Falling for him (On Hold)

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She was the light to his darkness. He knew his darkness would consume her, What will be more strong the light or the darkness? She was determined to bring him back, from his demons into the light of love and compassion. He was adamant, he knew his darkness will destroy her, and to keep her safe He was not supposed to fall for her, but can anyone control the heart??

Romance / Action
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Dedicated to my mum.

- 20 years ago -

“We have to do something! We can’t let another mini-him roam around. I shall most certainly not sit around waiting for another disaster to take place.” Lady Cordelia, the water goddess said, to her fellow from her side of the round table.

“We most certainly have to do something. We have to convince the gods. This can’t be happening. Also, even if this does take place, we’ll need to have someone to tame him.” Lord Zephyr, the wind god spoke from his side.

“Of course, we’ll have to have someone to tame him. It’s just a matter of a few simple questions. Such as, who in the world would the bride be? Also, who in the universe be so retarded to accept that their to-be son-in-law’s father is the ruler of hell? That is if the guy even accepts her.” Lord Barak, the fire god cried out sarcastically.

“Well, we’ll have to take out the answer for that soon, as we have to report to the gods with the solution soon enough.” Lady Althea, the earth goddess reasoned from her side.

This kind of discussions were common in between the elements. Always arguing, but loving each other unconditionally as well. (Though, neither told the others about it, like ever.) Now, I know what you are thinking, why are the elements discussing this matter. Well, the elemental lords and ladies were kind of like the ears and eyes for the gods on Earth.

“I found the one!” All of them cried out loud at once.

The lords started to quarrel among themselves about whose choice was better suited.

“Okay, calm the fuckity fuck down. At the count of 3, after you guys have matured, we all say the name of our choice. Okay? Capiche?” The ladies spoke at once.

“It’s weird, babe, how you always seem to have your words synchronized with Althea. Like, all the time!” Lord Barak said.

“Yeah, well a lot of other stuff is going to become normal soon, such as sleeping on the couch if you don’t start to act your age right away.” Lady Cordelia told him in a firm manner.

“Same goes for you.” Lady Althea said.

“NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!” Lord Zephyr spoke up.

“Oh yes! Anyways,” Lady Cordelia said.

"1," Lady Althea started the counting.

"2," Lady Cordelia continued.

"3" They chorused out the name at once.

I hope you guys enjoyed this prologue. Please like this book if you enjoyed it.
Peace Out,
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