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I woke up the next morning and decided to wear the least flashy outfit. I brought it out and placed it on my bed.

I walked into the bathroom and quickly took my bath. I started on my makeup.I put on mascara, eyeliner, added a little colour to my cheeks and red lipstick. I straightened my black hair and packed it at the back,adding a little gel to the edges.

After dressing up, I decided to wear a black cone heel and matching hand bag.

I checked the time and I still had an hour before the interview, I made coffee and sandwich to go and headed off.

I arrived at seven fifteen, fifteen minutes before the interview started. The company was huge, I cannot believe a guy his age can run this building all by himself. I entered and walked up to the receptionist desk,"Goodmorning, I am Tracy val, I am here for the interview", I said smiling and showing her the ID."Okay, you take the elevator to the fifth floor, some people are already in the waiting room, you can't miss it", she smiled at me. At least someone is friendly here, I walked tot the elevator and entered clicking on the fifth floor. Elevators always make me jittery, so I gripped the rail, taking a deep breathe. Not that I am afraid of heights, I just always get uncomfortable when I am in the elevator.

I arrived and there was a huge waiting room to my left and already like twenty people there already, I went and took a seat in the second role , the seats where arrange in roles and there were like six roles in all. I do not know how on earth I will get that job.

After waiting for like Ten minutes , a woman came out and stood in front of all of us."ladies and gentlemen, the way you are seated is the way your turn will go for the interview I am going to pass this board round and you all will write your names down according to your seating position, when your name is called you follow me for your interview, Any questions", She looked at all of us and passed the board to the first person in the front roll, the girl beside me raised her hand,"Do we get to see xavier roman, during the interview", she asked smiling. Oh brother all these desperate girls, I mean how hot can the guy be.

"yes at the end of the interview, the person chosen will meet with him for briefing, when he or she starts work tomorrow".

The board was passed to me and I was the twentieth person, this was going to be a long day.

Two hours into the interview and they where on the fifteenth person. The girl beside me has been chatting with me non-stop and I am tempted to shut her up, But I can't be rude.

"I will be so excited if I get the job, I am so going to boast to my friends that I am working with The Xavier Roman", she said smiling as the next person goes in,"Well that's if you get the job", I snorted fed up,"excuse you", she said glaring at me,"I mean , there are plenty people here that look so smart, even I am worried", I smiled trying to cover up."Well, I am not worried", she said and smiled. Sheesh, she is a serious fan girl, I decided to snod her and played with my phone.

45 minutes later and the girl had gone for her interview, I opened my file again and went through everything. I took a deep breathe, mentally preparing myself for this , I have to show them that I am confident and smart. Thank God I took acting classes in school.

"Tracy val", The woman from earlier called my name as the girl came out smiling , I got up and followed her. Here goes nothing


I sat down and the woman stood at the door , there were two men and woman,"Goodmorning", I said smiling. the men were checking me out and the woman gave me the stink eye, Jealous much."Goodmorning Tracy val", She said,"Can you tell us more about yourself about what is in your files", the guy on the left asked. I sat up straight and smiled, "Well, I attended havard, as you all know, I took part in public services and rendered after school tutoring and lead youth summer camps, I was also in charge of the student news paper",I took a deep breathe,"I am a very co-ordinated person because I managed to create my own marketing group in school campus", I smiled, I am relly good at lying.

"It says you here you worked at charles corp as the marketing manager, that is a good position, why did you leave", the woman said looking straight at me, She is trying to get me to crack."Well, the truth is , I had a really standard education and I cannot continue as the marketing manager for a not so popular company and as my dad always tells me 'Go big or go home' and that is what exactly I am doing, going big", I said and smiled, it is true my dad always told me that when he was alive. The woman smiled for the first time and I knew I had done well, the men clapped."thank you Tracy, we will tell you our decision later".

I got up and left the room, the woman from earlier smiled at meas we came out,"My name is sandra, I am intern and I think you nailed that interview", she said and I smiled.

An hour later and they where done, sandra came out,"Please give us thirty minutes to decide before we will tell you who got the job", she smiled and winked at me before going back into the room."My interview was great and I have a good feeling about this, even though the woman was harsh", The girl from earlier came to seat beside me. I internally groaned, "Sorry I want to go and use the restroom", I said quickly getting up and head towards the restroom.

I came out and headed towards the waiting room and Sandra had already come out with the other interviewers,"Good day everyone, Thank you for making this interview a success but unfortunately there can only be one person", she said looking round. I hope I get it or else our plan is a fail,"Tracy val, please come forward you are the new PA", she said smiling at me, I got and walked towards her."Thank you all, have a nice day",She turned to me,"Tracy, sorry Xavier won't be able to make it, So you have to come early tomorrow, so he can tell you everything you need to know, sandra will show you around".

Sandra squealed and smiled at me,"So let me give you my number, work usually starts by seven thirty, but come by six so you have enough time for everything, Xavier is usually here by six forty five", I gave her my phone to put in her number and called her."bye see yo tomorrow".

I entered my car and quickly called shane,"yes , Tracy did you get the job", he asked,"Yes, the plan is in motion".

I arrived back at home and sarah was still at work, I went to my room to go and sleep, I need much of it.

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