The Final Hour

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An Explanation

The next morning, I wake up fairly late in the morning. I know if I sleep any longer I’m going to be a pain in the ass later tonight. I sit up and see that Major is not in the tent with me. My heart rate rises and I quickly unzip and leave the tent, frantically looking around. I look over to the left and see him lying contently under a tree. I walk over to him and he lifts his head at the sound of my footsteps.

“Hey bud,” I say, crouching down. He sits up and gives me a small lick on the face.

“Amara!” I hear a voice behind me holler.

I stand up and turn around, “Yeah?”

“We need to have a chat,” I see as Hunter approaches me.

It’s my word against Matt’s if there is going to be any problem. It was self-defense and he was encroaching on my personal space. “Coming,” I reply, walking towards him, Major following behind me.

Hunter leads me into his quarters, opening the door for me. Major and I enter in front of him and he closes the door behind him, “So what happened last night, I want all of the details because I think you could’ve handled it differently.”

“Well, early yesterday morning, Matt invited me and Rayla to hang out with him and some of the other kids to play some truth or dare or spin the bottle. All of the ‘drama’ that started this if that’s what you want to call it started when he invited me. He was very forward and pushy, which I was not comfortable with. At one point, Sarah dared Matt to make out with me. I wasn’t really comfortable with it but I didn’t want to have to do worse things if I refused so I just got it over with. As he and I kissed, he was getting touchy and Aaron was not happy about it. He started to get jealous. Matt started to egg him on asking him if he was getting jealous, which obviously he didn’t want to admit it but everyone knew he was. Aaron stormed off and I went after him,” I explain, pausing, hesitant to tell Hunter that Aaron and I kissed last night.

“What happened after that,” Hunter asks, confused why I stopped.

“Well, I wanted to calm Aaron down, and talking wasn’t doing anything so I kissed him. Aaron and I are both attracted to each other without a doubt so I didn’t have a problem with kissing him. Aaron and I went back to the group after he collected himself and after a while, things started to pick up again in the group. Jonah first asked me if I was a virgin as part of a truth question. I didn’t want to answer it so I switched to dare, which he then dared me to have sex with Matt. Rayla and Aaron both thought he was out of line. I told them it was fine and that I would handle it. Matt and I went into his tent and he started the process right away. Before it went too far, I kneed him in the crotch and told him if he ever got too pushy with me and pushed my boundaries that he would be in for a world of hurt and same for his buddies if they tried to ‘get revenge’. After that is when you came out,” I finish explaining, stroking Major along his back, avoiding eye-contact.

“I see, now, Matt has been here since the beginning and he went to school with Aaron, so I am well aware of his antics of being a horny teenager. However, you, on the other hand, have only been here a little over a week. From the beginning, I knew you were strong, both mentally and physically. That can be good if you can control yourself but it’s also a bad thing because your emotions can get ahead of you. So I will let this slide without punishment for you this time, but this is your only warning. I will speak to Matt once he is healed,” Hunter says in an understanding tone.

“Thank you,” I say, relieved.

“Now, when it comes to Aaron, he is a big boy and he is 19 at this point. If laws still applied, I wouldn’t be comfortable with you two being a pair, but since I know that Aaron has a good heart and I get a good feeling from you, I will let it slide. Just maybe keep the sexual activity to a minimum?” He suggests, standing up, gesturing that Major and I are free to leave.

“Yes sir,” I reply, standing up, following him out of his quarters.

“And Amara,” He says, as I’m walking away.

“Yeah?” I reply, turning around.

“Thank you for being honest,” He comments.

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