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chapter 7

Yesterday, was all about gossip when I woke up from sleep,because of sarah barging into my room asking whether I got the job and when I told her the good news she squealed and told me everything she knew about Him, even though I cared less. All I could think about is how on earth do I fucking seduce a man of his calibre. Don't get me wrong I am beautiful and all but I do not know if he will fall for me.

So when I woke up this morning the first thing on my mind was to pick out the best of the clothes to wear, first impressions always matter. I finished bathing and decided on a red dress and black stilettos, I curled my hair to make it wavy and left it down. I put on my normal eyeliner and mascara, added colour to my cheeks and my signature red lipstick.

I packed a notebook and pen that I bought the other day and carried my bag and went down, it was already five thirty and I won't have time to make anything, so I left, on my way to start my first day of work.

I arrived there at exactly six o'clock and I saw sandra talking with the receptionist, I walked towards them, the cleaners have already started cleaning,"Gosh sandra, what time did you wake up", I asked. She even had a cup of coffee in hand."oh, I woke up by four , I always come here very early, it's my thing, do you want coffee or anything, it looks like you haven't eating", she said, "Do I look that tired", I asked grimacing."Hi I am penelope, so you are the one who got the job, right", the receptionist said. I totally just butted into their conversation."Sorry, that was rude, I am tracy", I said extending my hand to shake her."I know I remember you from yesterday, how can I forget you", She smiled,"Everyone is talking about the super hot new assistant". I blushed,I have not even started working yet and everyone is already talking about me.

"it is already six fifteen, let us start the tour before Xavier arrives ", Sandra said and practically dragged me to the elevator."Penelope is a gossip magnet, don't mind her, I am sure it is not true".

We started from the second floor where the marketers stay to the third floor for the accountants. She said she has never actually been on the fourth floor since it is for imporant workers and the fifth floor is where they usually hold meetings and the sixthfloor is where I will be working, she showed me my office and helped me set up. There was also a food section on this floor, so we went there so I could eat. She started making my coffee,"So what type of coffee", she asked."creamy please, I hate black coffee", I said."Tell that to Xavier, he loves black coffee, one time his assistant made his coffee with plenty cream, He poured it away and sent him to his favourite coffee shop ten blocks down", She said and I laughed."Oh that reminds me, always remember to get his coffee from there before he arrives", She says handing the coffee to me.

"What, do I have to go now and get it", I said standing up,"NO don't worry, I already have it,besides he tells you all about it on the first day,nut now he'll be impressed", she said and I hugged her."Oh my gosh thank you", "He should have arrived already take go and give it to him", She handed the cup to me and I quickly went to my office and took my book and pen and headed to his office.

I stopped in front of his door and knocked, I heard a voice come in, that sounded very familiar, I entered and turned toclosed the door behind me,"Goodmorning sir , I brought your-", I was stunned by who I saw.

Oh My Fucking God

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