes, sometimes even before the woman does. It's normal. So I guess today will need two congratulations"

The room erupts in applause and I smile, telling everyone thank you before I hear Lyssa tap into my mindlink only, "Go. Thank you for being here with me Kyda. I'm so unbelievably happy for you, but you and Max need a moment so take it. We'll handle it from here"

I give her a smile and look to Max who has a huge smile on his face as I go and grab his hand, pulling him out of the room and head towards the lake, walking at a leisurely pace.

"How do you feel?" He finally breaks the ice.

I look up at him, a bit nervous, moving from foot to foot. "I'm so happy to be able to carry your pup Max. I know how much you wanted this and you will be an amazing father"

He leans in to give me a kiss, "but?" He tells me, keeping eye contact with me.

"But, I'm scared. What if I mess up? Are you sure you're okay with this? It's not too fast? I know you are excited, but what if reality hits and you realize it's too much responsibility? What if it's too soon? What if..." before I can continue my anxious blabbering, he pulls me in for a deep kiss before he separates, goes on his knees, and places his head on my tummy.

"I will never change my mind about you or this pup Kyda. It's part of our future. This is our gift. You are my gift. This pup is my gift. I am so thrilled I cannot even put it into words. And you were right, you weren't pregnant before because it wasn't the right time, but now it is. I will be here every step of the way. I love you so fucking much"

I pull him up on his feet, standing tall, before I launch into him and squeeze him into a hug, nuzzling my face into his neck.

"I love you so much Max. You are my home, my strength, the greatest Alpha I could have ever asked for. The Moon Goddess has blessed me beyond anything I could have ever imagined. Thank you for coming into my life"

We stay connected for so long, feeling the love between us encompass me as I close my eyes and send a silent prayer to the Moon Goddess and my parents, imagining them smiling down on us right now.

"My love, my future, my mate" I whisper into his neck, my breath fanning across his mark as he shivers, squeezing me tight into his embrace.

We are so close to the end!

Thank you all for staying on this journey with me! xoxo

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