Bride Impossible

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Alec Seymour, the new mafia boss must choose a wife or else he has marry his nightmare, Acadia Angelo. Luckily, on a dinner with the top mafia families, there was a new girl, Bella Stone. Poof went his parents' plan to have him marry Acadia or any other top candidate. Alec snatches the opportunity to announce that he and Bella are going to be married but Bella doesn't want to. She wants to explore the new world, relationships, etc. Alec never thought that a girl with an angel's face might be the devil herself. But Alec is the bigger devil and he makes others pay for his faults, and which causes Bella to runaway and after a year, she's back to show him who's the boss. Acadia is still desperate for his attention and will do anything for it.

Romance / Action
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Chapter 1

💋 Bella Stone 💋

“Being someone’s first love may be great, but to be their last is beyond perfect.”

08/ July/2002

What occurred on that day?
My birth.

Then, what befell on 08/ July/ 2016, my 14th birthday?
I was traded.

Today, my 18th birthday, was interesting.

How? you may ask.

Hmmm, let’s go back 5 hours before.

(5 hours earlier)

I lay in my bed, reading Wuthering Heights, chapter 25.

I was gushing with warmth when I was reading the conversation between the housekeeper and Heathcliff.

‘These things happened last winter, sir,’ said Mrs. Dean; ‘hardly more than a year ago. Last winter, I did not think, at another twelve months’ end, I should be amusing a stranger to the family by relating them! Yet, who knows how long you’ll be a stranger? You’re too young to rest always contented, living by yourself; and I some way fancy no one could see Catherine Linton and not love her. You smile; but why do you look so lively and interested when I talk about her? and why have you asked me to hang her picture over your fireplace? and why—?’

‘Stop, my good friend!’ I cried. ‘It may be very possible that I should love her; but would she love me? I doubt it too much to venture my tranquillity by running into temptation: and then my home is not here. I’m of the busy world, and to its arms, I must return. Go on. Was Catherine obedient to her father’s commands?’

But I was interrupted by the knock on my dorm room’s door.

“COME IN!” I yelled, must be Izzy, my roommate.

The door creaked, when I looked up, it wasn’t Izzy, but my foster family, Isla Arthur, Eli Arthur, Ottilie Arthur, and Elodie Arthur.

“Jeez, isn’t this welcoming?” Otti chuckled sarcastically.

“GUY! What the heck are you doing here?!!?” I bounced off my bed and ran to hug them all.

“We were in the town, so we thought to visit our l’il sweetie. AND we have a surprise for ya!” Eli, my dad, let go of me and pulled me out, in front of the door was a huge cardboard box with holes poked in it.

“What is it?” I said, squatting down and eyeing the box.

“OPEN IT!” Elo squealed.

I opened it carefully, careful not to tear the wrap, hey, I can use it later.

“Woof” that was the sound that came from the almost open box.

I ripped the rest, there’s an animal in there!

“A PUPPY!” I gushed as I grabbed the l’il furry white creature and hugged her.

Her black eyes were glistening and were so.......impeccable.

“What do you wanna keep her name as?” Isla smiled.


No, Whitney is perfect!

“Whitney, her name will be Whitney!” I stifled her face with my smooches. Oh god, I am turning into those types of people.

“Do you like her?” Elo asked with optimism glimmering in her eyes, along with..........mystery.

“No,” I deadpanned, “I LOVE HER!” I squealed.

Everyone sent glances to each other, oblivious to the fact that I was seeing it all.

“Ah, well! Oh, dear, I forgot- one sec, honey,” Isla silently cursed as her phone rang and she excused herself.

I was playing with Whitney for a while until she thought it was cool to pee on my English notes, I just made them yesterday! Not cool, Whit!

“Hey, hon, so, we have to go to this dinner and I thought you should come-” Isla began but I held my hands up and said: “No thanks, I have my English test tomorrow and Whit just peed on all the notes.”

“But it’s your birthday! And we wanna hang out with you. Do it for me? Pwease?” Isla made the puppy-dog eyes.

“FINE!” I yielded with my hands held high.

