Estranged Trust

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Book 5 of the Rockstar Romance Series. Chelsea and Brandt face their biggest challenge putting a wedge between them only few could overcome. Since finding each other a year ago they have been fighting to maintain their idealistic lifestyle only to have tragedy follow them. Can they face this last obstacle head-on and will their love survive? Caution - This book contains trigger events.

Romance / Erotica
Cedonia Maison
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Old Ghosts


Brandt had flown in on the red-eye late last night and slept upstairs as I waited another twenty minutes before waking him for our next doctor’s appointment. He was so happy when I told him I’d held out on the ultrasound for this week, knowing he might be able to squeeze in the time.

His band, Social Offender, played in Washington State last night and made their way down to Las Vegas now while he tried to work in our baby’s ultrasound. It was a gamble. If his flight delayed he would be in trouble, but he really wanted to be here and I couldn’t be happier. We had been together now for almost one year, and it had been a tumultuous time. His band was at the top of their game, selling out concert halls and arenas and being at the top of the Billboard charts since releasing the album’s first song. Their third release made it nine months in a row they had a hit in the top twenty. Their band couldn’t be more popular.

We had been through the trials and tribulations that made up a relationship and were about to face the ultimate test of survival next: parenthood.

We found out in late April that we would be parents come December and it had both strengthened our relationship and created its own difficulties.

Robert Brandt Stennet plowed into my life unexpectedly, and although I made it difficult on him in the beginning, he turned out to be my soulmate. He brightened my days and made me feel secure and loved and I loved him like no other. And now I was having his child. This was not how I thought my life would be when he found me in a dark bitter place a year ago in Wisconsin, and I was happy at how it turned out with his child growing inside me. Once I got over my nerves about telling my father, I knew my life would be complete.

Although Brandt’s flight came in late, and even though he needed sleep, we made love as soon as he got in this morning. He wanted to ‘play,’ but I was hesitant. We called ‘Play’ our bondage sessions. They could get intense. Before Brandt, I never explored sex and since him, I’d had the most mind-blowing sexual relations known to a woman. He made me feel powerful and loved, but with the impending pregnancy, I had been cautious.

I would be too nervous to enjoy it, and I didn’t know how long we could continue. My physician, Dr. Hunt, knew we experimented in bed but I never divulged all of our sexual exploits. Would it harm the baby somehow? I didn’t think so, but until this next ultrasound, I wanted to be sure everything was going as planned. I already lost a baby once before. It had been years ago with my high school boyfriend, Dan, but it still hurt to know I missed out on being a mother.

Not that I didn’t want to ‘play.’ On the contrary, I loved what Brandt did to my body. The way he took me to the edge and pushed me to a place where I craved the next orgasm like a junkie, but I wanted to make sure it wouldn’t interfere with my pregnancy. If all went well at this next appointment, I would be more than willing to ‘play’ with him before he headed back out on tour tonight.

It must have been hard on him. The constant travel already with touring and then squirreling away to see me with less than a days’ time to rest before heading out again. He would be such a wonderful and caring father, sacrificing his time and energy for our comfort.

Twelve weeks and two days. I was almost to the end of the first trimester, the riskiest part of the pregnancy. Brandt’s detour to see the baby on the ultrasound caused the band to work in as many shows as possible until next Monday when he would return, so we could fly out to Wisconsin together. He already had worked a couple of more days off around this time of the tour to help with bailing on my family’s farm even though I told him it wasn’t necessary. He insisted, and I knew it had something to do with getting in my dad’s good graces.

Telling my strict, religious father about the baby made me nervous. What would he say? There was no denying he didn’t think Brandt was right for me. He only saw what lies the media told and there was a lot of it lately. His PR firm, Wolfe and Associates, couldn’t even stop it. Brandt even talked about me in interviews. My anonymity had been severed along with his now. Not that I would necessarily be acknowledged on the streets but if he didn’t stop all the talk about me, it was bound to cause issues once the baby arrived.

Brandt tried to improve his image both in the media and to my family. My father didn’t believe me when I told him Brandt didn’t cheat on me months ago until I showed him the proof that Bill, a private investigator, brought to us. Even then, my father’s focus shifted to Brandt being a drinker. Another fabrication in the media coverage. And my dad should talk. He could easily drink a twelve-pack of beer watching a Packer’s game. Oh well, baby steps. He would come around. I didn’t want to shove it in his face with the pregnancy and all. It almost seemed as if I was forcing him to accept Brandt now and not giving them the chance to come together on their own.

