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Tracy val is part of a robbery gang, the only female in the group but she is badass. when the time comes for them to rob the world's richest bachelor xavier roman, she goes undercover as his assistant to help her gang rob him dry. but love takes place with this unlikely couple, will they still stand when secrets are revealed.

Romance / Thriller
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I stared at the pregnancy test in my hand, that says positive. This was not part of the plan , i cannot have his baby it is just not possible. My phone rang and i picked it up"tracy tomorrow night on the date we will attack make sure he does not suspect anything okay", my boss shane said over the phone. Omg tomorrow ,what about his baby"tracy-tracy", "yes sorry shane , Okay i will make sure nothing happens okay the plan will go smoothly".

I was pacing around the kitchen waiting for my coffee, I cannot raise this baby alone and i will not raise this baby alone.

I called xavier's phone,"hey babe what happened", he said,I took a deep breathe trying to calm my racing heart,"Are you busy now I have something really important to tell you xa?", I cannot tell him like this not over the phone what if he says he cannot meet again and this spoils the entire plan."don't worry i will tell you on our date I cannot tell you over the phone". I quickly cut the call before he can asks any question and that is when the timer for the coffee went off. argh, stupid thing.

My life is in a mess right now, someone help me. I sat on the counter and sipped the hot coffee my mind going haywire.

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