Last Moment

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This is a first-person story placing you in the position of the protagonist. What will happen when you find yourself falling for your childhood best friend? Watch as your simple life spirals into one filled with deceit as your best friend chases his dream of being a singer. Enter a journey where you realize that it's the people who you care about the most who can hurt you the most. Love in life complicates everything. One more person to love, is one more person to lose. Letting people have the opportunity to find a home in your heart is what gives them the power to walk out of it. What if, in that desperate struggle to obtain the object of happiness, you lost it altogether.

Romance / Drama
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“I promise I’ll see you again”

Every passing second is haunted by my image of him being torn away from me and wheeled away onto the ambulance. I watched as they pulled the door closed and the vehicle sped off. I listened to the sirens becoming more and more distant. That night, I drove home, numb, and cold. Hours later, I received the phone call no one ever wants to receive. That was it. He's dead.

The feeling of wanting to cry but your pain is so immense that no tears will come.

I never knew that was something real.

It is.


No matter how bad you want it.

No matter how much you cry.

No matter how loud you scream.

I have realized there are some things in life that can’t be brought back.

Unfortunately, those things are usually the ones that mean the most to you.

When they are gone they leave a void in your heart.

So empty that nothing can fill it.

You walk around as a shell of who you were before.

I know everything has a last moment.

I just didn’t want it to come so soon.

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