The Final Hour

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The Walkers

I walk for a while but decide to sit down and lean against an old light post. It’s almost dark, “We should head back bud.” Major quickly sits up and looks in the direction we came from. An entity is walking in our direction. I grab out my knife and Major’s hairs stand up on his back and he begins to growl quietly.

“Whoa there, just relax,” The entity says in a familiar voice.

“Aaron? What are you doing? Why are you following me?” I ask defensively, put away my knife.

“You shouldn’t be out here alone, it’s not safe,” He says walking up to me.

“Are you saying that because I’m a girl so I’m clearly not able to defend myself?” I say irritated.

“No, I just mean that it’s getting dark and you don’t know what it’s like in this area at night. This area has other threats aside from freaks,” he says, stopping in front of me.

“I’m pretty sure I’ll be fine,” I say walking past him back towards the Colony.

“They’re called The Walkers,” He says turning towards me as I walk away.

“Who’s they?” I question.

“Our biggest threat out here,” He replies grabbing my wrist, holding me back.

“Well if their name is ‘The Walkers’ then they must be pretty wimpy if they have as their group name,” I say removing my hand from his grip.

He grabs both of my arms and spins me around, “Amara! I am not kidding you, these people are dangerous and if you would have kept walking for another 10 minutes you would have been dead for walking into their territory!”

I stand in surprise, “Okay, I can see you’re not overreacting.” I say pushing his hands down.

We make eye contact for a second before separating from each other.

“We should camp out somewhere, it’s too dark to try and get back,” He says looking around, “There’s a shed just up ahead right on the edge of the territory. We can camp there tonight.”

“Aren’t you bummed that you’re missing the ‘After Curfew’ party?” I say as we begin to walk in the direction he gestured in.

“Well, it’s not really my scene, it’s Isaac, Matt, Henry, Hannah, Sarah, and Jamie’s scene, and I guess it’s Rayla’s too,” He says walking next to me.

“Not going to lie, that’s surprising, I would have considered you were the kind of kid to be the big shot partier that all the kids at your school wanted to party with,” I say chuckling slightly.

“Well, during freshman year I tried to fit in more so I went to more senior and upperclassman parties but quickly learned the shit they did at them was not my kind of thing,” He says laughing along with me.

“Yeah, I get it, and actually it’s never been Rayla nor my scene I think she just likes Isaac and wants to hang out with him,” I comment, “But I don’t think anyone is supposed to know she likes him so just pretend you don’t know.”

“Know what?” He says shrugging. We both burst into laughter.

After walking for a few minutes we come across a small shed. It wasn’t very big, maybe 60 square feet, maybe the size of a small trailer. Since it was getting dark out, it was getting fairly cold.

“I never really knew how much it cools down at night until now, Rayla and I are always in a building so it stays fairly warmer than this,” I say hugging my knees tightly and moving next to Major to try and keep warm.

“Yeah, if you think this is bad, you should wait until we get into the colder time of year. We got snow last winter, it wasn’t a lot but it was enough to make a difference,” He says quietly, chuckling softly.

“I’m sure,” I say, beginning to shiver. I’m wearing ripped legging like pants with a short-sleeved shirt with a torn-up sweatshirt so it makes sense why I’m cold.

“Here,” He says moving closer to me, wrapping his arms around my upper body.

I sit there and say nothing. It’s comfortable, but it feels wrong. Major shifts next to my leg and rests his head on my leg. My eyelids become heavy and my head rests on his shoulder. Before I know it I’m fast asleep.

The next morning, I wake up and I find that Aaron is sitting in the corner awake and I’m laying with my head on his legs. He’s twirling my hair around his finger. I sit up slowly and immediately start to shiver. Major moves his way over to me once again.

“Is it morning yet?” I question.

“Yeah, it’s been light out for about an hour,” He replies quickly dropping the strand of hair.

“We should start heading back,” I comment standing up, rubbing my hands on my arms trying to warm up.

“Agreed,” he says standing up with me.

We open the door and we look to the left, there is a huge horde about 100 feet away, “Shit, we gotta run,” I blurt, “Major, come on bud.”

We hug the front of the shed and then hug the tree line. Making our way back to The Colony.

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