Love On Rocks

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Gigi , a high school girl hoping to become a great scientist one day. She is given a project on rocks and she discovers the existence of life deep in the heart of Kwahu Ridge ^^^ . Love comes into play when she discovers the people of the rock and falls in love which she taught could never happen. ∆∆∆

Romance / Scifi
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1•The Science Fair

Pichu ,Im gonna go to school now."I said to my little Teddy Bear on my bed.

It's been six years since we moved from Africa and I already miss home.Mama doesn't want to go back because of the things that happened. But I've been dying to go back.To feel the warmth and smell of the beautiful black soil.All I know is that things didn't work that way for Mama.She just keeps running away from her problems. I make my way down the stairs to the kitchen to grab my breakfast and go to school. England is not my favorite place in the world but guess what here I am living and breathing it." Hurry up Gigi you're going to be late "Mama said." Okay Muuuummm"I replied. I finish up quickly to meet my best friend Concepción. The crazy little Spanish babe I love soo much."Yo fine girl, ¿Como etas ?"she says."Estoy bien baby girl"I answered.

We walk to school while I tell her about my nervousness about the science fair.She encourages me to keep calm and just hope for the best.I continue talking as I realize that she is not paying attention to me.Then I see it...argghh she was drooling over that guy again. Lynx Hanford has been her crush since who knows when.She is just too crazy about him but can't tell him.

I don't bother myself with crushes and stuff .

I just love science.

She calms down and I drag her to the hallway and to our lockers .We wish each other good luck and head to our classes.

Mr Waldo tells us the science fair is going to be held next two weeks and the winner would be granted position as a PA to a world renowned scientist working on the same project. Oh yeahhhh!!!!this could be my ticket to Africa.I miss daddy soo much.

**Hello people this is my first chapter I hope it's not that bad.Notify me of any mistakes to help me update soon.***

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