The ultrasound went off without a hitch. The baby was right on schedule, and even though Brandt asked the sonographer about the baby’s sex, I stopped him. She explained we could always find out on the twenty-week ultrasound coming up. I didn’t want to know, which surprised me. It drove me crazy at Christmas to not know what I was getting but to find out the sex of my baby seemed like a spoiler. Brandt didn’t push the issue, and I wondered if I could even prevent him from finding out for the next six months.

We nicknamed the baby Holly because he was so convinced it was a girl. I had to admit, I enjoyed calling the baby by a name rather than calling it ‘it.’

After the doctor’s appointment, I could barely hold him back from taking me back home and stripping me naked. I knew he wanted, but I convinced him to stop at the local farmer’s market so I could pick up a few items first. He begrudgingly did, and I promised to make his favorite meal and do whatever he wanted while it cooked.

The farmer’s market was in our small town of Océano del Cielo, the beautiful oceanside town I now called home. I loved it there. I couldn’t wait to start a family with Brandt in this town. It seemed like all my dreams were coming true.

We were walking along the vendors, each with their fresh vegetables and fruits to sell. It reminded me of the garden I attended to with my mother growing up. There were jams and jellies, honey, and desserts that looked divine. Maybe it was the baby, but I wanted it all and I craved chocolate like nothing before. With my morning sickness coming to an end, I seemed famished most of the time.

One vendor sold chocolate-covered fruit. Just the sight of it caused my mouth to water. In the day’s heat, it became more of a fondue as the chocolate dripped off the strawberries but I still stopped for a free sample. Brandt joined me and whispered in my ear, “These would taste great spread over your naked body.” His voice was low and commanding. The same voice he knew would turn me on and I felt my face flush. “Would you like that?” Did he even have to ask? Still blushing, I looked at him and nodded. “Consider it done.”

Brandt stood waiting to pay for tonight’s dessert, so I walked to the next vendor table. I saw some sweet potatoes I thought would be great for tonight’s meal. It was a healthier meal than what he received on the road. Brandt had type one diabetes and home-cooked meals were always healthier than what he could get on tour. Besides, he was buying dessert to be placed on my body later as we needed the nourishment. I spoke to the worker what little Spanish I’d gleaned since coming out to California, and she asked me to pick out the ones I wanted. Nodding at my selection, I looked up from the stand to the far corner of the farmer’s market. My smile slid off my face as the feeling drained from my body. I saw him. He didn’t look the same, but it was him. Dan. His eyes were staring me down, not flinching at all. Just standing and glaring at me.

Shaken out of my trance by the lady handing me my bag of produce, I accepted my change with a trembling hand. When I looked back up, Dan was gone. Brandt came up behind me and hugged my waist feeling how stiff I had become. He turned me around to look in my face. “Hey, is something wrong?”

Finally, I snapped out of my daze. “Ah, no...” It couldn’t have been Dan. The boyfriend from high school and the father of the child I’d lost so many years ago. I had just been under stress lately with all the recent changes. I had been comparing this pregnancy to the last one and must have dreamed he was here or something. The face was the same, but the hair was different, shorter, and I must have imagined him, or he must have a lookalike. Dan from my past was kept in my past. The last I’d heard, he served in the army and had been posted somewhere overseas so it couldn’t have been him.

Shaking my head, I gave Brandt a weak smile. “No... I just thought I saw someone I knew.”

He still had a look of concern on his face. Searching the area his gaze returned to me, “Who?”

Shaking my head, I forced my best smile. “No one. Just old ghosts, I guess.” Besides, what would I say? I thought I saw Dan over there? The guy you say you hate and would beat the crap out of if you ever saw him? Why even bring it up?

“Old ghosts? Forgot their name? What do you call it? Placenta brain must have kicked in again.” I must have convinced him because he just smiled at me and kissed my nose. “Well then, why don’t we make our way back home? I have plans for your body.”

I smiled back at him. “That is the best idea you have had all day.”


She rescheduled the ultrasound for the end of May hoping it would be enough time for me to make it, and I was overjoyed. It would be tight. The band toured in Washington state last night, played a couple stops in Oregon where I was to meet up with them before we headed to Vegas and another shorter break. After Vegas, Chelsea and I would travel to Wisconsin to tell her parents the good news. I wished it were a marriage announcement, but I knew it wasn’t what Chelsea wanted.

She loved me, but she had doubts about me as a father. Not that she came out and told me it but I overheard her talking to her friend, Ami, and I could read between the lines. I couldn’t say I blamed her. I never thought I wanted children, but after she told me she was pregnant with my child, it was all I ever thought about. It surprised me how much I wanted this child and would stop at nothing to show Chelsea I could be a good father and husband.

