Falling for him (On Hold)

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Give me food, not love

“My mate”

Those were the words I’d been dreading since the moment I got to know that my best friend had also gotten her tattoo today. They were known in the whole college for their war of words. Ever since those words were spoken, it felt like the whole world stopped. Maybe in some ways it had. People crowded around us, waiting in anticipation. What will happen next? seemed to be the only thing being spoken.

I teared my eyes away from the people in question and towards Michelle and Pierson. It seems like they still hadn’t come out from the shock. Honestly, they were looking like a few dolphins out of water.

I know, why am I calling them dolphins? 🤔🤔🤔

Well, fishes out of water is just SO cliché, I decided to change it.

Anyways, back to the couple. Wait, did I just think that?

Yes, you did, my dear little human. TBH, why am I YOUR subconscious? Why couldn’t God give me a normal human? Did he hate me so much?

Yes, he did, because you’re the devil’s spawn. Now, focus on the matter at hand.

Yes. Simon and Jennifer sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G! First comes love, then comes marriage (or maybe not since they’re pretty much mentally kissing each other), then comes a baby in a baby carriage, pooping on his auntie’s hands a.k.a. you, dear human.

Ugh, will you ever shut up?

Considering I’m YOUR subconscious, NOPE

I ignored her after that and looked at the... couple, who was indeed kissing mentally.

Deciding to put an end to their goo-goo eyes, I came in between them. Gosh, they were making me feel single and I didn’t even have a crush. These guys didn’t even notice me! So, I moved back.

Well, if you classify stalking Calum Hood’s IG page, (who hadn’t found his soulmate yet, thankfully) daily and your room filled with his posters, then yes. I’m in love with him. Too bad, he wouldn’t even notice me. Why? Because he is a superstar and I’m a teenager in Berkeley for crying out loud.

Although, it is only five and a half hours drive to his place. It can work out. He can come over one weekend and you go over the next.

Please ignore my subconscious. She’s always pushing me to do very weird things. And she wakes up after my Starbucks routine.

Well, I guess drama is also a way to wake her up.

Yeah, back to Simfer. I realized they were still staring

(Yeah, I know its trash but we’ll have to go with it for now)

They were so close to each but weren’t kissing. Yet.

I moved back and then I pushed Jennifer towards Simon. That seemed to get them out of their trance and Simon, who got out of his trance later, couldn’t catch her and she fell face-first on the ground


I knew at that moment if I wanted to live, I had to run away as fast as possible. Because, Simon, who hadn’t even his mate till today had always been overprotective over the imaginary her. And now that he had met her...

So, without any further ado, I ran away, knocking into people and reached my class. ON TIME!

And that was the exact the teacher came in. And a second later Simon followed, looking ANGRY! He wasn’t in this class so he had to leave (Thank God!)

I attended my class thinking about how to avoid him at lunch.

Well, at lunch time, I saw him sitting at our table (which he doesn’t usually does) along with his group.

Well, I took my chicken roast lunch. I LOVE IT SO MUCH! Actually, I love food. I’d choose food over anything any day.

I tried to move as discreetly as possible towards the other side of the cafeteria but no luck. Simon caught my eye and texted me to come ASAP.

Well, I guess I’m going to hell. And many unusual things are going to become usual.

I sat down quietly and whispered a very meek hello.

“Sof, why would you make me fall?” Jennifer asked.

“Yeah. Isn’t she your best friend? Why would you make her fall?” Simon said along with her.

“Well, everyone could see that you guys were kissing each other mentally. I just thought that it would be easier if you guys kissed in real life as well. Not my fault that you didn’t catch her.” I defended myself.

“Yeah. That’s actually true.” She then turned away from Simon and looked towards the ceiling.

“God, can you please change my soulmate? This one’s untrustworthy as he didn’t catch me when I fell” Jennifer spoke dramatically.

“You’re MINE! No one else’s! Do you understand me? Jennifer Alexis Robert?” Simon said lowly in his danger voice. He also put major emphasis on the word ‘mine’. I’m scared now.

“Um, should I be scared of that? Because, I’m pretty sure that even a 5-year-old will be scarier than that speech you just gave.” Jennifer retorted back to him.

“Ooh la la! It’s only been 3 hours and he’s already…” Ken began.

“WHIPPED!” Pierson, Michelle, Tristan and Charles continued.

Oh, good lord! Not them too. Everyone is becoming like those… friends of Simon. And, that is terrible. Soon, they’ll all become silly, and always be having having brain farts.

This is my worst nightmare come true.

Oh God, if you’re there, please give me the strength to make through all of this because Imma need it if I have to get through all this… goo-goo eyes.

I go to keep my plate and I bump into the college’s resident manwhor- I mean, player.

Kai Niklaus Salvatore is the epitome of ladies’ man. He’s asked me to go out with him many times last year but I always turned him down. Why are guys so persistent at times?

“Sofia, hey” He said.

“Hey Kai. How are you?” I ask him.

“I’m okay.”

“That’s good.” I tell him and we stand in the awkward silence.

“Um, Sofia, I know that I asked you out many times last year and I’m sorry about it. I just thought that maybe I had a chance with you. It’s just that we’d been friends before High School and then we became acquaintances. I just thought maybe if we hung out together again, we’d become friends. I’m sorry.” He spoke in one breath.

“Kai, I know we were good friends and I can’t even imagine how hard it was for you in the summer before the start of High School. You lost your best friend and then you pushed us all away. We understood that you needed some time. It came as a shock to us all that you asked me out. At first, I was shocked but then, for a second, I saw that small, vulnerable guy again. The one who was shattered over his best friend’s death still. I realized that you needed a friend more than a girlfriend at that time. But you never accepted any of our proposals to hang out together. So, I have a proposal, we all are going out today to skate. You can join us if you want to. It would be good.” I say. Gosh, what’s wrong with me? When did I start to preach stuff?

“Yeah, that would be lovely. When are you guys going?” Kai said with a small smile.

“We’ll reach around 5 pm. See you soon.” I hug him.

Now, I only have to tell the others about change of plans.

Hey guys,

Another chapter uploaded. I’m sorry for the delay. I have exams going on and I study for them instead of writing. Please comment to tell me about how you liked the story. Also, views on Kai Niklaus Salvatore please!



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