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chapter 8

I stopped in front of his door and knocked, I heard a voice come in, that sounded very familiar, I entered and turned toclosed the door behind me,“Goodmorning sir , I brought your-“, I was stunned by who I saw.

Oh My Fucking God

I cannot believe what I am seeing here,“you”,“Tracy”.

“So I see, you sleep with me, play dumb and now you are my assistant, the lenghts to where you women go”,He said smirking at me. It’s official, I can’t do this , There is no way I am working with this arrogant bastard.

I fucking slept with Xavier roman.

“Do you get tongue tied every time you see a hot guy”, He grinned.“Omg, where’s the hot guy, I can’t see him”, I looked around and glared at him.“Careful cupcake , you work for me now”, He said and his face changed into that of a serious expression. sheesh bipolar much, I did not ven hurt his ego that bad. I walked and sat down in the chair, handing him his coffee.

“wow, I can see you learn fast”, He said and took a sip.I managed to put on a smile and opened the book to start writing down.

“you know cupcake, you surprise me, you do not strike me as a business person, I am impressed”, He said and smiled. At least now I know he is interested in me, that’s a start.

He finished explaining to me everything about his routines, I cannot believe I have to go on long errands for this guy.“Is that all?“, I asked ready to go and scream in my office

He looked at me, “well I am attending a dinner party tomorrow with my colleague and since I do not have a date, I want you to go with me”.

“Do you always take your assistants to parties with you”, I asked ,“It depends cupcake”, He grinned.“Please do not call me cupcake and why not I will go with you”,I said closing my book and standing up to leave.“I will pick you up by five don’t be late”, He said.“wait how do you know my house”, I turned shocked ,“I know everything in your file, I am a business man”.

I walked out and went to my office, to start making a calendar. I thought back to what he said. For all I know, He does a background check on his workers, I have to tell shane.

Lunch time came pretty fast, I ordered for what he told me earlier and went down to go and meet the delivery guy. I walked into the elevator and clicked the ground floor.“hey your the new assistant tracy right”, the guy beside me said , I turned “yes, how did you know”, I asked I mean it seems as if everyone already knows me.“Everyone knows, I am jason”, He brought out his hands for me to shake.“I work in the IT section”, He smiled. He seems like a nice guy.

the elevator opened and I got and walked towards the receptionist table,“Has the delivery guy arrived yet penelope”, I asked and rested on the table.“yes”, she handed me his lunch.“thanks”. I said and walked back to the elevator. Better that than the stairs.

i knocked on the office door,“come in”, I opened the door and walked in,“I have brought your food”, I walked and went to drop it on his table.

I turned to leave,“tracy, Please tell sandra to come collect these files”, he said arranging some files in the corner.“make sure you dress nice for the event”.

I left his officce and went to the food court to make something to eat, I saw sandra talking to jason,“Sandra, xavier wanted you to come collect some files”, I said. I took some snacks and drink to eat. and sat down,“So how has the job been so far”, Jason asked sitting beside me.

“Well, it’s been okay, nothing I can’t handle”, I said and he laughed.“you have one hell of a character”, “jason, go and check on my system , I think there is something wrong with it”, I heard Xavier say from behind me. I turned to face him and he looked a bit annoyed sheesh, did the food go down the wrong pipe. Jason quickly left to go and check on it.

I got up ready to leave as well,“Bear in mind tracy, that you are here to work and not flirt with my employees”, He said as I walked past him. I turned around so fast I think I had a whiplash.

“Excuse you”, I said, I cannot believe what I just heard.“Now, you mind the way you talk to me cupcake because I am the wrong guy to mess with”, I glared at him.“you might as well find a new date since I do not want to mess with you”, I turned and walk back to my office. I know what shane told me to do but this guy is so annoying.I sat down on my desk and drinking the bottle of water from earlier.


It was already six in the evening, I am supposed to catch up with Xavier before I leave. I groaned and walked to his office. I knocked and entered, He sat up as I came and sat down.“tracy, I am sorry for the way I acted earlier,and I still want you to be my date”, he said. Wow I never thought he will apologize,“okay, let us just round up”.

I walked into the house, seriously exhausted, this work is killer.“Tracy is that you I am in the kitchen”, I walked to the kitchen and sat on a stool,“what’s for dinner”, I asked, I am seriously starving, no to self to go out for lunch tomorrow.“spaghetti”, she said and passed me my plate.

“soo, How was your first day”, she asked sitting across from me.“If I tell you, you will not believe me”, I said.“Try me”, she said grinning.“Okay, you remember when I told you I had a one night stand, well turns out it was my boss I slept with”, I said looking at her,“SHUT UP, you slept with Xavier roman, this is so cliche, the boss and his assistant, it is like those books I read on wattpad”, she said practically jumping on her seat. I laughed.

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