Chelsea never kept it from me that she wanted children, I just assumed it would be in the future. Far in the future. Like when we were married for twenty years or something. This was too soon. My band had exploded on the entertainment circuit, and we were touring and promoting our second album and only gaining momentum. It didn’t give us much time to start a family, but it wasn’t as if we planned it. I wouldn’t change a thing. This was my link to the best, most wonderful woman in the world and I won’t screw it up with her.

Getting into her father’s good graces never was as important as now. Sure, he would probably let us get married but I wanted to accept me without being forced to. He didn’t think I merited being married to his little girl and honestly; I didn’t believe it either. She was a special person, perfect through and through, and I was tarnished and flawed. How the hell did I end up with someone like her?

I already knew the sacrifices I would need to make to ensure this worked. Driven in a way I never had been before, this urgency to make life with Chelsea compelled my determination. Even more so than what it took to have the band succeed which had consumed my every waking thought until a year ago. Now with the extra traveling to see Chelsea and a child, well I would move heaven and earth to show her I was her Superman.

It would not be easy. Chelsea didn’t want to travel to see me or her parents until the first trimester came to a close and since we were touring closer to home now, I bit the bullet and came to her. The guys were already getting pissy about it. Only Quade understood since his wife now was almost ready to pop herself.

Unfortunately, we held off on the ‘play.’ She denied me the sexual bondage we explored until after the ultrasound and talked with her physician. As much as I wanted to say it didn’t bother me, I couldn’t do it. Not that I wanted to tie her up all the time, but with her body transforming into a more luscious frame than her already scrumptious one, it was all I could do to not think of her constantly. Her breasts had grown from the small perky tits I loved to heavier mounds that bounced and jiggled with even the softest of steps. Yeah, I felt guilty thinking about it. In six months, those puppies would feed my offspring, but now, they were all mine.

My mind was occupied with all the ways I could tie her up and deliciously torture her since we hadn’t done it in a while. It had excited me to think how many ways she was in for it and, thank the heavens, Dr. Hunt came to my rescue, explaining it would not hurt the baby as long as we weren’t too rough. I wanted to frame her words and put them on a plaque above our bed.

This ultrasound was just as amazing as the last one. Hearing the heartbeat and seeing the formation of a head, fingers, toes... It lightened my heart to see the product of our love rendering me speechless. The only protest from Chelsea was when I asked about the sex of the baby. She didn’t want to know, but I already knew. I didn’t need a sonographer to tell me. My little girl would be in my arms before Christmas. And what better Christmas present could I ask for?

As I drove back to the house as fast as humanly possible, Chelsea suggested we stop at the local farmer’s market and I groaned with disappointment as it cut into my ‘play’ time, and I so liked to torture her for a while before giving in to her. I hated to be that way. Especially since she was just getting over her morning sickness and finally eating more, but when she promised to make me my favorite dish and let me ravage her while it was cooking, I gave in. A win-win in my book.

With a heavy sigh, I complied and turned into the driveway to get this over with. I needed to get her tied down and under me in the next hour in order to catch my flight. Besides, the energy I expended with her would make it easier to sleep on the plane so I could rest up for the concert later tonight.

The farmer’s market wasn’t huge, and I rushed her through each vendor until we reached the chocolate-covered fruit. She eyed the fruit with such a look of desire on her face, it turned me jealous. When she put the strawberry dripping in chocolate up to her red lips and bit into it, I could barely contain myself.

When I suggested getting her the chocolate confection to spread on her naked body, she gave a little moan that made my dick jump. She was up for the ‘play.’ She missed it just as much as I did and now with the green light from her doctor, there wasn’t anything to stop us.

There were subtle changes in her moving from the first trimester to the second. I had been doing my own type of research and found that there would be a heightened response to sex in the second trimester, fully intending on taking advantage of that, and soon.

Another change was difficulty concentrating or a lapse in memory, which she termed ‘placenta brain.’ She even exhibited it at the farmers market as she told me she saw an ‘old ghost.’ It was a strange term, but I didn’t want to probe her on it, concentrating more on getting her home as soon as possible.

The sun burned hot for this early in summer, and when we returned to the house, I put the chocolate covered strawberries on ice and put them in our room. If all went well, I would spend the remainder of the afternoon licking them from her body. I always enjoyed dessert before supper.

Giving her the command to be naked and waiting on the bed. I left her to change into the white lounging pants she loved on me. She didn’t even hesitate, and I hoped I had the stamina and willpower to pull this off. Chelsea had been nauseous the first trimester, and we didn’t do much along the lines of sex. I was a little worried about finishing first and leaving her wanting.

