Love On Rocks

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Argggghhhhhh!!!!!!How could you do this.You lied to me.No,no,no Ama. "I didn't, nothing happened Kwesi.Please I'm sorry" I said .

You're sorry, how could you? I love you and this is what you do to me?

You have to leave now!!!!!And give me back my daughter.

I grasped Gigi and hurried out our home.I stepped into the street and my vision became blurred and I hear the faint voice of my daughter calling out my name till everything went blank.But I saw it.

I felt it.And I knew my daughter couldn't stay here . I recovered and left for England where I'd hide her from my mistake.

"Hurry up Gigi , you're gonna be late!!"I cried out.There she shot back hastily. I'm glad she is safe but I know deep down that she is not happy. I will

ensure her happiness no matter what. She left with her friend Leslie (Concepcion) she has always be good company for her . She made her forget all the bad feelings. I loved them so much.

Bringgggg bringgggg rang the telephone. I picked up the phone and a husky voice spoke up" I know where you are? I know what you're doing.She will be back no matter what. You can't stop her.But remember if I love something I let it go and if it doesn't return I hunt it down and kill it.Ama don't hide her from us or else she dies."and it hung up.

I felt shivers through my spine and tears found their way to my eyes and started dripping down when it had filled my eyes.

I really need my daughter to survive

and make me complete. Her father never forgave me and has put us into this tarturus.

Love is so painful to bear.I wish I never felt it . I'm done hating my self . I'd die for Gigi


"Waldo made class so boring today, arrrghhhh he made me so anxious about the fair .....!!!!!!!!!!!"I said."Yeah blackie he........"Leslie trailed off. A buzz from me my phone. Mum texted me;

Mum:Hello baby, how are you?

Me:heyy mum I'm fineeee

Mum: oh that's good

Me:bye mummy laterrrrr

"bang bang" Jayden smashed Billy into the locker.

"c'mon man I didn't mean to forget the assignment id do it please...ouchhhhhh"said Billy

"heyyyyy Jayden stop it" I shout

"hehehe says who the Oreo from the dust can"said Jayden

"that's silly"said Leslie

"I said stop" I screamed

Then Jayden just hit the locker and his nose started bleeding

"Whoa how did you do that?"said Billy.

"What?!!!!!! " I screamed

Then I realize my hand fisted and pointed and pointed at Jayden.

"Meet me in my office "said Principal Roxy.


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