Falling for him (On Hold)

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New beginnings, New year- Aw! Who am I kidding?

Chapter 1: New beginnings, New school year- Aw! Who am I kidding?

Everything was dark. I tried to open my eyes but to no avail, yet again. I finally succeeded but at what cost? Around me, everything was in the colour of… blood. There were bodies all around her. In fact, I was lying on top of a pile of corpses.

Panic. Panic was all I could feel. My hands were limp at my side. I couldn’t move them. I tried to scream, but my mouth wasn’t ready to open itself. A squeezing in my chest. Movements around me. But none of those movements belonged to me. No. No. This can’t happen right now. I won’t allow it. NO!

Suddenly there was a burst of light and I could hear wings flapping. Large wings. I squeeze my eyes shut because of how bright that light is. I feel a bit of the warmth moving towards me. Like, a warm hand, moving towards mine. I move my hand towards my guardian angel’s- Oh my God! I can move and feel my limbs again. My heart is working normally again. My angel takes hold of me and fights through those corpses. Just as the light fades out, and I finally open my eyes to see their face, a voice calls out in the distance.

“Wake up Sofia. It’s time for college!” a familiar voice says.

I feel myself shaking. I grab my angel’s shoulders, so that I can maintain my balance. But, eventually, I have to let go of them and open my eyes, to see the cause of disruption.

I am Sofia Eleanor Austin, the tallest girl of our college, standing at 5”9’ with platinum blonde hair that everyone in our family has and I recently got coloured pink, my favourite colour. I also have grey eyes and 3 very annoying siblings. I am a freshman at the University of California, Los Angeles. I was blessed that my best friends and twin were attending the same college as mine. I am 19 years old.

Of course, it had to be my devil of a twin. Meet Simon Elijah Austin. The golden boy of our college, with his trademark Austin platinum blonde hair and killer looks, he was the guy that every guy wanted to be and every girl wanted to be with. But, disappointment to them as he was faithfully waiting for his soulmate.

See, in our world, between the ages of eighteen to twenty five, at one of our birthdays mostly, we get a tattoo on our wrists. Then, someone else in the world has the same tattoo. The one with whom your tattoo matches is your soulmate. What’s even more interesting is, no couple has a tattoo that is even remotely close to another couple. It’s kind of the werewolves’ mate concept but it is still different.

Our governments’ sites require you to upload the picture of your tattoo on it as soon as it appears.

I haven’t gotten my tattoo yet. But, then again, the boys I knew without tattoos were all jerks.

“Good morning, Ms. Austin. We would be very happy to have your attention for just a few seconds. Please.” Simon said while waving his hand in front of my face.

“Huh- Sorry! What do you want? It’s 7 in the morning and too damn early for me to see your ugly face.” I tell him. It was our “twin” thing, like our parents called it.

“Yeah, well college is about to start in an hour. Don’t you have to like, wake up and do your makeup and stuff?” He asked.

“Dude, I don’t even have lip gloss and you’re asking me to do make up? Go away and bring me back my twin.” I growl at him.

“It is me. Wake up gorilla!” He laughs out.

“Now there’s the meanie I know and love. See you in the car in 15 minutes.” I tell him.

“Okay. But you’re buying me Starbucks today.” He screams from the hall.

“We’ll see.” I laugh and finally leave my bed. My warm, cosy bed. 1/3 part of my love. It was completed when it met Netflix and food.

I drag myself to the bathroom and I do my daily routine. I go to my walk-in closet and choose a white long sweater with a red skirt and black stockings and army boots along with a golden heart necklace.

I go to our car and wait for my siblings. My twin and I are older siblings to another pair of twins, Lillian and Liam. They are 15, already in the car and way cooler than what I and Simon used to be.

I honk at our house to give Simon a warning honk. He rushed out as soon as he heard it, but he was holding his wrist as if it protected some kind of treasure. Our parents came out of the house with TEARS in their eyes and muttering some stuff. I’m pretty sure that their tears had something to do with Simon’s wrist. He sits in the car but doesn’t greet us or anything which is very unlike him.

“Bye mum. Bye dad.” We wave to them.

“Yo, bro, spill it out. What’s up with your wrist?” Liam asked him as I drove towards Starbucks. They both were stuck in the backseat.

“I got my tattoo!” He whispered out as if in a trance.

“WHAT!?” All of us exclaimed at once while I applied the brakes.

“Show me, twinnie.” I ordered him. It was a tiny diamond. But it looked so amazing.

“Wow!” was the only thing I could say. It was amazing. I looked down at my wrist and there was nothing. Huh, sour luck.

“How did you notice it?” Lillian asked him.

“It was a searing hot pain on my wrist and the next thing I knew, I was on the floor, screaming out for help. Mum and Dad came and told me to wait for 5 more minutes. Then, the pain, it… disappeared. I looked at my wrist and saw the tattoo.” He told her.

“Soon, you guys are going to meet your to-be sister-in-law. How cool is that?” He asks us. “Also, have you checked your wrist, Sof?”

“Yeah. Nothing on it. You’re lucky.” I tell him.

“I guess. Starbucks is on me today. You guys can take 1 each for your friends too. I’m paying for everyone.” He announced when I restarted the car.

“Oh Yeah!” I holler out when a call came from Jennifer Alexis Roberts, one of my best friends.

“Sup girl!” I greet her.

“This bitch just got her tattoo today!” She yells out excitedly.

“That’s great. What does it look like?” I ask with caution, praying to all that is holy for it to not match my brother’s.

“I’ll show it to you when you reach college. Get yourself, your family and their best friends Starbucks from my side. I’ll send the money to you right now.” She tells me.

“Um, no need for that, actually. Simon also got his tattoo today and he told us the same thing.” I tell her.

“Oh! Well, I think we aren’t going to be each other’s soulmate, don’t worry. Well, Pierson, Michelle and I will be waiting for you. And our drinks.” She tells me, still excited.

“Yeah. You guys got it.” I reply back and hang up. I order 16 drinks and Simon pays, still looking at his tattoo, like an idiot.

“Well, there are our drinks. Thanks people. See ya later.” Lillian and Liam say when we drop them with their drinks off at their school.

“Bye” We reply back.

We reach our college and I start talking to him, in an attempt to get him to focus on his best friends’ drinks.

“Well, do Tristan, Ken and Charles know about your tattoo?” I ask him.

“Yeah. I’m about to meet them in 5 seconds.” He informs me.

“Oh. Same with the girls.” As soon as I mutter this, 3 girls race towards me.

Jennifer was a red head with green eyes. She was around 5” 7’. She was wearing a grey long sleeve t-shirt with black jeans, black combat boots and a scarf. She accessorised it with a small blush coloured purse.

Pierson Erica Smith, our group’s glue, with brown hair and blue eyes, around 5”8’ was wearing a black crop top with long sleeves and three white stripes and a white skirt with white sneakers.

And finally, Michelle Yasmin Scott, the prankster of our group, with black hair and black eyes was wearing a white long-sleeved crop top with a U-Neck and ripped jeans and white sneakers and a small grey pouch.

“Finally, you’re here with our drinks and Jen will show us her tattoo.” Pierson and Michelle told me.

“Well, this is my tattoo.” She moves her sleeve up at the same time Simon pulls his sleeve up. All of us froze

“My mate!” They whispered at the same time.

Well, I was doomed.

Hey guys,

So, I know I'm late. My online classes have recently started again. I'm in my first year of high school and it's been hectic. It's 3:52 am right now according to IST and hence, already 25th.
I'm sorry
Peace out,
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