My Merciless Alpha

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Being your mate was not my fault!But you know what,I lily Mendelova reject you Alpha Jacob Vincento as my mate!?!?Is this you call love when you hurt your Luna to protect from danger and get rejected instead?Stay tuned to read for more.

Romance / Drama
Raima Alam
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Chapter:1(Finding my destiny)

Lily’s POV


"Lily,wake up!You are gonna be late for your practice.",said my Mom.

Yawning I replied,"Ok,Mom.I am getting ready."

I jumped out of my bed and went to the washroom.I brushed my teeth and took a warm shower. After that I put up my hair in a classical messy bun.I put on my purple sports top and grey sweatpants.Putting on my Snickers I went down the stairs.My mom was cooking in the kitchen and she yelled,"Don't you dare go out without having your breakfast!I know what you are up to."

Yes,my mom was right.I was going to practice skipping my breakfast.I slumped on the counter seat admitting my defeat.She always knew me what I was upto.My mom is a Lucan Perovera wolf.I infact am also a Lucan Perovera Princess.We are a very rare group of wolves who have more power than normal wolves and Alphas.But people saw me with a sour eye,because I couldn't find my mate even being at the age of 26 years .Most Female wolves find their mate at the age of 16 to 20 years of age.But mom and dad never really cared about the gossips because I was their world.

"Mom,what is for breakfast?",I asked.

She replied,"Your favourite apple pie and strawberries.

"Thanks, ma.",I said excitedly.

She smiled and replied,"Welcome,baby girl"

"Mom!I am old please stop calling me a baby!'"I exclaimed.

She chuckled and said,*You will always be my baby girl."

My dad entered the kitchen and kissed my mom on the cheek.

He said to my mom,"Hello, beautiful."

I chocked on my fruit juice.My mom blushed and dad looked to me.

"Good morning, pumpkin.",He said.

"Good morning,dad.I thought you left for my practice session.",I replied looking Skeptically.

"Nah.I worked late last night.So I took a break today.I wouldn't be teaching you today.You can go practice on your own.", He said.

"Ok ,dad.I am running late so bye."I said getting up.

My mom said,"Bye, sweetie""

"Bye, Pumpkin",dad said and I ran into the woods while shifting.

"Girl,I am so excited .We can finally train on our own."said my wolf.

"I just don't wanna do today's practice,Mayra.How about we skip the practice and run into the woods?"I said excitedly.

"What if your dad finds out?",Mayra said.

"Don't worry no one will know about it.Now let's go!",I exclaimed in joy.

"Suit yourself!",my wolf replied.

We ran into the woods for quite a while until we were out of our territory.

"Wait! Don't go there.It's the area of another pack.We should get out of here right now!",Mayra screamed.

But before I could get out darkness consumes me.Later I wake up in a dungeon with steel bars and torture tools.

"Oh,you have woken up I see.",I see a man walking outside the cell.

"I am not trespassing here,instead I was taking a long run and ended up in this territory.",I said.

He snarled at me and said,"Are you a Rouge?Of not which pack are you from?"

"I am from the Red Moon pack. I am Alpha Leon's daughter.", I replied with calmness.

"I don't care which stupid pack are you from.The Alpha King will deal with you.I am sorry,but I can't help you."

"No problem,I understand you.",I said with a small smile.

He smiled back and left shortly after that.I waited for three hours when I heard heavy foots when an amazing smell hit me.I smelt Lavender and pineapples and my wolf howled in joy.

Finally, he entered and looked at me.His hard expression softened for a second when he looked into my eyes.

"Mate!Mate! Mate!",Mayra howled inside my head.

My eyes widened and a smile formed on to my face.I am so happy that I found my mate at last.I will love him so much.I don't care,I just want him.

"Mate,you don't know how much I have wanted to be wit-"I was cut off as he slammed open the door.

He clenched his hand on my throat lifting me off the ground.

He said,"You are so disgusting.I always wanted my mate to be to be strong. I wanted my mate to be an Alpha not you.You are not even an Alpha."


Hello readers!I hope you like my new story.Please like and comment in my story.You can also check out my other book'Winner'.

Untilnext time.Bye.

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