She’s Mine

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Chapter 2

I woke up at approximately eight o'clock which gave me enough time to get ready. I had already got out of the shower and was now staring at myself in the mirror. I wasn't going to wear extravagant clothing seeing as I'm a lazy bum. Besides I'm only a PA.

I had decided on black jeans, black heels and a pastel peach colored button up. It was see through so I had to wear a white, skin tight, tank top like yesterday under it. I quickly do the necessities I need to do before slipping the clothes on. I make sure to tuck both the tank top and button up in the jeans before putting my hair into a high ponytail.

I put lipgloss on my lips and notice it's nine o'clock so I head out to my uber who was waiting.

It was a lady. I greet her as she greets me back. After about a fifteen or twenty minute drive I don't really remember, we're at the Asterio corp. "You work here?"

I direct my attention to the older lady. I nod with a smile, "Sadly, yes", she chuckles. "Have a nice day."

"You too darling", she replies before I pay her with a five dollar tip. I got to get a car soon definitely. Maybe a used one? Some people stare at me as my heels click against the floor. Is it something on my face? Oh my outfit? I don't think it's that bad to be fair.

I walk up to the front desk with ten minutes to spare. Amelia soon catches my eye, "Good morning Alanni", her smile is bright.

"Good morning Amelia!"

"I will show you to your office. Everything Mr. Asterio gave you should be there", I nod my head as I clutch my bag in my left hand. She signals me to come on so I follow her to where I went yesterday. It was an office right next to Mr. Asterio's. Mines right next to his? Great.

Remembering his office, I wonder if mine was that big. Mostly what his office looked like was extremely dark hardwood floors, a black cushioned couch by the door, two black chairs in front of him as well as his desk being almost entirely made out of glass. He had a rolly chair that what i'm assuming made his life easier. He had a plant in one of the corners in the office as well as when you walk in placed on the right is numerous file cabinets, and books.

Amelia breaks me out of my thought. "And here is your office", to say the least it wasn't as big as his but it was medium sized and cute. You walk in and it's two cushioned couch, chair things in front of my desk. I had a white, wood desk that contained drawers connected to it. On my right side walking in was a big file cabinet that was white and on my left was a mini bar area with a coffee maker and donuts.

"This is really pretty", I say mesmerized. I soon walk up to my desk and sit behind it. I take notice to the Macbook still in its package placed right on the desk. "This is for me? No way", my giddiness didn't seize me as Amelia lets out a chuckle.

"You better go to his office to see if he needs anything", she reminds me before throwing me a brief smile and leaves. My phone reads I have five minutes left so I grab a note pad and place my purse on top of the desk. His unnecessarily tall, dark wooden door is in front of me as I knock.


"Mr. Asterio? It's Ms. Reed, I wanted to see if you need anything", I reply in a sweet voice despite his rude one. He grunts a come in and soon I'm in front of him. "Do you ne-", my voice is cut off in amusement as I see him fiddling trying to do his tie. "Do you need help?"

His attention from the bookcase slides over to as I walk over in front of him. He's only a few inches taller then me. I guess he's about 6'0 maybe at most 6'3 but considering I have heels on adds to my height. My height I feel like changes everytime I get in front of someone new. Doctors say I'm 5'8 though so I just go with that. The heels add about three inches onto my height. He nods stiffly so I put the pen and notepad on top of one of the many books there. Reaching for the tie, I do the twists, folds until it's as perfect as it could be.

He nods at me which I can only assume in graditude and I nod back getting back the pen and paper. "So you want coffee or anything?"

He nods at me walking back to his desk and picks up a piece of paper handing it to me. "This paper is of your email and password. You will sign in and contact those people I have on here and make appointments with them. Those appointments will all be at different times tomorrow. If they can't be there for the made time I have, figure another time out. When you're done I need you to come back and I'll fill you in on whatever else", he grunts at me. Okay that shouldn't be so hard.

I nod at him before walking out. "Just black coffee?"

Assuming the grunt is a reply I just walk back to my office. I toss the paper and pen on my desk and head to the coffee maker and start brewing it. After about ten minutes everything is ready and I decide to get him a regular glaze donut as well. I knock on his door before entering the office once more and he does the little grunt thing he does. Can't he use his words? Walking in I place the donut first seeing his questioning gaze as well as the coffee which his takes quickly. "Looks like you haven't eaten. If you want to keep the company running then we need you alive and healthy", I shrug and he nods slowly. "I'll be done with the emails by ten forty."

He simply nods and I walk out of his office. His aura suffocates me to say the least. Walking into the office, my heels click against the hardwood covered floors and I make my way to my white, rolly chair and sit. I start unboxing the Macbook before opening it and starting it up. After about the whole ten minute set up I have about a fifty time space to get the work he has assigned to me done. I log into my email and one after the other start emailing the people.

It's always 'Good morning, I'm Mr. Asterio's new Personal Assistant Ms. Reed. He would like to have a meeting with you.' I tell them their respective time and if they'll email me back which was only about three people with things saying at the time they couldn't make it so I fixed their times after talking to Mr. Asterio first making sure he didn't have anything planned into five o'clock in the evening. Calling from the phone placed in the office, I ring into his room, his rough voice that's mixed with an accent, southern of some kind says to me, "What?"

