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chapter 2


"james ,kevin and owen, you enter first to create a distraction for peter, tracy and I to enter inside", Shane said pointing at the map. This is usually how every heist is planned and we always get away with it. "hey babe", peter put his arm over my shoulder. Ugh, I moved away from him, can he not take the hint that I am way over him.

Peter and I used to date when I first joined them, he played me for a fool and used to cheat on him, I mean do you expect a criminal to be committed to a relationship not that I am a hypocrite.

"Have you all known the plan". We all nodded and went to take our weapons before entering the van.

I do not like using heavy firearms because I prefer to fight, but shane said we should always carry a firearm. I picked the pistol. Peter walked up to me and I know he is going to say something stupid."you know bigger is better", He said and picked the carbine. I rolled my eyes and went to go and enter the van.

We arrived at the bank and were using the back entrance because of the police. James and the other two guys have already entered and we were waiting for the signal.

W received the signal then shane, Peter and I entered there was a huge vault somewhere in the basement area and that was where we were going. Shane and peter defended while I worked with the passcode , some guys back at the base that were IT geniuses have already started analizing it. I quickly put in the code and opened the door shane and peter entered to bag the money while I guarded

I heard the voices of some security men headed this way"shane you better hurry up they are coming", I said.

Three security guards came, they looked really tired maybe from all the running"drop your weapon the police are already here",the dark one to the left said. I am really tired of the same statement every time , I shot three of them. Shane came out "nice work tracy ,in the head", he said.Peter quickly place the bomb on the wall behind."there is no way we are going in that direction since they have cornered us", He said and put the timer for five seconds. I really hate it when we use the bombs my ears tend to be ringing for quite some time.

The bomb went of ,James and the two other guys came in ,I guarded while they were carrying the money into the van and we left.

"luckily we avoided a car chase ", Shane said while pulling out a cigar."you want some trace", shane said , I took it and blew then gave him back.

We arrived back at the base and some other guys took the money. I sat down in the corner waiting for them to finish."that was great everyone and because of that I wanna treat you all by taking you to an exclusive club okay, drinks on me", shane said. "I want you all to go home wear something nice and meet me back here in an hour.

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