As I came out of the bathroom, I noticed her waiting for me sitting submissively on the end of the bed, and looking so beautiful I caught my breath. She looked at my pants, and then her eyes scoured up my chest and to my face enjoying the view. I enjoyed my own view of her body. Her light blond hair flowed down her alabaster skin as she absently licked her cherry red lips in anticipation of our time together. The increasing swell of her breasts rising and falling with her deep breaths made my cock thicken. The light cotton pants gave her more of a view. I could not hide my lust and the fact she had no qualms about our ‘play’ anymore just sealed the deal.

Her eyes followed me as I walked over to the top drawer of our dresser where I kept the scarves. The nipple clamps were in there too, but I didn’t think, given the way her breasts had been so tender, that she could tolerate them for long. They would have to wait.

But when? How long would we be able to do this? Until she shows? The doctor didn’t give us a timeline, and I hoped to God we could do this until the end. Not that I would be rough. Just simple stuff like the plan I had now.

Taking out three or four scarves, I watched as her eyes widen. Oh, the ways I plan on torturing you now, Chelsea. I wished I had more time. She had been willing to fly again to meet me on tour in between doctor’s appointments, and I devised more ‘play’ before the baby’s arrival.

Walking over to her on the bed, I smiled and placed the red scarf around her eyes. I loved that color on her. Standing back, I took her in. She was beautiful sitting there naked and obedient. Totally trusting me with her body and her soul. I couldn’t think of anything else that made me as happy as she did. Smiling at what was to come, I removed my pants.

My cock, already painfully hard, dripped of precum on the end, and I stroked it off onto my thumb. Bringing it up to her lips, I placed my thumb inside her mouth. She sucked eagerly and whimpered, making my dick jump at the thought of having her warm, moist mouth around it, expertly sucking on it, but I refrained. For whatever reason, I still felt it was unfair. If I couldn’t return the favor, I would just go without, and she had yet to let me go down on her. It was one of her quirks that I would love to change but never pushed her on.

Unable to wait any further, I gave her the next command, “Lay down on the bed, on your back towards the head of the bed.” There was no hesitation. It was total trust and positioned herself for what I had in mind within seconds.

Walking around the bed, I went to her right side. Sliding my hand down her sculpted leg, I watched as her body lit up to my softest caress. Her skin felt like a piece of fine fabric and I watched as goosebumps rippled under my fingertips. Grabbing on to her right ankle, I wrapped the satin scarf around it tightly and secured it to the foot of the bed.

Convinced she was fastened to the bed tightly, I walked back around to her left side. Leaning on the bed, first I maneuvered her so she was laying diagonally, making sure that the scarf around her right leg was taut but not too tight, and then I joined her pressing my body next to hers.

Unable to control my hands any longer, I started at her slim waist and traveled up her ribs. I saw far too many of them, but I could only hope her dissipating morning sickness would let her gain some much needed weight. Bringing my hands up, I cupped her enlarged breasts, reveling in the fact that they could be fondled once again.

“Bring your arms up.” Slowly, I watched as her hands moved above her on the bed. I caressed them all the way up and brought them together. Wrapping the scarf around the spindles of the bed, I secured her wrist and gave her the ends to hang on to.

She was right where I needed her. Going back to her breasts, I pinched and tugged on them hard enough to cause a flutter of sensation throughout her body. I was rewarded with her approval as I watched her back arch off the bed and she panted with overwhelming pleasure.

She squirmed to life under my hands. Her body was coming to fruition faster than normal. I knew the torrent of hormones going on within her would work in my favor and give her a heightened sense of pleasure. I hadn’t even entered her, and she was positively on edge. This would be fun.

With my tongue, I circled her erect nipples, sucking and biting without rhythm. My hand traveled down her stomach, stopping at the small of her abdomen. Placing my hand over the area holding my child, I caressed it carefully, realizing my whole life was under me at this moment.

As I ran my hand further down, her free leg opened for me, and I traced my fingers lightly over her mound, avoiding her clit and feeling her slick folds. She whimpered, and a smug look of satisfaction swept over my face. Chelsea was wet. Beyond wet, and when I gently placed my finger into her opening, it slid in freely and without resistance. She was eagerly awaiting my next assault on her body which made my stiff, restless cock complain.

Her pussy clenched my fingers with an intensity I felt could snap them in half. I found her G-spot and massaged ever so slowly in the way that drove her mad. I couldn’t believe the transformation happening to her body. She had me fascinated as her hips ground around my finger, working faster and faster. Her chest was already red, the precursor to her climax. Her breathing hitched as warmth emanated from her skin. I wanted to give her the release, but I also wanted to take it slow. Building her to more of a climax. The latter won out, and I removed my finger fast before I gave in to her. “Fuck!” Enthralled in her unabashedly boldness, I let out a chuckle. What happened to my shy little good girl? I missed her sometimes, but I liked this one better.

