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chapter 3

I came home and luckily sarah was not at home maybe at her boyfriend's house . I fell on the couch exhausted all I want to do is rest but I cannot pass on an opportunity of a free drink.Maybe it will be fun.

I got and quickly bathed and wore a long sleeve crop top and denim shorts. My hair is very dark and long and it has natural curls so I just brushed it out and applied red lipstick. I checked my watch and I still have twenty minutes. I went downstairs and quickly made a sandwich ,don't wanna drink on an empty stomach.

I arrived at the base and some of the guys were already there."you never disappoint trace", James said as i sat beside him. James is like a friend,maybe. I have gone through hard times.

I lost my parents at the age of five and let's just say I was a rebel, I went from foster home to foster home, I was even adopted four times.

Everyone thought that a girl as cute as me will you know be an angel. But I thought everyone hated me because no one will tell me where my parents where. I eventually ran away at seventeen.

Now I am here at age twenty-two. Shane came out,"let us go you can use your cars and follow me.

I did not want to use my car because I know I will not be able to drive back. I decided to ride with James.

When we arrived there was a long line of people there,I mean a seriously long line. Apparently shane knows a guy and we were able to enter, just like that. The guys all went to a table while I decided to take a sit at the bar.

"hey beautiful what can I get you", the bar man asked,"A bottle of beer will be nice", I said and he left to get it.

I was busy with my phone that I did not notice when someone sat next to me,"so you are bored", That voice was so sexy, I turned and saw a really hot guy, looked as if he just finished work. He had dark hair and grey eyes and the way the suit fitted him like a second skin"at least I have captured your interest", he said and I blushed, that is so embarrasing I am sure I was just eye rapping him."what is a beauty like you doing here all alone by yourself", He said and called the waiter."so i cannot come to club by myself", I said finally finding my voice."can you get me a bottle of vodka , for me and the pretty lady",He said and turned to me"I did not ask you to buy a drink for me","no, you did not but as a gentleman that I am, I want to entertain you", he said smirking.

"cocky aren't you", I said. He seems like those kind of rich guys that slept with every girl that catches their eyes."let us start over, my name is xavier", He said and smiled. His teeth are so white."tracy", I said. The bar man brought the drink and xavier poured for me.

We were talking and laughing and I am pretty sure I am drunk right now."do you want to dance",he asked standing up."sure", I said. He helped me up and took me to the dance floor."so do you know how to dance",he asked smirking. I am pretty sure the way I was staggering a bit and him helping me up was making me amusing to him.

The song was a bit upbeat and I started moving my hips to the beat. I turned and wrapped my arms around xavier neck. I felt a budge and I grinned looking up at him"I am not sure you can handle me", "Is that a challenge cupcake because I love challenges", he said and smirked."let me take you somewhere else". He said and placed his arm around my waist and left the club. My head was still not functioning properly and I know where this is going to lead to and I will probably regret this in the morning but until then.

We arrived in front of a huge mansion and he came down and opened my door for me ,helping me out. I obviously could not walk, so he carried me into the house.

We finally arrived in his bedroom and he placed me on the bed.I bit my lip as I looked around the expensive looking room. I removed my shorts and my shirt and stood ther in only my lacy thong and matching bra set."Is the challenge hard enough", I smirked as I saw him gulp drinking in my sight.

I walked up to him and pulled him in for a kiss, my hands moved down to his pants. He groaned and I pulled out his pants and freed his huge cock. I brought the tip to my mouth and teased him with it. He held my held and forced it into my mouth. I grouned and gagged a little bit. H fucked rough and I liked that.

I felt his cum pouring down my throat and I swallowed it. He pulled me up and carried me to the bed, removing the rest of his clothes. He climbed over me and removed my bra and panties. He placed his mouth over my nipple and moved down to my core slipping his tongue in between my folds.

I knew how this night would end but all I could think of was the way his mouth was working at my core. I hard the sound of foil tearing and I saw him slip on the condom and pound into me. I moaned and gripped his shoulders as he repeatedly pound into me till we both reached our peak.

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