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chapter 12

We arrived at a huge building, I think it had like fifteen floors, We entered the elevator. I held the railings, I think I have had enough with all these elevators, Xavier chuckled.

We walked into a huge boardroom and already there were some other business men sitting there, fortunately for me, I was not the only woman,” All you have to do is take notes”, Xavier said as we sat down, I nodded my head.

It has been over an hour and the meeting was still going, At this point I had totally zoned out of the meeting, wow such a boring life.

“Tracy,did you get that”, I heard Xavier calling me,” Yes, I did”, I said snapping out of it.

The meeting had finally ended and I have never felt so grateful for anything. Xavier was having some small talk with the other men in the adjoining room, so I waited for him.” Hey, I am jason”, A guy said walking up to me.” I am tracy”, I said smiling at him.

“So you are Xavier’s assistant”, He asked siting beside me. I nodded.” How about we meet up sometime, I will love to get to know you”, He said ,“So that is your way of asking me to go out with you”, I said smiling,” Yes it is”, I laughed.

Xavier came up to us after we had exchanged numbers, I doubt I will be able to go out with Jason, I may never even see him again.


When we arrived at the pent house, it was half past twelve I went to my room and quickly changed, I wanted to go and try out that pool. I let my hair down and wore my two piece bikini. Luckily, Xavier was still in his room, I walked all the way to the terrace after ordering for some fruits.

I entered inside the pool and swam around. I was sitting by the pool when I heard someone coming, I turned and saw Xavier shirtless, I admired his abbs, I mean the guy is so fit. I also noticed he was openly admiring me”see something you like”, I threw his own words back at him. He just smiled and entered the pool, I also entered. I was resting to catch my breathe and someone tugged at my leg pulling me into the pool. I gasped as I came up, Xavier’s arm was around my waist and he was laughing, I coughed out water and turned to face him glaring,” I cannot believe you just did that”, I said, that was so scary.

He gazed at my eyes and I did the same, His eyes flickered to my lips and I knew what exactly he was asking for, I pulled him in for a kiss. I loved the feel of his lips against mine I wrapped my legs around his torso as he deepened the kiss. It was getting heated, then doorbell rang. We pulled apart, I blushed coming out of the pool to o and open the door. I quickly wrapped a towel aroud myself and headed for the door.


After a very awkward afternoon, Xavier left to do something and here I was in my room looking for what to wear to the dinner party tomorrow, I did not bring any of my fancy dresses, so it looks like I am going shopping. I wore an off shoulder crop top and high waist ripped jeans I brushed my hair and packed it in a messy bun, I wore my black flats.

I left the house and decided to walk so I could take pictures and explore. I decided to go to newport shopping centre, it was a long walk though but I took a lot of pictures along the way.

I did not really want to buy something to fancy because I do not even know how big the dinner will be, So I was looking for something classy and simple. I finally settled on a blue gown, it stopped somewhere at the knees and it was off shoulder, I bought black heels to go with it.

After shopping, I went to a pizza hut and ordered pizza to go and left. Let’s just hope Xavier takes pizza.

I arrived back at the pent house and it was already seven in the evening. I saw Xavier watching television, I came and sat beside him. Placing the pizza box on the table,” Do you take pizza”, I said taking slice and sipping my soda, Xavier smiled and took a slice,” Thanks, where did you go too”, He asked,” Oh shopping, I did not bring any fancy dresses”, I said shrugging my shoulders.

" You should have told me and I would have payed”, He said frowning,” and why would I let you pay for me besides I do not want to bother you”, I stood up carrying the shopping bags to my room.” Goodnight Xavier", I said and headed to my room.

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