She smiled and went out, unlike Whit, who ran into my room and jumped into my arms and jumped out of my embrace and lay on the floor.

“Hey, Whit, whatcha doing here?” I started rubbing her stomach to which she replied by flipping to her back, giving me access to her belly.

She just whimpered and barked, “Um, mom, what does she want?” I yelled and Isla walked in and that too with a smug smile, “She wants to eat and pee/poo, enjoy" she left with a smug look.

(1 hour later)

An hour had gone by and my family was still here, and Whit was running around in excitement.

“So, where is this place where we’re dining?” I asked out of curiosity, Otti and Elo were sitting with me in my room.

“The Blue Diamond. It is that fancy restaurant Arabelle James brags about... a lot.” Otti rolled her eyes.

There was a mutual hate relationship between Arabelle and Ottilie, ’cause:
Ottilie got the hottest guy, Drake in school as her boyfriend.
Arabelle lost it and made it her mission to seduce him.
Ottilie finds out that Drake cheated on her.
They broke up and Arabelle felt as if she won, ’cause she got Drake.
Otti got a new boyfriend, a way better one I might add, Josh, Arabelle wanted him as well.
And then the “history” repeated itself.

“Cool, I guess?” The three of us didn’t exactly like Arabelle ’cause of her abusive, opulent-y braggart disposition.

“Nope, the Angelos are coming as well,” Elo groaned out of frustration.

I never went out to the parties, mom and dad often went to with Otti and Elo ’cause I was very socially awkward.

Why? You must be asking, right?

(Back in time)

You see, when I was 13 years old, my real family started acting really weird. Like:
1) Random boxes around the house
2) Bullet like structures on the floor with some white powder that smelt disgusting, like dirty socks.
3) They’d never be home.
4) Then to watch me, a strange bald man, Elliot would often come over.
5) When they’d return, I would be ignored or formally spoken to.

Then on my 14th birthday, the least expected happened. The Arthurs walked in and exchanged money and glanced at me every now and then, secretly staring at me. After a while, my mom threw down my bags from the top of the stairs and smiled at the so-called visitors and pushed me towards them with a sneer that was steered in my direction.

"This is Bella Avery Catelyn Stone, our daughter." She spat the last part out.

I never understood why she had developed a sudden hatred towards me.

I felt like I was being forgotten as if I was the stranger there.

"Come with us, honey." Isla smiled at that moment, she even held out her hand for me to grab, I just stared at it and while I was doing that, she glared at my mother dearest.

Isla squatted down and smiled at me and said "Hey, Bella. I am Isla, your new mum." What she did next was even more surprising to me... she hugged me.

"Okay," I whispered and they, Isla and Eli took me away with my teddybear, Theo in my embrace.

And that was how I was sold to the Arthurs who treated me as their own, best education, best clothes, and that I was always included in family trips.

"Bell! Are you okay?" Otti suddenly hugged me.
Um, what happened?
"I think something triggered those memories, I told you many times to not to try and remember those things." Elo stood up and sat near me and started rubbing my back in circles.
"Sh-she sold me." I choked out.
"It is going to be okay, Bell," Both of them side-hugged me.
You see, when I was young, I got into a very horrible accident, I was 16 at the time.
I lost all my memories and I see these fragments that hint me of everything once in a while and it always is unpleasant, the best memories just seem like trash nowadays.
"Why did she hate me? What i-if she wanted me to go away from her life?" I sobbed fanatically.
"WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED?!" Eli suddenly poked his head in worriedly.
"It happened, again," Otti spoke and continued rubbing my back.
"Honey, we spoke about this, didn't we?" Isla came to stand behind Eli.
The pain kinda subsided and I nodded while massaging my temples
"I know but I didn't try to, it happens on its own," I whispered hoarsely.
They all shared a look, are they hiding something?
"Can I go and have a nap? Please? If Izzy comes, tell her to keep it down, please." I said as they got up and left me alone in my room with Whit and my notes.
I heard the front door slam shut, they probably have left.
I sloppily flipped on my bed and sighed. I thought of what my life probably had been like. Was I happy? Was I miserable? What did I really feel?

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