The Alpha's Purpose (18+) [Complete]

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Chapter 9


Wow can Max fuck. I've never had an orgasm like that in my life. Given my line of work and how I serve The Claws pack, I'm used to men being all talk in that department, but Max is all action.

My mind swirls back to the present as I remember what the sacred text stated, how my pack, Shit, MY pack, will be joining with Max's and how he wants the mating ceremony to take place at once.

I'm anxious to see Lucy again. Damien's pack truly did become family, so I can't say I felt truly alone, but the warmth I felt when I saw Lucy was alive was incredible. I went from a lonely little girl who lost everything to a warrior of a pack who loves me like family, a mate who truly seems to care for me and fuck me to bliss, rekindling with my old pack, and now defending a chosen one who I still yet to find out his identity.

I'm lost in thoughts when I feel Max tug at my hand. "Earth to Kyda. You okay over there?"

"Yeah...I was just thinking that my life has changed so much in a short time span and that there's still more surprises to unravel"

He pulls my hand towards him so I fall into his embrace while he pulls my face in for a kiss. I moan into his mouth as this moment releases some of my tension.

"We'll be okay Kyda. You'll meet your pack soon, I'll be with you every step of the way."

I smile warmly and give him another peck. "Let's prepare for the arrival of my old pack." He nods before we go our separate ways to start coordinating living quarters, strengthen our borders, and plan for the mating ceremony all at once.


I'm anxiously pacing our cabin while Max watches me from the bed, knowing the day has finally come that my old pack arrives. Lucy gave me the heads up that they should be here within the next few hours. It's 8am, but I couldn't sleep anymore. Everyone will have the rest of the day to get acquainted with each other, and then we will have the mating ceremony tomorrow. Damien, Lyssa, members of the Claws pack, and members of Lyssa's Volkis pack will be there tomorrow as well since that is when we plan to announce the upcoming war too.

We trust the Moon Goddess and if her words are warning us of a potential battle, the earlier we can form alliances and have everyone familiarize themselves, the better it will be for us.

"Babe. Please calm down. The only time I want you stressed out is if you're anxiously waiting for our mating and marking." He grins at me sheepishly.

"Ugh Max! I'm seeing my old pack, potentially planning for a chosen one reveal, prepping for war, and all you can think about is pussy!"

He chuckles at me, "When it's your pussy, yes that's all I can think about. If you fuck me as good as you suck me, I can't help it"

My face reddens at the thought that tomorrow, this man's cock will be in me. And I already saw the size enough to let me know that I am not prepared for it.

He jumps from the bed and comes, wrapping his arms around my breast while he sucks on my neck.

"I'm going to mark you here, while you climax on my dick."

His hands slip into me easily since I'm not wearing any panties. "Oh" I breathe out as I feel two of his fingers slipping in my already wet dripping core, "This pussy will be mine soon."

My knees buckle, as he retracts his fingers quickly.

"Fuck Max."

"Tomorrow babe. Be a good girl and handle it for one more night."

I whimper as I feel some of my juices already falling down one of my thighs, but before I can head to the bathroom to clean myself, I feel Max's hand brush up and cup my core.

"Change your mind?" I smirk. He smacks my pussy roughly, making me cream myself at the action alone.

"Don't play coy with me Kyda or I'll force you on your knees. Go. Shower. And don't touch yourself or we won't be fucking tomorrow. And don't try to hide. You can scrub that pussy raw and I'll still smell your cum from a mile away"

Before he says anything else, I strip in front of him, throwing my dress on the bed, lifting one of my legs on the bed, and using my fingers to spread open my cunt for him.

"I won't touch myself Alpha. But take a good luck at this pussy and think about it for the day. Because if you don't pleasure me tomorrow, this pussy will be closed for business"

I dip my finger into my wetness and lick it in front of him while I watch his cock harden. "And you can't cum either Alpha. You may own my pussy, but I own your cock"

I leave him be as I rush into the bathroom to get ready. I quickly get dressed and eat and before you know it, my old pack is here.

"Lucy!" I scream when I see her step out fo the car.

She barrels forward with her mate Alex. I see the rest of my pack behind her. There are quite a few young warriors who must have been hiding during the attack. I feel sadness at the thought that they are also without parents like me. My eyes slowly eye each one of their faces, until my eyes stop on one particular face. Sonja. My aunt!

I rush over to her and give her a hug. My mom's sister! She's alive!

"Sorry, I wanted it to be a surprise," says Lucy gleefully. I bring them all into a hug.

"I thought everyone died" I start to cry. I feel Max behind me, kissing my hand to bring peace to me.

"Everyone, this is my mate, Max. His pack has been gracious to take us all in. We will have our mating ceremony tomorrow and everyone will be introduced. We are all so excited to have you here."

Max speaks as well, "Welcome to our pack." as he looks at me with warmth in his eyes. "You have no idea how excited Kyda and I are that you are here, safe, and healthy."

Alex steps forward to shake Max's hand. "Alpha Max. We'll do the honors of transitioning the pack tomorrow. I was the leader of them at the time, but we had no beta or any challenges so it should be a smooth transition"

He nods. "Thank you Alex. I'll introduce you to my beta. I hope you can consider being a sort of second-beta through all of this since you will be most familiar with everyone"

He nods in understanding before Lucy and Sonja turn to me.

"I don't recognize too many people" I state nervously, biting my lip.

"Oh honey" Sonja replies. She begins to point, "Ansel over there, the handsome blondie is the one you used to train with. His dad was Beta of the pack. His brother Georgie is to the right."

Both Ansel and Georgie approach me hesitantly. We are all pretty much the same age and I do remember I used to go over to their cabin all the time to play. I could never forget them and now that I stare at their mature faces, realization sets in as I run to them.

"Ansie, Georgie!" I give them both a big hug as I hear a growl from Max.

I turn around, his face a little red. "Sorry babe. My wolf is a bit restless with you unmarked around males" He gives me a half smile as I take a slight step away out of respect for him.

They give Max a light nod, before I quickly grab their hands and bring them over to Max.

"Max, these boys were like my brothers growing up. Their father was the Beta of my pack. They will make wonderful warriors"

Max shakes their hands, "That's great. We'll have you training with my pack as soon as possible if that's ok"

They both nod in agreement. "I'm going to grab some food to catch up with Lucy and Sonja okay babe?" I state to Max, while he nods back and gives me a kiss on the cheek.

"Alright babe. I'll take Alex and the rest of the pack and bring them to the common areas to introduce them and show them around. We'll catch up later this evening."

We kiss and separate as I make my way towards the cabin with the girls, before I hear Sonja speak up, "Kyda honey, with the mating ceremony tomorrow, I need to tell you something important" She whispers to me and Lucy. "It's about the Chosen One."

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