Blood Rose

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Drugs. The reason why 18-year-old Andrea Santino has a roof over her head. Being the only daughter of an infamous drug lord, she's a walking target for those who want her father dead. When her father begins a war with a cartel who will stop at nothing to destroy him, Carlos Santino decides that it's best he hires a bodyguard to protect his daughter from a losing battle. Killer. That's what they call Landon Harper. A 24-year-old CIA operative who has dedicated his life to preserving the little good that is left in society. When the government gives him an assignment to go undercover as a bodyguard for the daughter of the man who had his parents murdered, he willingly accepts. When Andrea and Landon finally meet, sparks collide, heads butt and tension rises. For Andrea, he was just meant to be another bodyguard that would quit in a day. For Landon, she was just a mission. In a world full of bloodshed and lies, trust is not something easily shared. But they must learn to depend on each other if they want to survive the evil of deception and greed.

Romance / Action
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Blood money. That’s what makes the world of a drug cartel go round. They don’t care about the people that they kill; the families that they tear apart. They couldn’t give a flying fuck that their pay check is at the cost of someone else’s life. When you are given the chance to revel in power and prestige, the intoxicating fumes consume you until you become a shadow of yourself. There’s no turning back from the greed-hungry monster that you’ve become. Once you’ve had even just a small taste on a silver platter, you’re caught in the carousel of evil. But evil cannot exist without good.

Kindness, loyalty, love; these are the things that have the power, not to defeat, but to balance the scales of the unjust actions in society. It would be naive to think that humanity could exist without corruption.

Take a rose for example. Beautiful to look at, but dangerous to touch. Most people would respect its beauty and admire it from a distance, to allow it to grow and flourish. But there are those who wish to covet it for themselves. To eagerly grasp at the stem, letting the thorns draw blood.

But the blood on their hands means nothing, as long as the rose is theirs.

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