She’s Mine

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Chapter 3

Mr. Asterio and I walk towards the board room, noting that he has told me prior to this I have to intend and write some things down. I'm not going to know a damn thing they're talking about and I hope he knows that.

I walk into the board room that has cushioned chairs placed in all four corners as well as a big, dark, polished hardwood table in the middle with about fourteen chairs surrounded it. A few man occupy the seats talking among themselves but once we step in they were quiet. The silence was extremely overbearing as they kept looking at Mr. Asterio, but more importantly me. "Coffee anyone?"

Their gaze comes towards me as I hand Mr. Asterio my notepad and turn back towards the men with a smile. Quietly skipping over towards the coffee machine and I start brewing it. "Cream? Sugar?" The men still stare before the door opens. "Bentlee? Hi", my introduction is light as his boyish features travel over to me and his once cold stare lightens up.

His long legs walk over to me. "Hey Alanni", he grins before giving me a soft hug which I'm surprised about, but nonetheless I return it. "Didn't she ask you guys if you wanted coffee? Don't be rude to the lady", his playful voice all serious and tough now.

Immediately responses start coming from their mouths and I don't hear cream nor sugar so I just go with straight black. "I'll help", Bentlee whispers next to me as I nod gratefully. Handing him two cups he places them in front of the men as I do the same and before you know it every man in the room including Mr. Asterio and Bentlee have coffee. Deciding in the mist I grab me a brewed cup and put sugar and cream in it before straying away from the group into the corner.

Their eyes follow my movements, some of their eyes lingering in places it shouldn't. It makes me extremely uncomfortable and both Mr. Asterio and Bentlee know. Bentlee casts me a encouraging, dimpled smile as Mr. Asterio gives me a firm nod and I shrug. "Ok gentlemen", he says a little roughly.

And after that I don't really remember what the meeting was about. I can't believe I have to do three more of these. As the men clear out Mr. Asterio, Bentlee and I stand in a small circle. "So how's my best friend treating you with the new job?"

He questions lightly, throwing a arm over Elon's shoulder who scrunches his face up but doesn't say anything. "I mean he's okay. Very stoic though. He needs to loosen up", Bentlee's laughter fills the room. I giggle at him. Elon looks at me aggravated, as while as his quirked eyebrows.

"I'll fire you. I Hope you know that Ms. Reed", I scowl in his direction but he just shrugs and walks out. Bentlee's deep and extremely loud laugh is still heard.

"He's nearly the hardest person I've ever had to work with in my life", I say.

"He isn't so bad. He still is a dick to me though but he definitely tolerates me. If I was him I definitely would've killed me by now", I laugh slapping his arm as we walk out. I give him a quick one to which he returns. "Here give me your phone", he says. I nod before reaching into the back of my black jeans and handing my phone to him. He searches for a moment before typing some stuff in then handing the phone back to me. "Call me if you want to hang out. Because I don't have anything else to do", I laugh before walking off.

Heading into my office, I turn my phone on silent and walk back out towards Mr. Asterio's office. Knocking at first he doesn't answer. I screw my eyebrows together knowing he came in here. I lightly tap my knuckles against the door and again there's no answer. "What the hell?"

I open the door lightly and spot him sleeping with his head on his desk. A sigh comes from my mouth and I silently shut his door walking up to him. My heels were clicking against the hardwood floors before stopping in front of him and I sit down. His Macbook was put out in front of him and was open on his email. He was replying back.

It says the essentials like Good morning and I would like to schedule a meeting for next week whenever you're available. I pull out his calendar for this month before seeing what day he is available for. Looking over the days my attention stops on thursday which is relatively free besides an interview so I finish his email for him and then the phone rings. I hurried to the phone and pick it up. The ring only making him stir which is a good thing. "Hi Amelia! It's Alanni. Yes he says I need to answer this call since he's busy and take care of a few things for him", I say politely staring at Mr. Asterio with my arms folded across my chest.

"Oh. Hi Alanni. Mr. Asterio has a gentlemen down here saying they were supposed to go over about a hotel in Illinois?"

I hum into the phone before walking over to his file cabinets. The one about his hotels then spotting Illinois. "What's his name?"

I hear indistinct chatter before she replies again. "Mr. Santiago", I reply with an okay before picking the file up with the name Jordan Santiago labeled on it. The name sounds young. I grab the file and head out of his room. A man with dark brown hair and grey eyes stare at me.

"Mr. Santiago?"

He nods at me and I finally take in his features. He isn't as young as I thought, definitely older then me maybe around Mr. Asterio's age. He seems to check me out a little as his eyes rake over my body. We're so not dealing with this today. "Hi I'm Ms. Reed, Mr. Asterio's personal assistant", I shake his outstretched hand before opening his mouth.

