The Alpha's Purpose (18+) [Complete]

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Chapter 5


The day to take on Lyssa's uncle had finally arrived. Kyda and I were stationed at the head of the table - ready to begin the ceremony that we had put into place. Her uncle was led to believe that Kyda and I were the new Alpha and Luna chosen to lead Lyssa's pack once her uncle steps down. We were meant to be a distraction so her uncle could attack us, while Lyssa, Damien, and the warriors of all our packs would attack.

The battle was bloody - to say the least - Lyssa was seriously wounded, but thankfully she made a full recovery, and to our surprise, her pup survived as well.

Damien also made the surprising decision that Mara and her husband Alexei would lead Lyssa's pack - which was a welcoming gesture that everyone was on board with. It would allow Lyssa to join Damien's pack while leaving her former pack in good hands.

As we all respectively head to our cabins to pack up and head home, I think about what this means in regards to Kyda. She has been Damien's right-hand warrior her entire life, and as much as my wolf and I need her by our side - I don't want to take her away from the family that she would give up her life for.

I head to Damien's door and knock gently, seeing what he thinks about the situation.

"Come in" he says, as I slowly close the door behind me.

"Damien, brother. I have a question for you, but first, congratulations are in order for you and Lyssa's pup" I smile, feeling proud that my best friend will become a father.

He thanks me and smiles, before I take in a deep breath, preparing to ask my question.

"I know Kyda is your sister, and that she owes you and your family her life, but I want to know before I even talk to her if you would be willing to part with her and have her join me"

He pauses, looking me over and then a small smile escapes his lips. "You better be serious about her Max. If she's happy and wants to leave with you - I'll let her. Our packs are close after all and I cannot take away the opportunity of her being with her mate. She hasn't spoken with me yet so you may want to talk to her first"

I nod, before replying, "I am serious Damien. She's a fighter. I see it in her. I would never ask her to leave that side of her. She can fight with my men - I would never ask her to just be a pup-maker, you know that"

We both sit in the silence before he extends out his handshake to me, "well it might be too early, but welcome to the family Max" Damien tells me, as I return his handshake before we give each other a hug.

I leave the room and head over to finish up packing while we wait for our men, Lyssa, and Kyda to join us.

The women take a moment to hug Mara goodbye, already promising that we would return and have frequent visits to help out with her being the new Luna of the pack as well as with her pup once he or she is born.

We all head over and get on the private plan our pack leaders share for emergencies and settle into the seats, getting ready to head back home.

Once the plane lifts off and the captain turns off the seatbelt sign, I make my way over to Kyda.

"Hey" I tell her, as she looks up from her computer. "Can we talk for a minute?"

She nods her head as I grab her hand and lead her to the pack of the plane in the empty bedroom for us to chat.

"So...I know you are Damien's top fighter and I know you owe him your life, but I was wondering if you would like to come with me to my pack when the plane lands" I take in a deep breath while I wait for her to respond before I quickly add, "I don't mean to overstep, but I did get Damien's blessing if you choose to come with me. And we can visit as frequently as you want. And you can still train. And.." before I continue to blab, she raises her hand at me and smirks.

"I will. Thank you for talking to Damien about it first. It means a lot that I have his blessing. I wanted to ask him about it actually, but given all the events going on, I didn't have the chance to - so thank you"

I nod and get ready to stand and exit, before she grabs my hand and motions for me to sit down again.

"Max. Before I head over to your pack, I want to share some things with you. To be transparent about me before you fully decide to take me into your home."

I nod, and she continues. "I'm not sure what Damien has mentioned about my past but, my parents were taken from me when I was little. I remember the murder's face, even though to this day, I don't know his name or anything. Damien's father took me in and raised me like my own. I pledged my allegiance to fight and be his best warrior - one that I plan to keep until the death. So if they need me, I will have to leave to serve"

She pauses, as if waiting for my answer so I reply, "I understand"

She then continues again, "I also...I'm a lot. I have a lot of baggage because of that night. I train because it's my therapy of sorts. I train because I won't stop until I find the man who killed my parents and end his life. I need you to know that this mission -- I've had it my whole life. I can't give up on it. It haunts me. I'm not right in the head sometimes because of it. So the last thing I ask of you is patience. Patience with me when I wake up screaming from my nightmares, patience when I need to go train and leave my knuckles bloody from the onslaught, patience when I hide my emotions because I still haven't learned to show them to everyone just yet"

I move closer to her and grab one of her hands in mind, letting me warmth radiate.

"Kyda - I promise to give you what you need. I appreciate the honesty. We're adults and the last thing we all need is to play games with our emotions. I hope that you let me help you on your mission and that you won't shut me out. And in return, I can give you time, I can give you space, I will let you train however badly you want, and I will let you leave to fight by Damien's side when the time comes -- so long as you let me help you and you don't do anything alone"

It was now my turn to pause and let her take in my words, before she gives me a nod.

I lean in and gently kiss her cheek, feeling her warmth seep into me as I take a step back, stand, and reach my hand out to grab hers and help lift her up.

We exit the bedroom and head back to the plane where I notice Lyssa is already fast-asleep on Damien's shoulder, the rest of our men in the back playing poker.

Kyda goes back to her seat, while I take the one next to her and grab her hand, trailing my fingers slowly above her knuckles.

We have quite the long trip ahead of us so I sit back and open my phone, texting our pack psychiatrist.

When I told Kyda I would help her - I meant it. And the first thing I plan on doing is visiting our psychiatrist to talk to her about Kyda's condition. I want to know what I can do to make sure I am supportive of her and to make sure I help her heal and when the time comes, maybe Kyda can visit her and open up to her as well.

I know one thing's for certain, in the small amount of time I've met Kyda, I would already do anything for her and if she needs me to kill the monsters from her nightmare, I won't hesitate to do just that.

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