The Alpha's Purpose (18+) [Complete]

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Chapter 4

A/N Steamy scenes ahead...also this chapter is longer than usual..hope that's okay!


I anxiously wait for the girls to get ready while the boys and I pick up our tuxes. After a quick shower and shave, I gel my hair back and head with the guys towards the event. I walk in and I am wowed by how luxurious everything is. Russian wolves really know how to take it up a notch and Lyssa's pack is truly as wealthy as the rumors stated.

I head quickly towards the bar and ask for a shot of tequila to ease my nerves. I see Damien approach and I mention for him to come over.

"Hey Damien. I have a question for you"

Damien looks up as he orders his own drink before sitting down next to me. "What's up Max?"

"What can you tell me about Kyda? And why the fuck haven't you introduced me to her before? She's gorgeous"

I see Damien tense up before speaking. "Max. Kyda is like my little sister. We're close in age and we grew up together. Do not fuck it up or I swear to the Moon Goddess that I'll kick your ass" He pauses and I nod my head in understanding. I have no intention of doing anything to hurt her anyway so it's an easy promise for me to keep.

Once Damien realizes how serious I am about her, he continues, "All I remember was when she was young, my dad found her around our borders. She was running and the moment one of our patrol wolves caught her, he called my dad over. He said she was crying and scared so he made the decision right then and there to take her in as his own daughter. He raised her for most of her life and at one point she opened up about what happened although the story is vague. Her parents who ran the pack were attacked and killed, with the majority of her pack slaughtered that night. She hasn't found anyone else from her old pack and ever since then, she's been with us"

I order another shot of tequila to down and feel it burn down my throat. I can't imagine being so young and having everything taken away from you.

I look up at Damien, "Has she ever spoken about that night to you?"

"Not in too much detail and honestly I haven't pressed her about it. I love her like my sister and she knows that nothing can change that. She shared once before what she told my dad, but I knew it was hard on her so I left the ball in her court to talk to me. As for me not introducing you to her sooner..." Damien chuckles before continues, "It wasn't really on purpose. I just never thought of it before"

I nod in Damien's direction, thanking him for the information and as I'm about to ask him for more, I pause and I swear my breath leaves my body. I look towards the entrance and see Kyda in a gorgeous, figure-hugging red dress with the longest slit up to her waist that I've ever seen in my life. My wolf growls thinking about all the men who can witness her beauty and I immediately tense up and start walking towards her, leaving Damien behind but hearing him laugh in the background once he sees Kyda.

I'm by her side in an instant, my eyes easily traveling up and down her body hungrily. I see her eyes take me in and do the same, noticing the lust on her face as she licks her lips.

" look beautiful tonight" I breathe out, extending my hand to grab hers.

"Thank you Max. You look quite handsome yourself" she smiles at me and I swear my heart melts in that moment.

"May I ask you to a dance?"

She nods in acceptance and I move us to the dance floor as I slowly lower one of my hands to her back and press my front to her. I lean my head into the crook of her neck and take in her smell. The cinnamon sweet scent is enough to drive my wolf mad with desire and I'm barely holding him in. I look into her eyes and notice her own wolf scratching at the surface.

We dance for what feels like hours before I take her hand and pull her towards the bar while I wait for her to order her drink.

At this point the party has been going on for a few hours and I feel bad that I've taken up most of her time, but with Lyssa now leaving to go back to the cabin with Damien and Mara dancing with Alexei, I don't feel as guilty.

I look at her longingly and lean in towards a kiss, gentle enough so I don't impose on her and when I see she doesn't pull back, I lean in and my lips touch hers, making my dick hard in an instant.

I grab the back of her head and devour her mouth while my hands travel throughout her body, hearing her groan under my assault.

I grab her hand and move her towards one of the empty halls before she slips her hands into my pants and starts rubbing my cock which is already bursting at the seams.

"Fuck Kyda. Please have mercy"

She chuckles before she continues and pushes me into one of the empty rooms as she pulls my pants down and kneels in front of me.

I go to lift her up, but she pushes my hands away.

"Max. Please" she looks up at me and all I see is determination.

I gently move my hands away and grab her head as her lips open up and her tongue gently licks the tip of my cock, swirling my precum and her saliva all around it. She spits on it and I almost lose my shit as she deep throats me in one go.

"Fuck" I hiss out as her hands cup my balls and her mouth continues to suck my dick like an expert. Her tongue, her warmth is enough to drive me mad with desire as her head bobs. I feel her tongue rotating around, as her lips form a tight suction, both so in sync that I see stars.

"I'm about to cum" I warn her, but she continues her movements and I grab the back of her head to hold her in place as my hips thrust forward, feeling myself reach the back of her throat.

I shoot my cum into her as she drinks most of it, her eyes looking up at me as I almost lose my shit right there.

As I slowly pull out of her, she wipes the rest of her mouth with her hand and helps pull my pants up. I take a moment to catch my breath as she grabs my hand to lead us back to the party, but I have other plans.

"Now now Kyda. I wouldn't be raised a gentleman if you did all of that for me and didn't return the favor."

She turns to look at me as I grab her hand and pull her towards my chest, forcing her back in the room, and locking the doors. I grab her bridal style and set her on one of the tables available before I look into her eyes and am met with lust and desire looking back at me.

"Max..." she whispers, before I lift her dress up and pull her legs towards me. I slowly use both hands to separate her legs and push her knees down before I remove her panties and put them in my pocket. I bunch up her red dress around the waist and kiss her belly, before I use one of my hands to separate her folds and give her one long lick from the bottom of her dripping core towards the top.

Her body convulses and naturally tries to squeeze her legs together, but I hold them firm with my hands. "Not yet baby" I say, as I continue to lick and play with her clit before diving two of my fingers in her, coating her walls as I continue to suck.

My tongue and fingers move in and out of her as her breath gets heavy. I insert one of my fingers gently into her ass as her eyes widen. "Not going there yet babe, don't worry" as I feel her tense, then relax her muscles.

I insert a third finger and as I find her G-Spot, she gasps for breath, her pussy clenching around my fingers telling me she is close.

"Cum for me baby" as I forcefully thrust my fingers into her, curling them, expanding them, noticing her eyes roll into her head, her breath heavy, her body lifting off the table as I continue to lick at her dripping pussy making a mess on the table.

I pull back, her pink folds still quivering, before I place a quick kiss on her pussy and take her hands and lift them off of the table.

"Are you okay?" I ask her. Her face a little blushed, she responds, "That was amazing Max. I've never...I've never cum like that before"

Her legs are still a little shaky.

"I normally would keep these.." I state as I reach into my pocket to pull her lace panties, "but the thought of you dripping and having some other wolf smell you would drive me mad. Your juices, your scent, your cum, all belong to me" I hold her panties in as she steps one foot after the other, before I pull them up to her waist, lightly kissing her core through the fabric, feeling the heat still radiating through them. I pull her dress back down before I kiss her cheek and take in one of her hands to lead her back to the party, my body thrumming with desire all over again.

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