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chapter 11

We arrived at the airport just in time for the flight to new york, I was so excited about the trip. I mean it is not everyday you get to go on an all expense paid trip to new york.

After we had checked in for our flight. We were given VIP passes and headed straight for the plan ithout having to stand in a long line.

We entered inside the plane and headed into the first class section.

We both sat down on the comfortable chairs. I have never felt anything more soft than these chairs," I can see you are enjoying yourself", I heard Xavier say, I groaned, sometimes I forget how cocky he can be.

I decided silence will be the answer, "Cat's got your tongue".

That's it,"Xavier, I think it will be best if we both just not talk to each other at all till the end of the plane ride, I would not want to be the reason for this plane crashing", I glared at him taking my phone from my bag and looked through my social media to try and distract myself from his presence.


We have been flying for three hours and had about an hour and a half left before we finally arrived at new york, I had just woken up from sleep a few minutes ago when an air hostess asked if we wanted anything, I was a bit hungry so I asked for a roast chicken and a glass of wine.

I looked over at Xavier he looked a little busy. I sat up,"That was one of the best naps I have had in my life", I said smirking at him.

He looked at me with a mischevious smile,"So, what about the night when we had hot sex", He said with a mischevious glint in his eyes, I blushed at his highly straight forward comment.

We finally landed in New York, When we came down we were escorted to a fancy sport car, I think, I am not really good with cars. We entered and drove off to the Roosevelt hotel. I booked us a huge pent house for five days.

We came down and entered, I walked to the receptionist to check in, She gave us the room cards and the porter carried our luggages.

To say the pent house was huge was an understatement, There was a swimming pool at the terrace and there were glass walls, It was so beautiful, It was not yet night, I can't wait to see how it would look like at night.

there were two rooms," Ladies first", Xavier said looking at me, I walked into the room on the left and I noticed it had an ensuite bathroom, this was paradise, I took a picture of every thing and sent it to sophia. She will kill me if I didn't.

I came out of my room after I finished taking a shower, I wore my black tank top and pink sweatpants, I let my hair down to dry naturally. " Do you want anything tracy, I ma oing to order room service, Xavier said walking up to me, he ave me a once over before finally meeting my eyes. I was not really hungry," A cup of tea and a muffin", I said smiling. He walked off and I went into the terrace and sat by the pool.

Xavier came and sat beside me," We are attending a business meeting by ten tomorrow and a dinner party next tomorrow", He said and leaned back in his chair.

I enjoyed the peace and quiet. "Tracy, wake up, The room service is here", I opened my eyes, to see Xavier smiling at me as he placed my tea in front of me, I sat up," Thanks, I guess, I am a bit jet lagged", I sipped the tea, it was so warm.

It was already night time and I was seriously enjoying the view.

"it's nice huh", Xavier asked, I looked at him," It is a really beautiful view".


I woke up around eight the next morning, I quickly brushed my teeth and came out of my room to order room service, I ordered a black coffee for Xavier and latte for my self. I walked up to Xavier's room and knocked, just to be sure he is awake, The door opened to reveal A shirtless Xavier, I just had to look at him." See something you like", He said and I am pretty sure he is putting on his obnoxious smirk, I smiled at him," Actually yes, I just wanted to check if you are awake", I said clearing my throat." I am never late cupcake you should know that by now".

I just rolled my eyes and walked to my room, I took my bath and blow dried my hair, I curled it a little and added a little hairspray then I packed it into a hih ponytail. I wore a black and white dress and matching white heels.

I applied a little mascara, lip gloss and added a little colour to my cheeks, I packed my bag and luckily, I managed to get all that done in forty-five minutes. I cam out and saw Xavier sitting on the sofa and sipping his coffee." I am ready", I said takin my latte to go, "Women and dressing up", He mumured as we left the pent house, I just rolled my eyes.

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