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chapter 4

I groaned as the light disturbed my sleep and I snuggled into the pillow,that felt hard. Wait when did I buy a new pillow, I heard chuckling of a deep male voice that was sexy as hell.

I jumped up, causing me to fall on the bed, I am naked I quickly grabbed the closest thing to me and that happens to be a man's shirt and slipped it on. I groaned standing up, I knew I will regret it in the morning."Hey beautiful, finally had enough of me", "haaa ", I moved back . I totally for got about the man. Shit I must be a mess right now. "where is your bathroom", I groaned my head is killing me, I do not know how he still looks good considering the amount of alchohol we took yesterday.

He pointed at the door closest to me,"there is advil in the drawer by the sink". I rushed over to the bathroom and quickly freshened up, unfortunately I couldn't brush my teeth.

I tied the towel on my body and came, luckily he wasn't there and my cloth was placed on the bad, hmm how convenient.

I came out of the room,the house is fucking big, I walked down the hallway,luckily I have a good sense of direction so maybe I can find my way out.

I made it down the stairs, when I heard the sound of pots , I walked towards the direction and you will not believe when I tell you he was cooking"you can cook", I asked surprising him a bit."so what hot guys can't cook",he smirked. Still cocky as usual.

"please can you show me the way out, I want to go home and forget all about this", I said turning to leave the kitchen."please do not go tell the tabloids about this", He said,now blocking my way.

"Excuse you, what are you talking about", I said moving past him."so, you do not know", He smirked."now you are crazy are you going to kidnap me or something", I said folding my arms."show me the door so I can leave and forget something like this ever happened".

Luckily he let me go, that guy is crazy, I managed to get an uber to take me home. I opened the door and walked in."where have you been young lady", sarah standing up from the couch. ugh she can be so annoying, she does not know that I am part of the gang and always asks me about my whereabouts ,I know she is trying to care for me,she is my best friend after all."I am not even going to lie to you this time, I went clubbing and had a one night stand". I said and made my way to the staircase. I honestly want to just brush and sleep.

"Omg was he hot",she said and dragged me back to the couch,"Sarah, I am tired ,yes he is 'hot' as you phrased it",I stood up again,"Sarah I want to go and rest I will give you the gist later".


My phone rang waking me up from my peaceful sleep,ugh can't someone get five hours of sleep around here."hello, who is this",I asked placing it against my ear"Tracy I want you to come down to the base later around three, we have a new task for you". And the line went dead. Shane can be a pain in the ass.

I got and luckily for me I had three hours before three. I walked to the bathroom to brush my teeth, then I changed into my hrey hoodie and black leggings. I went down stairs and sarah was watching TV with her boyfriend. "Hey derrick,how are you doing".

"sup trace, I am fine","Sarah do we have any thing edible", I asked walking to the freezer."don't look at me it is your turn to go grocery shopping","what, Sarah I am tired can't you see that".

"you ain't tired yesterday banging that fine gentleman", she said smirking at me. I am pretty sure my cheeks were burning, I quickly took the car keys and my credit card and left before she makes anymore comments that shatters what's left of my dignity.

I went to walmart to get some supplies for the next week, Sarah works at a coffee shop and doesn't earn much but since I am part of the gang I have really brought us out of our financial problems and so far I have managed to keep it a secret for sarah.

I walked up to the cashier ready to pay for this things, I checked the time and it was already two twenty-five. I paid for everything and went to Mcdonalds to get burger and Ice-cream. I sat down outside eating my food and checking my social media. I finished eating and decided to just Go straight to the base, because shane hates it when someone is late for a meeting.

I arrived there and walked in shane was there with james and peter. It is obvious this task is for specific people."shane I am here ", I said and sat on an empty chair."finally, we can start". He gave me a file,"what is this ", I said opening it."you are going for an interview for the position of the assistant to Xavier Roman". I looked at hi in shock, I have heard a lot about him thanks to sarah, I have never seen him before though but he is the owner of One of the biggest banks in the world and also multi-billion dollar company,How on earth am I going to pass as his assistant.

"Shane are you even hearing yourself, I do not have a Cv not to talk of the experience to do that type of thing","that is what is in your hand, everything to assure they pick you,you will not do much and you will have access to all his personal Items, all you have to do is make him fall for you and give us information, that is all".

I stared at him in shock, peter looked a bit angry and james looked amused."this is not funny", I said glaring at james."Oh it's funny, you better not screw it up trace", I looked at shane, I felt so annoyed I never signed up for this,"you have to do this Tracy, unless, you will deal with the police and do not mess this up, I am sending some money to your account to buy the necessary things,if you need help you call", He said and left.

I turned and went to my car and drove off, I cannot believe he threatened to report me to the police. I parked close to a park and opened the file,at least they used my name. But every other thing about me is fake, I have to start reading.

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