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"Lia where the heck are you?! Kanina ka pa hinihintay dito!"

I sighed and rolled my eyes. Why do I have to go to that stupid place?! I would only probably meet some assholes or whatever.

"Just chill babe, I'm nearly there" I said, calming her down.

"Sis seryoso ka? You already said that for like 5 times!"

I smiled a bit. I could already imagine my best friend's angry face.

"It's for real this time, I swear. I'll see you there later. Gotta go, I'm driving bye! " I said while rotating the steering wheel.

On my way, I saw an open store so I stopped my car and went outside to buy some strawberry milkshake. Gosh! I've been craving this for a week!

I went outside the store and drank my milkshake. I took a small walk at the place while sipping my drink slowly.

While walking, a memory suddenly flashed back. I stared the drink and smiled bitterly. I wonder how is he.

I was drowned by my thoughts for a while until I remembered Kas. I rushed through my car and drove towards the venue.

"Lia! You're here!" Marco stated which got everyone's attention.

I looked at the place and then I saw my best friend's face glaring at me. I immediately did a peace sign while smiling cutely, then she just rolled her eyes.

"I'm nearly there" she mocked me and drank a glass of wine.

"It was true! I just did something on my way here so it took me a while to arrive" I defended immediately. I got the glass beside her and poured some wine.

"Whatever! Halika na nga! Kanina ka pa hinihintay nung mga kasama namin. Nainip na siguro yung mga yon" she said while pulling my hand towards the top of the bar.

Kas introduced me to her companions. I can see that everyone was staring at me including the girls.

"Hi I'm Zach" one man said while reaching his hand to me.

"Lia" I answered shortly. I just stared at his hand and walked towards the sofa near us. Everyone saw what happened. He must be ashamed by now.

He smiled at me instead and sat beside me.

I raised my brow at him. Ha! The audacity of this man!

"Hey relax. I'm just trying to be friends here" he smiled again.

"Sorry, not interested. I already have lots of friends" I rolled my eyes. Gosh! Why won't he go away? He's so insensitive. Hindi ba obvious na ayaw ko siyang kasama?

"Eh boyfriend meron?" another man interfered.

Some people looked at our direction. They are all curious of what I'm gonna say.

I raised my left hand and showed them my ring.

"Fiancรฉ" I smiled. I went to the bathroom to cool myself and to get away from that Mack or whatever the hell his name is.

"When I got back, I saw few people are left at our area. Almost all went to the dance floor already. I sat and got some wine at the table. I don't plan to dance tonight so I'll just drink here until they finish dancing.

I can sense that some boys wanted to approach me but they're controlling themselves not to.

It took a while before they got back and I was already drunk. Kas on the other hand is tipsy. I saw her entertaining some boys that are trying to hook up with her.

The party is nearly ending so everyone got more hyped. I saw some random people dancing wildly. Some were even making out already. I saw almost everyone enjoying the night.

I felt alone so I had no choice but to also go to the dance floor. Maybe I should really stop thinking about him. He won't probably come back after all.

Some guy approached me. I smiled at him and just danced. He held my waist and synced with my moves. I felt that he was taking advantage but I just let him do his thing. Whatever! I will enjoy this night and no ones gonna ruin it!

"Babe do you wanna somewhere a little more private?" the man asked while his hands were roaming my body.

"Nah, I rather prefer here than anywhere else. I don't do hook-ups" I said while grinding on him.

"Too bad, I was planning on having a good time tonight" he whispered on my ear then suddenly starts nibbling on my earlobe.

I just smiled at him then continued to dance. I don't really want anything sexual right now. I just want to have a distraction from all the bullshit that's happening in my life even for just a short time.

While we were dancing someone bumped to me and spilled some wine on my dress causing it to overflow underneath my clothes.

"Hey watch where you're going dude!" the man beside me shouted.

"Damn I'm sorry miss" the other man apologized while handing me a handkerchief.

I reached for the handkerchief and wiped some wine on my skin. I looked at the man and saw his worried eyes on mine. "It's fine, I just need to go to the comfort room" I excused myself then walked away.

I went to the bathroom and continued to wipe the wine all over me. I sighed and looked at the mirror to see that my make-up's a bit messy so I went towards where I am a few hours ago to grab my purse.

I retouched myself then went outside to go at the bar counter.

"Would you mind if I buy a beautiful lady like you a drink?" a man said.

"So you're a flirt?" I asked the man beside me. He smiled and shaked his head in amusement.

"Well you can't blame me. You're just really beautiful" he said.

"So are you going to let me buy you a drink?" he asked again. I looked at him and observed his features. I must admit he's attractive.

"Sure!" I answered. He smiled at me and called for the bartender.

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