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chapter 14


I woke up to the sun streaming down on my face, I groaned and cover my head with the blanket, “Cupcake are you awake”, I heard Xavier said pulling me too him. I groaned again, “No I am still sleeping”, I mummured. I felt him placing feather kisses on my head.

" Okay, we can go back to sleep but I have a surprise later on”, I heard him mumble before I fell asleep again.


I finally got up later and this time Xavier was asleep, I smiled at his sleeping figure and pecked him , I took my clothes and walked to my room. I entered the bathroom to freshen up.

I came out wrapped in a towel, I heard my phone ring and I picked it up without looking at the ID, “Tracy, it was successful, you have really out done yourself, only a month and a half left and you can forget all about him, I will pay you so much you could live your dream”, With that shane ended the call, I sat on the bed.

Oh my God, what have I done, I can’t believe I am doing this, robbing a bank is one thing but making a guy fall in love with you to take his money is deceitful.

I groaned falling back to lie on the bed, why is this really affecting me like this not like I am love with him. Come on tracy, you are on a mission, do this and et on with your life, sophia and I could have a better life.

I quickly got dressed and left my hair down to dry, I went downstairs to order room service, I sat down and started to watch TV while I wait.

I heard Xavier coming downstairs, “sleeping beauty is finally awake”, I said smiling back at him. ” I know it takes a lot to keep up this good looks”, He said smirking.

I rolled my eyes, cocky as usual, the food arrived and we began eating, “So what is the surprise you had for me”, I asked as I finished eating. He smiled at me, “Just dress up in something casual, I just want to take you out for a fun day” He said and smirked again. I got up, “Ok then I will be down in a few”.

I went upstairs to my room, so what should I wear.

After a few minutes of rushing through my clothes I finally settled on what to wear, A white off shoulder shirt and a gray jean fitted skirt.

I put my phone in my small bag and packed my hair in a high pony tail.

I came down, “How do I look”, I said turning around, I looked at him and saw he was staring, I blushed biting my lip. “Cupcake, unless you want us to spend the whole day here, I suggest you stop biting your lips”, I smiled.

We walked out of the pent house and started towards a red sport cars, I am not really interested in cars so I don’t even know the name.

He parked the car close to a beach, I looked up at him, “If we were going to the beach, you should have told me”, I sat stressing on my mode of dressing.

He chuckled,” I wanted to give you a tour, so come down”, I got out of the car enjoying the fresh air. I felt him hold my hand and led me towards the busy street, with plenty of stores and different sights. I kept admiring the sights while he led me around, I was not even paying attention to were I was going.

We entered a huge mall,” Are we shopping?“, I asked finally looking at him,” Yes I thought we would just go out and buy somethings”, He said shrugging his shoulders, I smiled at him,” Of course, I love it thanks”, I said.

After buying a few things, we went for a walk on the beach, it was sunny and I loved it,“I laughed as I played in the sand. I turned back to see Xavier just sitting and staring at me, “why are you just staring”, I said smiling at him, I walked towards him. “Has anyone told you how beautiful you are”, He said smirking. I blushed a deep shade of red. I don’t even know why his words affect me like this. “come on and have fun”, I said moving closer to the water.” ok but we are going into the water”, I heard him say and turned to see him moving towards me, I ran.

“Xavier stop, I don’t want to get wet”, I shouted running faster,” That’s not what you were saying last night babe”, Omg I could die right now and he shouted it, He caught me.

“Put me down now, Xavier”, I shouted hitting his back cause he carried me over his shoulder. I felt a sting in my backside, What he did not just do that,” Xavier you pervert”, I shouted and stopped when I saw some mothers giving me the stink eye oops.

“Cupcake, there are children here”, He said chuckling. He placed me down near the water and i clung on to him,” Please don’t throw me in”, I said holding him.

“ok I won’t unless, you give me a kiss”, He said smirking, I rolled my eyes.” you are a jerk you know that torturing young ladies into kissing you”, I said,” it’s not torture when their moaning my name”, he said, putting his arms around my waist and placed his lips over mine, I loved the feel of his lips against mine, He licked my lower lip asking for entrance and I willingly gave him access. After a while we pulled apart for air and he placed his forehead on mine,” I know I haven’t known you for long but I am falling hard for you”, He mumured and I froze, I knew he already loved me but hearing him say it made my heart soar.

Luckily his phone rang, saving me, He excused himself, I heaved a sigh of relief,” What, we have been robbed”, I heard him say and I almost threw up my heart,” How did they get past our security systems, nobody can get through it”, He said again, “Nevermind I am coming back now”, He ended the call and turned to me,” I am sorry we have to cut this trip”, He said holding my waist, I swear I have never felt more guilty. ” It’s ok , I understand”.

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