The Alpha's Purpose (18+) [Complete]

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Chapter 6


As the plane lands, I take in a deep breath, my chest feeling light at the fact that I have Damien's best wishes to depart, and at the fact that Max is understanding of my past, my mission, and who I am.

I give a hug and a kiss to Damien and Lyssa as they grab the car waiting for them to drive back to the pack before I look over to Max and ask him where our car is and see him smirking at me in response.

"What's that face for?"

"We aren't taking a car back to my pack"

I look at him perplexed, before I see him walking towards a motorcycle.

"You can't be serious"

"Oh but I am" he responds and I look at him shocked.

"Max I've never been on a motorcycle before. I...I"

His smirk grows even wider before responding to me, "Really? The big bad Kyda, warrior of The Claws Pack, second-hand lethal weapon of Alpha Damien has never been on a motorcycle?"

I don't give him the satisfaction of hesitation as I walk over to his motorcycle and grab a helmet.

"I have not. But that doesn't mean I can't handle her"

Max grins as he puts his own helmet on. "How do you know it's a she?"

"Please." I respond. "All men refer to their motors as females. The purring of an engine, especially one between your thighs...couldn't possibly be a male now could it?"

He chuckles as he gets on the bike, "I suppose you're right Kyda. But just to be honest here - all men would rather prefer an actual female between their thighs" as he extends his hand out to help me on the bike.

"Put your legs on the steps here, and watch out for the hot pipe. Don't rest your leg on it."

I do as he says and wrap my hands around his waist, taking in his scent as I lean in, already the mate bond working its magic in calming me.

He takes off, with the rest of his warriors on their own bike. He speeds up and I feel the vibration give me life as I take in the view.

Damn. I should have ridden on one of these babies before. I think to myself, wondering if Max would give me a lesson so I can buy my own.

He speeds through the back roads and I take in the beautiful scenery before he slows down and makes a turn towards his pack house.

He steps off and grabs my hand to help me off the bike as well, not letting go as we both walk through the pack grounds.

He turns and walks towards a building where I see a woman standing at the door "Son!" she says gleefully. "I see you finally bring a woman home"

He smiles as he pulls me close to him, "Hi mom. This is my mate Kyda. Kyda - this is my mom."

The woman smiles and rushes to give me the biggest hug, squeezing the life out of me as Max speaks up, "Mom. Please don't hurt her. I only have one mate you know"

She chuckles as she releases me, motioning for a man standing behind her.

"Come here honey, Max brought home is mate Kyda"

Max's father approaches me and extends his hand out for a handshake, which I take.

"Hello Kyda. Welcome to our pack. Hope my son Max is treating you well"

I nod, "Yes sir. He's an exceptional man" I smile at them. I can tell they are proud of his son and they have every right to. From what I can already quickly tell - Max is a gentleman. He's a fair leader, his fighting skills are unbeaten, and his loyalty is extremely admirable.

His father speaks up, "Max, please show Kyda around. We actually have a visitor from another pack today that I was going to take on your behalf since I didn't know you were coming back today"

Max responds, "Sure I can stop by if it's alright with Kyda?"

He turns to me and I nod, "Of course. I can also spend some time with your mom in the meantime; you don't have to put your responsibilities on hold for me."

Max faces his father again, "When does the meeting start dad?"

"You have about an hour or so until they arrive so enough time to get changed and head over."

"OK great. Who am I visiting and from what pack? Any material I need to prepare for?"

His father leaves us for a second and returns back with an envelope in hand.

"It's actually an interesting case son. We thought this pack was slaughtered years ago, but it looks like there were a few survivors who have been slowly rebuilding over the years. They need our help in rebuilding and want us to have an alliance with them. It's the White Moon pack"

I visibly gasp, my hand going to my mouth immediately as the words leave his mouth. Max turns to me, and I know my mini outburst requires an explanation.

"That's...that's my pack"

Max scrunches his face together before he realizes what I'm saying. "Kyda, is this your parents' pack?"

I nod, unable to speak anymore as my mind races in a million different directions. I thought everyone had died. I tried returning to our old ground when I was older with a few of Damien's men, but I found no trace of anyone left. Even Damien's father inquired about the pack and no one knew anything.

My mind goes numb as I hear Max catching up his parents quickly on my story, before I feel him squeeze my hand.


I look before his father speaks up.

"Kyda, you should join Max at the meeting. It could be someone you know. You could find out what happened. You're safe here if anything were to happen"

"Thank you" I finally breathe as his mother gives me another hug.

"Oh honey. Maybe you could get some closure!"

I smile at her and her husband before Max takes my hand and leads me to his cabin.

"Let's get you showered and dressed and we can head into the meeting together. I'll have my father join, my beta, and a few of our top warriors just in case we need them, okay?"

I smile, before I feel Max's hands grab my face.

"Kyda. Breathe." He narrows his eyes on mine before he leans in and kisses me. His warm lips make me moan and momentarily help me forget about my anxiety crawling through my veins.

"Stop making those noises Kyda. I don't want the first time I take you to be rushed and when you're in this mental state - but if you continue moaning like that, I won't be responsible for my actions"

He smirks at me while I playfully hit his chest as we separate, my body already missing his warmth.

"I call dibs on the shower. You can go after me while I get ready" I smile at him as I rush and lock the door.

I come out and get dressed quickly and do my makeup and hair to be somewhat presentable while I wait for Max to get ready.

After we're done, he grabs my shaky hand and turns to me, "Are you ready?"

I bite my lip nervously and nod.

"I'll be with you every step of the way" Max says, before he places another kiss on my lips, easing my worries, as we head towards the meeting room.

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