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chapter 15

We arrived back and Xavier got a driver to take me back to my apartment, I arrived home at 6pm and met sophia binge watching vampire diaries. When she saw me walk in she jumped and hugged me, I laughed.

She helped me with one of my bags and we walked up to my room, “So how was new york with the billionaire,and may I add ‘hot’ Billionaire”, She said jumping on my bed.

“Where do I begin”, I said sitting down with her, she squealed, “Omg, you guys had sex again”, She said grinning, This girl is too forward for my liking.


I slept late last night chatting with sophia, I was not even able to finish packing. I groaned getting up from my bed to head to work.

After I had finished dressing up, I took my bag and went downstairs, I saw sophia making coffee,“Bye, I am off to work”, I said grabbing my car keys from the counter and headed out.


When we arrived back, I got a driver to take tracy back and headed to the office, I was really annoyed, first off,how did those fucking robbers enter my back and why can’t I just fucking enjoy my own time. I immediately entered the office when we arrived. My security team is headed by my cousin Anthonio, he and a few of his men are already waiting for me in the boardroom.

I took the elevator to the fifth floor and into the boardroom. I greeted Anthonio and went to my seat. “So, have you gotten any leads on the case”, I asked Anthonio ,“No, they are really good at covering their tracks”, Anthonio said. “What the actual fuck happened”, I said, some of the other men flinched from the hardness of my tone, I really hate it when people mess with me.

“It happened tuesday night at around 10pm immediately when the rotation of guards took place, it’s like they knew Our defence strategies and they knew where all the security camera is located, because nothing was caught on camera”, He said.

“Then ,This can only mean one thing, they have someone giving them information on the inside”, I said looking at Anthonio. “How, we have done a background check on almost everyone that works here”, One of the security men said.

“Don’t fucking ask me how, when it is your job”, I snapped. “We have to change our security patterns and start a full research on everyone, including the cleaners”, Anthonio said, I nodded my head in understanding.” I don’t want a repeat of this ever because I am very sure they are going to try this again”, I said and dismissed everybody and went home, it was already very late.



I arrived at the office just in time, I quickly made Xavier’s black coffee and went to his office to give him,” Goodmorning Xavier”, I said as I entered, he looked a bit tired. “Thank you cupcake I really needed this coffee”, I smiled at the nick name and sat down. “Today I am having a meeting with the security team at 12 noon concerning the robbery”, He said, I wrote it down.

“Cupcake, seeing you this morning has really brightened my day, I don’t even get how we have spy in the company, nothing like this has ever happened”, He said and I froze, Is he on to me.

“Wow, I am shocked, do you know who it is, or any idea at all”, I asked casually,“No, we are doing a background check on everyone, to be sure, oh that reminds me, schedule a meeting with the heads of all the department at around 3pm”, He said sitting back in his chair, I need to really do something to distract him as of now.

I got up and walked towards him,“Baby I didn’t know you get horny at work”, He said as I sat on his lap. He really is too cocky for his own good. “I don’t know, I remember our fun moment that was destroyed yesterday”, I said kissing him. He groaned, “I am really sorry about that cupcake”, He said.

" Shh, I get it, besides you are looking so stressed out”, I mummured kissing down his neck. He moaned as I suddenly grounded my hips against his cock. I kissed him to reduce the sound.

I pecked his lips and got up, He groaned again and pulled me back on his laps,” Cupcake you are such a tease, Are you seriously going to leave me with a huge hard on”, He said and placed his hand on my exposed skin. “Well, I can’t have sex with you when anyone could come in I didn’t even lock the door”, I said grinning, he groaned and kissed me before letting me go.

" Have a nice day Xavier baby”, I said leaving and swaying my hips, I heard him moan before I closed the door.

I walked back to my office, At least that will keep him distracted until shane figures something about what to do with my background check, I have a feeling they go really deep when digging for information.

I quickly drank my coffee and got to work, I will call shane later during lunch time.


Wow that tracy girl really knows how to do her job, We need to find a way to get more money, the guy is loaded and I know we just scratched the surface. I heard someone knocking on the office door,” come in”, I said and james entered and sat down. “are we still going on with this Xavier roman thing”, He asked, “Yes what’s wrong with that, you act like as if you don’t get paid”, I said glaring, ungrateful bratz, most of them wouldn’t have a life if not for me.

“You do know, that tracy might get caught, what if they suspect her”, He asked glaring back,“Then they catch her, not my fucking business, As long as I get my money”, I snapped, “Get out of my office”, I said. He stood up and left, Ungrateful Bitches.

Just so everyone knows, I changed the name of Tracy’s friend to sophia, cause it is easy to remember.

How is everyone, and are you enjoying the book cause I know I am.


Yeah that’s right I am looking at all of you that just read and don’t do anything, your time is coming.

Lol, just vote and comment love you all and stay safe.

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