"Where is that man anyway?" I open my mouth to reply but words don't come out. His deep, raspy, voice immediately shuts me up. The immediate Italian accent has me look at the man in a different way. Okay, Alanni you're fine. Just an accent, just a man, I mean it's not that big of a deal. Right? How can I not muster that he was Italian? Or at least not white. Yeah, pretty stupid of me.

Finally taking an actual good peak at him, his eyes are actually brownish, grey with facial hair surrounding his jawline, chin and upper lip while his pearly white teeth are pulled into a smile. Freckles dot his tan skin, littering his cheeks and nose. This is the by far the most attractive man I've ever seen in my life. "Ms. Reed?"

His voice brings me out of my daydream as I flash him one of my smiles. "Sorry sir. Mr. Asterio is busy right now and has asked me to talk to you about the hotel in Illinois I presume?" He smiles charmingly my way and nods. "Okay so my office is right here", I say opening my identical looking door to Mr. Asterio's and walk behind my desk. He sits across from me as I take a seat opening the file and look through it.

"Ms. Reed?"

My head snaps up to him as he looks at me with a charming smile on his face. "Yes sir?"

"You don't know what we're supposed to be talking about, do you?"

I nervously laugh and fold my hands on top of the desk. "Not at all", he chuckles at me before moving the chair up closer.

"Well we have to start designing and I need his opinion on what type. Modern? Contemporary? Victorian? So we have to make plans color wise and all", he says and clears his throat.

I nod, "So what does he like? Considering I've only been here a day but by the way this place looks he likes a contemporary, modern theme", I say staring around my office space and Mr. Santiago makes a sound of agreement. I grab my note pad before writing some things down. "Considering modern, I would say go for grey, white and black. Everything that color but making it artistic and fresh as it gives character to the hotel. Contemporary maybe dark brown and white", nodding my head in his direction.

"Dark hardwood floors would be good you think?" I nod at him smiling. Eventually after about twenty minutes of us brainstorming ideas and finally making a verdict of the hotel being a modern with the colors I suggested he gave me a firm handshake. "It was nice to meet you Ms. Reed. My card is on your desk if you want to call me. I like you and I think we'll be good friends", he grins at me.

"It was so nice to meet you Mr. Santiago!"

"Please call me Jordan", he gently smiles at me.

I nod, "Then call me Alanni and I'll let him know you were here", he thanks me then walks off. Eventually after a few minutes the phone rings and I pick it up. "Hello?"

"Alanni? Yeah Hey! Want to grab some lunch together?"

Oh Amelia. "I'm sorry I can't today. I have a few more meetings with Mr. Asterio that'll cut into my lunch time. Maybe tomorrow?"

Her perky personality is so different from a work one. "No problem! We'll go tomorrow", she say determinedly and we agree before hanging up. God I'm so not made for this office stuff. Picking up the notes I walk to Mr. Asterio's office and walk in uninvited. He's sitting there, tightning his tie and starts typing but I interrupted him.

"Thought I was the boss. You said you were going to knock", his voice grunts at me but I just smile sarcastically.

"Didn't you have a meeting today after the first one?"

My question makes him scrunch his eyebrows in confusion before he looks at the clock on the wall. "Shit", he groans and jumps out of the seat to start walking out of the door. I grasp his arm in my hold so I can tell him. "No. Stop touching me. This is your fault! Why did you not come and wake me up? Are you stupid? That was a very important deal", my hand falls from his arm and I take a step back distancing myself.

"Jordan Santiago was it? He's a very polite and nice gentlemen. That email you were typing is sent. Scheduled for next thursday at eleven fifteen. Oh and Mr. Santiago? The hotel is going to be modern, dark hardwood floors and white, grey and black. But I guess I'm too "stupid" to do anything right", he reaches for my arm but I whip out of his grasp and storm out of the room but not before throwing a, "Go to those meetings yourself. Take those notes yourself. I'm going on my lunch break."

Walking into my office, I grab my phone and head to Amelia and she's startled at my arrival.

"Your boss is a complete asshole."

Her face goes into one of those faces like she knows what he did. "Let's go", I follow her as we head to the common room for employees. The room has cushioned chairs everywhere. Dark hardwood floors and extremely fancy furniture. There's a really awesome fridge, sink, microwave and also a coffee maker inside. We take a seat in the far right.

Others are in the room, sleep or talking on the phone lightly. Some even talking amongst themselves. "So what did he do?" We sit down and I immediately start talking. After explaining the situation she sighs. "I should tell you why his other PA's quit", she grumbles out and I urge her to continue. "He was extremely disrespectful to them. Calling them names, throwing things and even just cursing at them. They couldn't deal so they quit. Most of them were pretty nice ladies too", I slap my forehead in complete annoyance.

"You've got to be joking me right? I mean it's just one incident, I can deal", I trail off and Amelia looks skeptically at me like she knows just how bad it gets.

And I'm not sure whether I'm ready to find out.

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