I roll my eyes with a still sweet smile on my face even though he could not see me. "I've finished the emails", and like I planned a couple minutes earlier instead of what I told him. "Is there anything you'd like? Food? Or do you need help with anything?"

He sighs, "I have emailed you a brief of what I need done. Go over it and do it. Your lunch break will be at twelve and at that time you have one hour to eat or have time to yourself", I nod.


I hang up and open my email. An email from him is there along with a couple others. I open it and as he says it's a brief of what he needs me to do. I had to make him a flight to New york for the weekend as well as round trip flight from here to Florida. Wonder why he's going there. What money am I supposed to use though for flight information? I scroll down on the email seeing if there is anything about that. He has his credit card information placed in the email. Is this man stupid or something?

I order both of his round trip flights before sending him an email that it was done before leaning back into the rolly chair. What am I supposed to do for an hour? As I swivel in the chair I hear a ding from my laptop and see that I got an email for Mr. Asterio. He tells me that I need to come in his office so he can give me some files on some things about his hotel. Leaving the email open I walk to his office door before knocking again and he grunts. Again. "You can just walk in you know", his voice surprises me.

I shake my head, "No. You're the boss. I don't want to invade your personal space", he nods ever so slightly as I throw him a smile. "So where's the file?"

As his senses turn back on a stern look is placed right back on to his face and he thrusts four files in my hands. "One file is about one of my hotels in New york, the other one is in Illinois. I need you to look at the designs and if something isn't right from the files then make note and send it back." His tone is finalized as I take everything in. Okay that shouldn't be too hard.


I walk right back to my office shutting my door lightly and sitting down before getting to work. I grab a pen that's on my desk and move my laptop out of the way. I cordinated file two sketch to file two plans first. Going over it to be honest I had no idea what I was looking for. Some stuff was different or somethings wouldn't make sense so I wrote it down on my notepad before grabbing a papperclip and clipping the smaller piece of paper to the folding sketch plans then putting it off to the side.

I did the same with File and sketch one which didn't have as many problems. It took a while though so about time I was finished in was fifteen minutes away from my being my break time. I grab the files and knock on his door once more like I said I would. "Come in", his deep voice says. Huh? That's new.

"Okay so the notes are on the sketches not the plans. They were really good just a few minor mix ups. The hotels will be great though for whatever reconstruction you have going on. Would you like anything? Have you ate?"

He stares at me as I ramble away walking into his office. He grabs the files and places them on his desk. He nods again in graditude. "No I haven't ate. I'm not hungry so you can just go on your break early", he waves me off and I still smile and wave bye.

I go into my purse and grab my wallet and phone and decide to just leave the purse there. I noticed a starbucks a few blocks away from here so I'm just going to go there. I knock on his office door but the grunt is back. Great. I think as I roll my eyes. "I'm going to take a cab to Starbucks. The one a few blocks away", he stares at me with a look in his eyes.

"You don't have a car?"

I shake my head no. "Nope."

"I have a few here. Just take one of mine", I shake my head no but he throws me one of his car keys as I stare at them in my hand. I look up at him and he waves me off. "Go", well okay then.

I go to the parking garage and start clicking the button and after awhile I come to a stop. The matte, blue colored Jeep is extremely pretty. I'm just glad I've got my license. I hop in the car, his cologne filling my airways. That's nice.

It has been exceptionally warm in Denver around this time which has surprised me. I pull out and head towards starbucks which only seems to be a five minute drive. The Jeep drove exteemely smooth which I loved. Maybe i'll get me one. One day. I hope out of the car and head in, A few teenagers or college students had laptops out and were eating food or drinking coffee while working. A lady walked out right when I came in as I walk up to the counter.

The woman smiles at me and raises one of her eyebrows. "Hi! Yes can I get a Dragon drink, Vanilla frappe and two chicken wraps?"

She nods, clicking into the register. "fourteen, twenty seven", she replies back. Damn. That's a lot. I take a ten and five out and hand it back to her as she hands me the change. I go to wait noting it may not take long as it's not that many people here. Five minutes later, my name is called up and I grab the food and thank them. I walk to the car and set the drinks and food into the passager seat before going back to work.

I carry the food, and head in. Saying Hi to Amelia before walking in my office and setting my things down. I grab the Vanilla frappe and one of the chicken wraps before heading to his door but making sure to knock. His voice sounded distracting as he yelled, "Come in!"

I open the door to seem him still in the same spot where I left him. Typing away at his computer. I sigh. "I brought you food", suddenly he stops typing and looks at me. "You weren't eating and you need to", I say putting the food in front of his face.

"You spent money on me?"

I nod at him, confusion laced in my stare. "You didn't have to do that."

I wave him off. "No biggy. Just eat please", I insist and he agrees. "Thank you", I reply and he nods so I head back to my office.


The day was eventful.

After I ate lunch I replied to a few text messages and watched a few youtube videos. I took care of some more emails for him, went over a few things with him. All employees had a meeting for about two hours which was excruciatingly long. I'm home at six thirty. I've taken my shower now I'm ready to go to bed. I haven't eaten but to be honest it can wait as sleep can not.

I change into a silk gown that's white and stops mid knee. I get under the warm covers and soon enough I drift off to sleep.

Today wasn't so bad.

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