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chapter 13

I woke up from my nap and saw it was 3 on already and we were leaving by six for the dinner, I got to prepare, I shaved my legs and had a bubble bath.

I came out and started on my head and make up and I had two hours left, who knew I can spend that much time in the bathroom.

By he time I was wearing my shoes I heard a knock on my door, “Tracy are you ready I am downstairs”, I quickly checked my hair and makeup and smiled at myself.

As I walked down the stairs I saw Xavier at the buttom he was making a phone call then he turned to me. I felt shivers down my spine, he looked so hot I could drool. He ended the call as i finally arrived down. He smiled and shamelessly checked me out, “You look very beautiful Tracy”, I smiled.


“You look very beautiful”, I said and she smiled, her eyes lighting up. We left the penthouse and went to the hotel where the dinner was hosted, throughout the ride I couldn’t stop looking at tracy, she was fucking attractive that I was having a really hard time keeping this boner down, “Xavier-Xavier are you listening”,i shook my head to clear my thoughts and she was frowning at me, her lips looked so soft that I couldn’t stop my self, I covered her mouth with mine and relished the feel of her lips and the taste of her mouth. I feel like I could do this all day and not get tired.

she wrapped her arms around my neck and responded to the kiss, I licked the buttom of her lips for entrance and she opened Iswiftly dove my tongue inside to taste every inch of her mouth. It was at that moment that I came to the terms of me falling hard Tracy.


We arrived at the dinner party on time and there were already quite a lot of people attending. I helped Tracy out of the car, I smiled as I saw her blush. We got a little carried away then the car stopped and we quickly fixed ourselves. I put my hand on the small of her back and led her into the hotel.

I introduced her to a lot of other business owners, Right now we were all being led toa hall with dinning tables and chairs, each table has a reserved name. I led Tracy to the table our names were. “Oh thank God I am famished, you should have warned me I would have eaten sonething before coming “, Tracy said and I smiled at her. I really have it bad for her, I have been smiling like a fool.

They brought in the food and served on each table and everyone started eating. Tracy and I made small talk with the people on our table, Until the host came to make an announcement on the make shift stage. ” Goodevening, everybody and welcome to my party in celebration for the deal we made Roman conglomerate, please let the CEO, Xavier roman come out and let’s all give a round of applause.

I stood up and walked towards the stage when everyone started clapping, I just smiled, “Thank you Xavier you have made a bright and promising future for a lot of families”, I shook his hand and smiled as they took photo of us and came back to my seat.

Tracy smiled at me as I sat down beside her, I felt so happy at this.


We arrived back at home at 11:30 pm, “Did you have a wonderful night”, I asked tracy, unfortunately the ride was not as i expected it to be and I was itching to get a taste of that wonderful mouth again.” Yes I did, thanks for asking Xavier”, She said. I walked towards her, I don’t fuckin care if she is PA, Cause I fucking need her.

I stood in front of her and wrapped my hands around her waist,” Do you know that I couldn’t get you out of my head throughout this dinner party and I still can’t”, I mummured in her ears and I felt her shake a little, it’s good to know that I have that effect on her, ” And now I only want to do this”, I pulled her closer and kissed her she wrapped her arms around my neck and I carred her up as ahe wrapped her legs around my torso I carefully took us up the stairs never once breaking contact from her lips.


I took her into my room and pushed her against the wall, I moved too her neck and placing feather kisses I sucked on a particular spot and she moaned, it was like music to my ears,” Xavier, if we go any further, we can’t stop”, She mummured and moaned louder this time. ” Cupcake who said I wanted to stop”, I moved us to the bed, I managed to remove the dress without tearing it and the sight of her in lace bra and panties made my cock clench,“Cupcake, I may just cum from this sight.

She sat up and pushed me back on the bed, she removed my shirt and kissed me, she moved down, from my abbs, to my stomach, then dangerously close to my bulge and stopped, I groaned,” Come on cupcake this is not the time to tease”, I said and moaned immediately as she held my cock through my trousers, I looked up at her and saw her smirking mischeiviously.

She slowly unbuttoned my trouser and removed it, she pulled off my briefs too, and my cock sprang free, ” Xavier I don’t remember you being this big”, she said holding it and started pumping it, I groaned,” Baby, you cannot joke about this”.

She licked the precum from this tip before taking it fully into her mouth, oh my fucking God, this girl will be the death of me, she bobbed up and down, increasing the pace, until I came apart inside her mouth she put her mouth on the tip and stroked it as her cummed, she swallowed it all. She sat up looking at me with cum dripping from her mouth, it was the most fucking sexy thing I have ever seen.

She removed her bra and slipped of her panties, I sat up making her straddle me, I moved my fingers to her cunt and pushed one finger in, she groaned from the sudden intrusion, I put in two more fingers and fucked her slowly,” Xavier pls just fuck me”, She moaned as I increased the pace,” No cupcake, think of it as revenge”, I moved my mouth to her nipples and started sucking on it hard, then I moved to the other one, she gripped my hair pulling it as her played with nipples, they will be definitely sore in the morning.

“Xavier baby I think I’m gonna cum”, She said as I increased the pace of my fingers, I felt her pulse then she cummed, I quickly laid her down and pushed my throbbing cock into her, “sorry princess, I won’t stop till you cannot work by tomorrow morning”.

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