Not A Stripper (My Possession Series 1)

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Tagalog-English Novel On-Going || R-18 || "Stop making me mad and jealous, because you don't want to know what this beast inside my pants can do to you."

Romance / Erotica
4.7 22 reviews
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Aisha Mae Dela Torre. She is one of a brave and smart woman. Handa siyang gawin at bitawan ang lahat para sa pamilya niya. Bata pa lang sila ng kaniyang mga kapatid ng iwanan sila ng kanilang ama, 'causing her to replace his father's responsibility as the oldest among the siblings and work hard at her early age.

Hanggang saan nga ba ang kayang ibigay ni Aisha para sa kanyang pamilya? Will she sacrifice and give herself to a man who she doesn't know to save her mother's life?

Ford David Radcliffe. He is one of the most handsome and hot billionaire in the Philippines. He has this cold dark chocolate brown eyes and expressionless face that can intimidate guys and make woman knees melt. Unang kita palang ni David kay Aisha ay nakuha na agad nito ang atensyon niya. His manhood will instantly hardened everytime he sees her.

Ano nga ba ang intensyon ni Ford David Radcliffe kay Aisha Dela Torre? Does he only just wanted her to warm his bed, or he has a deep reason for wanting her?

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