“Not so fast Chelsea. You aren’t ready.”

She shook her head, “I beg to differ.” I couldn’t help but laugh again. So much for me worrying I would come before her. Now, how fast did I want to finish this?

Leaving her left side, I made my way over to her right and positioned myself for penetration. She was still writhing on the bed, with her pussy so swollen and red. Fuck, this wouldn’t take long at all. I felt guilty for wanting to end it for her and for me so soon but damn, she looked so amazing.

The sweat of her body left her skin glistening in the sun streaming through the French doors. Instead of giving in, I leaned down and licked the moisture from her chest, enjoying the taste of her. She moved her breasts into my mouth, almost floating on top of the bed to get to me. My tongue traveled down her body, licking up all the sweat pooling on her skin. Her body a livewire, I knew if I were to stroke her clit, even just once, it would be all over for her. My tongue stopped below her belly button. I could smell her scent, her juices, and they smelled wonderful. God, how I wish I could just lap it up.

She had come so far, but that was the last hurdle. I swore I would never push her on it and I would keep my word. I only hoped one day I could taste her again. She had made some headway on it. It didn’t escape me that I was this close, and she wasn’t even uncomfortable. It was a step in the right direction as far as I was concerned, but for right now, my dick turned an angry shade of purple and it couldn’t tolerate being ignored this long.

Bringing my leg over her restrained right leg, I straddled it and pushed her left leg up to her side. This was the way I envisioned it in my fantasies of what I wanted to do with her. By my calculations, it would be very pleasurable to her. She was so damn flexible, and she liked a little more pressure at this angle into her pussy. I didn’t even think she knew about it. There were just some secrets that were too good to share, like the fact I knew when she was about to come because of the redness of her chest. Nope, it was my little secret.

Picking up her left leg, I opened her a little wider. Maneuvering the head of my cock, I placed it just inside of her careful to not go too deep just yet. She cried out, and the words were heavenly to my ears. “Yes, oh please. Brandt!”

I laughed. Good lord, she was close. “I didn’t even ask my question yet.” I didn’t have to say which one. During our ‘punishment’ sessions I would ask her ‘who owns you’ and she would be rewarded when she called out my name. Since she’d already appeased me, I guessed I could put her out of her misery.

Slowly, I entered her and watched as she bit down on her lower lip and trembled ever so slightly. The sight of it excited me to no end, but I was worried she would hurt her lip. I took my hand and made her loosen her teeth on it. There were indentations already, and I hated to see her in pain. No, Chelsea, this is not pain. This is only pleasure.

Thrusting ever so slowly, I felt my balls slide up and down her shaking leg and the sensation escalated to fucking amazing. I would definitely need to do this position again. The angle served my purpose as well as hers. She was having a hard time concentrating on holding her arms up by the scarves as noted by the way one hand kept slipping on the material.

Her breath hitched as she sucked in air. I could only anticipate what would happen. “Brandt!” She screamed out my name and flooded my cock with her fluid, clamping down on my hardened dick with a vise-like grip. I was not at all surprised when her hand lost its grasp on the scarves and came down to pull me towards her, gripping my ass, and digging her fingers in deep.

She was shaking against the restraint and grunted one more time as another spasm painfully clenched down on my rod. Fuck, her spasms were tight. Her nails dug into my back as she eagerly sucked me into her. Her breath was raspy as she inhaled as fast as she exhaled. I didn’t even have to touch her clit. She was utterly amazing, and it made me work harder, pumping into her to prolong her climax.

My turn. I slammed into her with ferocity, only to have guilt seize me. Not too hard, Brandt. She was harboring my child. I backed off, but it didn’t matter. She felt so ungodly wonderful that it did the trick and my end inevitable.

Her arm fell back, paralyzed and motionless as she recovered and celebrated in her euphoria. I, on the other hand, had hit the point of no return and rejoiced in the sensation. Gathering her free leg around me, I pumped to the right and up, and with a final thrust, I let out my own sounds of satisfaction as I spurted my semen deep into her welcoming sex.

My lungs were threatening to give out. I could neither take in enough oxygen nor get out enough air. Chelsea lay motionless underneath me, enraptured in her own bliss.

I slid out of her. Our combined fluids were leaking out and my cock was already softening. I rolled to the side, not wanting to crush her underneath me. She still was not moving, and I smiled down at her and shook my head. Yeah, I liked this Chelsea better. She drove me wild and let me take her to places she had never been before. She made me finally feel like her Superman.

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