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Tomorrow is the day of the interview, I told sarah about the job I was going for an interview and she screamed running round our house telling me how lucky I was to be offered the opportunity to work with the HOTTEST GUY ON THE PLANET her words not mine, I do not even know how the guy looks like.

Today I wanted to go shopping for clothes and sarah wanted to follow me, so I agreed it's been long since it was just the two of us on an outing and I can't wait."are you ready sarah, I want to early so we have enough time", I shouted as I finished the sandwich getting up from the couch. Sarah came down the stairs,"let's go", she sang out rushing for the door, I quickly grabbed the car keys and my purse and we left.

The mall was not crowded, I mean what do you expect on a sunday morning."We need to get you work clothes that are hot and still very business like", She said and dragged me into a boutique.

After buying some few clothes, we decide to take a quick break and get some food, because I was starving. We sat down eating our burger and fries,"you tell me every thing that happens at work", Sarah said smiling, I wish I can be as excited as her, I just know all this is going to blow up in my face one day."Tracy, are you hearing me", Sarah said pulling me out of my trance."Is everything okay trace", she said looking concerned, It is nice to know I have her always to be there for me,"yeah, let's go".

We left the food court and went to shop for shoes and bags.

"I am tired Sarah, this is enough", I groaned as we came out of another store we have been here for like five hours and I am tired, If she does not want to leave, I am leaving her."Fine let's go home", She said and we left the mall. Unfortunately for us there was a little traffic and that was when derrick decided to call sarah. I had to listen to them make kissing noises the entire ride home.

We finally arrived home and I jumped out,"Finally, thank God, If I had to listen to derrick tell you he loves one more time, I would have resolved to breaking your phone". I walked to the boot to bring out the shopping bags and get ready for my interview tomorrow.

"you are a drama queen tracy", she said helping me with the bags, I gasped, she did not just call me a drama queen,"look who's talking miss, I am tots jelly of you right now he is super hot", I said trying to mimic her voice. She laughed and I joined, it feels so good to to laugh together.

I sat on the bed in my room looking at my fake CV, I made sure to lock the room door, so Sarah doesn't jump in. So it says here

I was born 1998, September 3. I attended havard and studied marketing and business management. My parents lived in carlifonia, My origin. I worked at charles corp. as the marketing manager. I am looking for more experience.

They even managed to get me a fake havard certificate and it looked legitimate, so maybe I wouldn't get caught. I honestly do not know how to seduce Xavier roman, I am sure he already has a string of women at his doorstep.

I read more about him and read as many article I can on him. I just hope I get this job.

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