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chapter 9


I woke up that morning with the thought of only one person in my head 'Tracy'. I honestly do not know how she captures my interest, I have never taken an interest to any woman before. That night at the bar, I just wanted to rest look for a woman to sleep with, that's all.

I honestly never expected tracy to work for me the next day, she even looked shocked to see me there. All the woman I have met always fall at my feet but she is different , she didn't even know me.

I finished dressing up and went down stairs,"Jonathan hope the car is ready", I said to my driver as I saw him standing in living room."yes, sir I just wanted to call you".

I drove off to work. I always have to come early because I hate lateness from any of my workers, it is my number one rule,'always come to work on time'.

Today was the diner party of my cousin antonio, He is getting married soon and he's showing of, you see ,he thinks he is better than me and getting a wife just to show it of in my face. that is why I needed a date.

I arrived at the office and saw tracy and sandra talking with the receptionist, I couldn't help but stare at her she looked so good and smiled a lot."Xavier I brought your coffee", she said walking up to me. My name sounded so good coming from her lips.

I took the cup from her,"Let's go to your office so you can brief me for today", she sad and started for the elevator.

This girl will be the death of me. When we arrived on the sixth floor , we headed for my office,"Xavier I want to get my book and pen. She entered into her office.

I sat down on my chair getting ready to start today, Work is usually stressful on tuesdays and tonight's dinner, we will have to leave early.

Tracy entered the office and sat down,"so what are we doing today", she asked smiling."First of all, we will have to leave work around two because of the dinner party, I do not know how long it takes you women to get ready for those kind of things", I said grinning at her."Oh don't worry, maybe like an hour tops", she said smiling. At least we are on good terms now than yesterday.

After explaining today's plan, she left. I seriously miss her company.


I stood in front of the mirror after wearing the tuxedo and my shoes, this will have to do. I do not like wearing to much, I put on my wrist watch and left. I told Jonathan the address of tracy's house and we manged to get there by five on the dot.

I came down and walked towards the front door and knocked, I hope she is ready. The door opened to reveal a short girl with brown hair,"oh my gosh, Xavier Roman is at my doorstep,I can't believe it", She squealed , I looked around did I somehow mix up the address. "I am looking for tracy", I said adjusting my jacket."sophia, Please do not scare away my date", I heard Tracy's voice in the house. She walked out and I couldn't help but stare. I do not know how someone can look this beautiful,"sorry, sophia is my friend, she is, how do I say this, a big fan", She said as she closed the door, I chuckled,"You look really beautiful this evening", I said looking at her again. She blushed ,"you don't look to bad yourself", she said as I helped her enter the limo. I couldn't help but smile at her words. I entered and closed the door.

When we arrived, The party was in full swing already, I helped Tracy come out and told Jonathan that I will call him when we are ready to leave."wow, whose house is this", she asked as I held her hand and led her to the entrance."My cousin's", I said. She froze up beside me and I looked at her raising a brow,"I am not going to meet your parents", She said frowning. I smiled,"don't worry they are out of town, besides my cousin is just celebrating his fiance".

I introduced Tracy to some of my family members and she is getting along pretty well with them."Xavier, dear you can't come and greet your dear old nana", I turned and smiled. My grandmother has been there for me,because my parents always travel a lot. I hugged her and she kissed my cheek."How is my little billionaire, you didn't tell me you had a girlfriend", I choked a little on my drink,"nana, Tracy is not my girlfriend , she is a friend", thank God Tracy is not here."You can't lie to me, I see the way you look at her, like you look at Ice-cream when you were younger, you were so addicted to ice-cream", she said pinching my cheeks. Is it that obvious that I've been staring at Tracy all night."Advice Xavier, if you truly love her, keep her, it is not so easy to find the right girl", she said and left.

I thought about what Nana said, there is no way, I love her, but I Can't deny I have feelings for her.

"hey, you missed me", Tracy said coming from behind me, I smiled at her,"Well actually, yes", I smirked,"wow, I was expecting a cocky response, I guess people do change", we both laughed at her joke.

"hey cos, I thought you were not coming", Antonio said coming towards us. I frowned, Antonio and I are not really on good terms, we are always trying to surpass each other."And who is this beautiful lady", Antonio asked turning to Tracy."Hi, I am tracy, Xavier's date", She said and stretched out her hands to shake his.

"Antonio, it's time for dinner", Dina said walking to his side."this is my amazing fiance, Dina", He said smiling at her. Dina dragged tracy along to wherever leaving me with him.

"you have never brought any of your flings to a family party", He said chuckling. I glared at him, how dare him refer to tracy as a fling."Antonio,I would like not to cause a scene so shut up", I spat out and stormed off.


"Do you want to go now tracy", I asked. We had finished dinner and some people had already started to leave."I thought you will never ask", She said.

We both walked into the limo, When Jonathan pulled up front.

We were heading for Tracy's house."I had a really good time with you Tracy", I said smiling at her. She blushed,"me too Xavier'', I moved closer to her and pulled her in for a kiss. when she didn't stop me I went ahead. I know it is not a nice thing to have a relationship with your employees but I can't stop myself. I pulled her onto my lap and trailed the kisses to her neck, She moaned gripping my hair.

I moved the hand of her gown down her shoulder's and took her nipple into my mouth,"Xavier",the sound of my name of her lips made me so fucking hard. I wanted to fuck her so bad.

The limo pulled to a stop and we quickly dressed up, I helped tracy out of the car ad led her to her house,"goodnight Xavier", she said as she closed the door.

I have to stop this feelings for her, I really need to stop all this before it gets too far

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