Locked in

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Have you ever felt locked in and wanted to be free but your mother passed away had an awful relationship with your dad work at a club you feel trapped in and there’s no way to escape.not until you meet James the popular super star who try’s new things all the time will James show Mila how to be free?

Romance / Drama
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My life

Have you ever felt locked in and can’t be freed well that’s how my life was until I met James I’m in this situation that need to be fixed and I was here standing there and a gun pointing at me with the person I hate the most but let’s start all the way from the beginning.

There I was in pain having two jobs I have a morning shift and a night shift in the morning I would work in a cafe but in the night I hate to say this but I was a stripper I’m not proud of it but that’s how I can make money I really had no choice to if your wondering where my parents are well my mother died from breast cancer when I was 10 me and my father never had an relationship and after my mothers deaf it made a big push but let’s not get into that but I had ran away to stay with my grandpa he was the last person who cared for me and that when I became 14 I found my grandpa lifeless but at least he died peacefully and that’s where I am now

Living with my best friend Paige who was always there for me and I’m so gretaful for her she means the world to me. Well I had to get up and get dressed to go to the cafe and start working.

I finally made it I was just on time I love my boss in the cafe she is sweet old lady who loves helping people and she is like family some times she helps with rent when I dont have enough I wish I could say the same at working in the strip club...

But it wasn’t at all I hated it I had the worst boss ever and would always get mad at me and I were late today I can lose my job I know it sounds like a good thing but it gets me enough money for my rent so I can’t lose it it’s like I was trapped there all my life.

Once I finished up at cafe I went back home ate some lunch with page and we started getting dress for work if your wondering if Paige works there to she does that’s how I met her and that’s the only thing i get out of being a stripper.

Of course I wanted to work at the bar today so nobody watches me dance but boss says everybody likes seeing me and even sometimes I have to flirt with them and let them touch me I was so tired of here but I had to pull through.

I went to the bathroom to watch my face and just to escape from all those boys but as I came out the boss was calling me and I was hoping I’m not in trouble.

“Trixie” if your wondering who trixie is that’s my fake name in the club everyone who works here has one my real name is mila but I try my best to keep low appearance here because this place is never safe but here I am trapped.

Yes boss? “Tomrrow night will be a special guest coming tomrrow” who? “Let’s just say a pop star he does not want people to know who he actually is he wants some privacy and I want you to serve the drinks there” are you serious “yes now you have to be on your best behavior and whatever he wants get him he has some good money and tips very much how much he tips will go to me and I will give you some” fine “good now your shift is over” ok

This is what I get from my boss a tiny amount but when I get tips on me for my body or dancing it goes to me I hate this place and I want to be free and of course there is no way out.

As I walk down the street to go to page I bumped into this guy. To be continued hope you guys like the first chapter the next chapter coming out soon love you guys.

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