The Alpha's Purpose (18+) [Complete]

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Chapter 8

A/N: Serious smut up ahead (like A LOT). You've been warned!


I feel her arousal hit my nostrils as I insinuate what I have planned for her. I could easily take her on the table, but with her agreeing to the mating ceremony in a little under two weeks, I'm reeling in my hard-on, but that doesn't mean I can't pleasure my mate beforehand.

I call Damien and place the phone on speaker, seeing if they have any idea about what this scroll is.

Lyssa speaks up after I explain what we saw, "I've heard about this actually, but I was super young. My parents would definitely know more. The story I was told was that a war would come due to some of the rogues going against the Moon Goddess. Supposedly a leader would rise that would threaten our kind and expose us to humans. The story said that someone of Alpha blood would be born, blessed by the Moon Goddess herself, who would have the power to combine packs, defend our world, and overtake the threat. I don't know many of the details, but I can call my mom and see what she knows. The Volkis have some of the oldest Alpha bloodlines in the wolf community - if they don't know, then I'm sure our history books in our library would have documented something like this. I'll give you guys a call back when I find out more"

We hear the click before I turn to Kyda. "We will find out what is happening ok? Don't sweat it. Focus on getting your pack here and let Lyssa do some investigative work"

She kisses me, but before she heads out, I pull her back and lock the door.

"Don't think I forgot about what I said earlier"

Her face turns a shade of pink, while I smirk at her.

"Face the table and bend down Kyda"

"I don't think so Alpha" she purrs in my ear, but I can see her pupils dilate and her breathing speed up.

"Don't make me repeat myself Kyda"

I hear her giggle and try to go towards the door before I grab her and place her flat on the table.

I use my hand to hold her waist to the table, while my other pulls her pants and panties down. "You're lucky you need to walk out of here or I'd rip these clothes off of you"

I smell her desire while I look down and her pussy is already wet and glistening.

"Aw kitten, you're making a mess of the table."

I move my hands down and insert two fingers into her as she moans. I rub her walls and smear her wetness all along her outer lips.

"Don't cum. You have no idea how hard it is for me to not fuck you right now"

"Not so fast" she says and I look up at her.

She slides off the table on the floor and pulls my own pants and boxers down swiftly.

"You won't be the only one to have a taste"

Fuck. me.

She pushes me on the floor and lays me flat, while she crawls over me, her pussy hanging above my lips while I feel her mouth on my hard cock.

She deep-throats me in one go while I shove my tongue inside her, feeling her shiver on my face.

I spread her wide with my fingers, while my own hips buck into her. The sensation is overwhelming. I'm trying to focus on her, but her mouth is heaven on me.

I shove three fingers at once as she spasms. "Fuck Max." I hit her G-spot over again while her own throat chokes on my dick as I basically fuck her face.

"Is this a race kitten? Because you know you'll lose"

I forcefully lick and thrust my fingers into her pussy while my other hand inserts a thumb into her ass. As she groans, her assaults on my dick continue as I feel her grab my balls while her throat constricts around me. My tongue is at her nub, I feel her wetness dripping out of her while my fingers continue to pump. I feel her walls constrict around my fingers before I remove everything.

I look down and see she hasn't let go of my dick, but she's whimpering at the fact that I stop all of my movement.

"Finish me off kitten so I can focus on you or so help me God I'll shove myself so deep into you that you won't walk straight until the mating ceremony"

She purs, thinking she's won by me letting her go first, and I smirk when I know what awaits her. I place her pussy right below my face to watch it while she continues to suck my cock until I feel like I'm about to bust. "I'm going to cum kitten"

I feel her smiling as she slips me almost all the way out of her mouth before taking me all in in one swoop, her hands around the base of my dick and balls. I feel my load bust into her mouth while I simultaneously and surprisingly shove 3 fingers into her dripping core and 2 into her asshole, making her scream around my dick as her orgasm comes out of nowhere, her body and mine squirming against each other as I'm fucking her face and she's rubbing down my mouth for friction. I leave my fingers in her, waiting for her to ride out her orgasm.

I feel some of my semen slipping down my thighs. "Couldn't swallow it all kitten?" I can't help, but tease her, as she then starts licking around my balls, making me groan.

"You didn't clean me properly either Max." She states as she slightly squeezes one of my balls and I hiss. "Lick me all up Alpha"

Fuck. I remove my fingers from her body, opening her pussy to me while I clean all of her juices in and around her, going to her inner thighs.

I flip her on her back as I bring my face to hers, kissing her.

"Your taste is an aphrodisiac to my senses kitten. All of you is mine. Your pussy, your ass, your tits. Don't touch yourself until the mating ceremony. If you need release, you come to me. Understood?"

"You mean like this?"

I feel her hands travel in between our bodies as she dips them into her pussy.

I reach out and pull her fingers out while I shove mine instead. "You mean to tell me your fingers feel as good as mine?"

She whimpers as I slowly pull my fingers out of her and bring them to my lips.

"I mean it Kyda. You come to me. And I'll see if I'll help you or not."

I lift off of her as I separate her legs for one last look at her quivering lips. "Fuck. I can't wait to have you"

I close her legs together and help her up while I gather her clothes and help her get dressed, her legs shaky.

I let her go to get dressed as she wobbles and I catch her before she sways too far.

I set her on the table as I put my clothes on before I lift her bridal style off the table.

"Are you okay to walk?"

"I ..need a moment" she states shyly as I sit on the floor and rest against a wall, pulling her to sit on my lap and put her head to my chest.

"OK" I kiss her forehand. I let her breathe in a bit before she says she's ready and we leave the office, the smell of sex making my wolf purr.

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