The Final Hour

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Given Up

I look back at Rayla and see her smiling out of excitement. She seems to be staying on Paloma fairly well. I look back forward and see Aaron increasing the distance between us, picking up his pace. I urge Bandit forward making him pick up his pace, keeping up with Aaron. I look behind me once again and see both Rayla and Isaac pick up their pace.

We get in viewing distance of The Colony and we see The Walkers walking down the driveway and they have something, Major. My eyes widen and tears form in my eyes. I try making my way towards them but someone shoots at the ground in front of us.

“Amara don’t!” Aaron blurts, grabbing my arm, pulling back on Bandit’s reins in the process.

“They have Major! I can’t let them take him!” I yell trying to pry my arm out of his grasp.

“Amara, trust me, you don’t want to mess with them,” Aaron explains, trying to calm me down.

I manage to get my arm from his grasp and I jump off of Bandit, I bolt towards the group of people. A woman in the group aims a gun at me and a bullet flies through the air and hits me in the leg. “Fuck!” I shout, falling to the ground, tears streaming down my face. The pain in my leg is nothing compared to the pain in my heart. I look up but I only see the blur of the group walking away from us.

“Amara,” Aaron says, walking up to me, hugging me, “I’m sorry.”

“We should’ve taken him with us,” I say, sobbing hysterically.

“It’s okay, we’ll do whatever we can to get him back,” Aaron explains, hugging me tighter, “We need to get you back inside.”

Aaron picks me up and carries me towards the gate. I continue crying into his shoulder. Rayla and Isaac are off of their horses and leading all 4 horses behind us.


The last thing I remember is a sharp pain in my leg and being carried to The Colony after watching Major get taken by The Walkers.

“Amara? Are you awake?” Rayla whispers, standing next to me.

“Where am I?” I ask, confused.

“You’re in my trailer,” a woman replies, walking over to me from a small counter, “I’m Tasha.”

“What happened to my leg?” I ask, sitting up, gripping my leg.

“You were shot,” Tasha answers.

“Oh, right,” I answer. “How long until I’m able to run?” I ask, swinging my leg over the side of the small cot.

“You got a little while to go, at least a week,” Tasha answers.

“a week!” I yell.

“Amara, you don’t need to yell,” Rayla comments.

“Yes, I do! Major was just stolen from the very place where I thought we were safe! He can’t wait a week! I need to get him out of there now!” I continue shouting.

“You won’t be able to help him very much with a crippled leg,” Tasha explains.

“Like hell I can’t!” I shout, standing up, waddling out of the trailer, limping severely towards Hunter’s quarters. I bang on the door and it swings open, “How could you just give him up! He wasn’t even yours!”

“Amara, listen-” Hunter tries explaining.

“No, you listen! Major has only been around me for a few weeks and he already trusts me, only me, everyone else he has been aggressive towards! If they push him too hard he’s going to be way more aggressive to them than anyone else and that’s going to make it worse for him. You are going to tell me right now, where their base is and I am going there and I am not coming back until I get him out of there,” I shout, slamming my fists onto his table.

“Amara-” Aaron jumps in.

“Stay out of it Aaron!” I scold.

“LISTEN, Amara!” Aaron says, grabbing my shoulders and holding me still, “When we were out overnight in that shed, they must’ve been watching us from one of their outposts in the trees. That’s the only way they would’ve known he was here. They want him for something, whether it’s to help hunt, defend, or to feed the group, I’m not sure, but they were determined to get him. They threatened to burn down The Colony and kill everyone inside to get to him.”

“What’s your point?” I ask, calming down slightly.

“My point is, if they are willing to kill innocent people to get an animal, then we probably shouldn’t be sending in a single girl let alone a crippled girl to get him back,” Aaron explains.

“It’s just a scratch, and why does everyone keep saying I’m fucking crippled!” I say, shifting my weight to my bad leg, causing me to crumple to the ground.

“And I rest my case,” Aaron says, helping me up.

“Shut up,” I say, unsteadily standing back up, leaning on Aaron. He helps me over to the lunch table and we sit next to each other.

“We’ll get him back,” Aaron says quietly, looking over at the fire next to us.

“You don’t know that, if we wait too long it might be too late, and who knows what they want him for. I was finally starting to have a relationship with him and now he’s gone. This is another example of everyone who gets close to me either leaves me or they get taken away, and it gives me another reason to not get closer to you because I don’t want to lose you,” I explain, tears streaming down my face.

“Hey, I am not leaving you and there is nothing that is going to take me away from you,” Aaron comments, wiping the tears from my cheeks.

“That’s another thing you will never know until it happens,” I add, looking down at my leg. “I can’t even help Major because of this stupid gunshot wound!” I shout, slamming my fist on the seat of the table.

“Amara, you will have your chance to help him. But you can’t help him when you’re hurt. Tasha told me you were lucky that it didn’t hit any major arteries,” Aaron says.

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