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chapter 10



It’s been a week since the night with Xavier, I had updated shane that the plan is moving but now I am not so sure, I can’t believe that I will have to actually seduce him. Shane wanted me to get a layout of the office, so they know every corner.I arrived early to work that morning, I know that the door behind the receptionist desk has a lot of things concerning the company but the problem is only penelope goes in.“goodmorning penelope, Xavier told me to dig out some old file in the storage room”, I said and smiled,“Date and name let me go get it”, She said then the phone rang,“Excuse me for a second”, She picked it and after a few minutes, she dropped it and stood up,“Uhm, I have to go and get something just help me look out,it will only take like five minutes”, She said and left. Well that was easier than expected, I honestly don’t know what I would have said to her. I rushed into the room and looked around, then I saw a blue print of the company and the bank.

I quickly took the pictures and placed them back in, I came out , then I saw penelope heading towards me. Talk of a close call.” Well, I have to go”, I said turning to leave,“What about the file”, She asked. I stopped and smiled,“Don’t worry, I don’t remember I will just ask sandra to help me, it may not even be in there”, I said and walked off without waiting for her response.

I walked to my office, Xavier will soon arrive and I will have tobrush over for today’s work.I quickly arranged my books , then sent the picture of the layout to shane. I heard Xavier’s voice heading to the office and I took his coffee and headed to his office.

I placed the coffee on his desk and sat down.“Have a nice morning”, I asked trying to start a conversation. “Yes, I did”, Xavier said and smirked at least he is back to his normal self.

“We are going for a business trip and we leave on saturday”, He said rounding up today’s routine. “Okay, I will book a flight ticket for you to”, I said looking up at him.“You fail to understand me cupcake, We are going to New york this saturday, As my assistant, you are coming”, He said and smiled.“Do you take all your assistants on an all expense paid trip”, I said smiling back,“Only the special ones”, He said and winked. I laughed.

I was in my office, I just finished making the order for Xavier’s lunch, I had already booked the flight ticket, I was a bit excited, I will get to spend time with Xavier. Wait, sorry not like that, I am not supposed to fall for him.Shane texted me


that is great work, you are really surpassing my expetations


Thank you.

I got up ready to collect the order since it was already lunch break but met sandra carrying it towards me,"Wow, thank you sandra you are a life saver", I said collecting it and heading to Xavier's office


I was at home watching TV with sophia, today was thursday so I plan to pack this evening and forget about it."Sophia did I forget to tell you about my trip to new york", I said smiling at her, I know she is going to be so excited."What trip?", She said facing me."Well, I am going to new york with Xavier, some business trip", I said smiling at her. She squealed," OMG, Bosses don't usually take their assistants for things like that", She said and I laughed."I know it's going to be awesome", I said standing up."You better bring me something, it;s not everyday you get an all expense paid trip to new york".

"Sophia, you always brighten my day", I said walking up to my room."What else am I here for".

I smiled as I finished packing my load, I know I am lying to sophia about my job but her excitement makes me feel like I really got the job, I know I have tell her sooner or later, I am just really dreading it.

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