She’s Mine

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Chapter 4

Today I am off work. And I couldn't be happier.

After only two days I am sick of it. I went back to my office and Mr. Asterio was seating there with the meanest look on his face. He gave me the lecture to not throw things at him, yell at him nor do his things for him. Seems inconsiderate to me but whatever I'll let the asshole lose deals then.

By the time I wake up it's already a little past ten so I decided it was finally to haul ass out of bed and take a shower. I'll skip out any details and just say I washed my entire body including my hair before stepping right back out and drying myself off. I put the deodorant, lotion and any necessities on before putting my undergarments on leaving me to decide on what clothing I should wear.

I walk into my closet before my mind travels to work and bills once more. I get paid next week which should be good. I could save up for a car with some money left over and pay my bills also. Shaking my head, I clear my head of those thoughts since it's the weekend and I don't want to think of it.

I grab a hoodie and leggings then slip them on and grab my phone to head towards the living room. Turning the tv on I plop right on the couch and start scrolling through my contact listen on my phone. "I'm so calling Bentlee", I say out loud to no one in particular. Putting the cold phone to my cheek it begins to ring before he picks up on the third ring.

"Lanni? The hell are you calling me at ten forty in the morning for?"

His gruff voice sounds in the phone and I smile. He was sleep. "Wake up and get over here please and thank you", I tell him the address then proceed to hang up leaving him no room to argue. I like him. I will keep him as a friend. When he texts me about twenty minutes later letting me know he'll be here in a few minutes I text back telling him the door will be open then laying back down on the couch. Just when I close my eyes the door opens then slams.

"Why the hell did you wake me out of my peaceful slumber?"

Just how close his voice is I pop my eyes open just as he sits on my stomach. "Oof", I grunt out and try to wiggle from underneath him. "Oh come on Bentlee, you're twice my size", I whine, the air leaving gradually out of my body.

"Shouldn't have woken me up", he shrugs and I huff.

"I was bored! Besides you should already be up you lazy bum", finally getting the strength to push him off and he lands on the floor with a groan. Giggling I lean over the edge of the couch to peer at him. He's laying there, looking at the ceiling. "We should bake", I suggest then he nods excitedly. "Cupcakes? Yeah, definitely cupcakes", he licks his lips and my attention goes over them before looking at what he's wearing. He looks hot.

Different diamond ear rings are now placed in his ears and his once perfectly styled hair I'm used to seeing is ruffled across his head a bang falling on his face. His chocolate brown eyes hold a pretty spark in them. The grey jogging pants that accompany his long legs make my eyes instantly shift to where they're not supposed to see so I bring my attention to the black shirt that hugs his body.

I need to get laid badly.

"Lanni? Cupcakes please now", he breaks me out of my thoughts pushing me into the kitchen. I laugh at his childlike manner then frown once he sits at one of the bar stools accompanying the island.

"Um no you're helping", I say in an duh tone but he shakes his head as we have a stare off. After a few seconds my eyes burn and I curse blinking away and he smirks. "Fine", I gave up. Racing around the kitchen I get the supplies. All purpose flour, baking soda, baking powder, cream cheese, butter, milk, vanilla extract, eggs, sugar and salt. I notice after grabbing all the supplies that the mixer was on the table and I throw a thankful smile towards Bentlee who was already looking at me smiling back.

I'll spare you the details so I mixed the stuff together hitting Bentlee in the head with the whisk a few times because he kept putting his finger in the mix. "Bentlee! I'm going to kill you", I hiss at him again once I turn around from turning the oven on and see him dipping the spatula in the bowl licking it off the spatula.

He smiles the dimples in his cheeks make my heart increase but I still keep the stern scowl on my face. Chocolate smears his face and I sigh taking the mix pouring it into the cupcake fliter shapes before plopping them in the oven. "You did nothing but feed your fat face", I whine as he lays heavily on the couch closing his eyes. "Lazy bum", I hiss under my breath then a pillow smacks me in the face.

I go over to the couch and plop on his legs but he doesn't complain so eventually I make myself comfortable then Bentlee's soft snores fill the room. I sigh then turn back to the tv to see it playing Spongebob. I can live with that. About five minutes later Bentlee's phone goes off but he continues to stay asleep so I pat his body down softly then feel the phone in his front pocket. Swiftly taking it out the name Elon pops up and I involuntarily groan. The hell is he bothering him for on a weekend?

Oh right. Forgot they were friends.

I pick the phone up and soon enough his gruff voice feels the audio. "Bent? Hey man. Woke up and saw you weren't in the guest room. Where'd you go?"

I roll my eyes. He's so nice to Bentlee but a complete douche to me. No fair. "Bent?"

I shake my head getting rid of my thoughts. "Oh yeah hey Mr. Asterio. It's um Alanni", the line goes dead quiet and I can feel the awkwardness through the phone.

"Where is he? Why the hell do you have his phone?"

I scoff, "He's sleep if you must know", my nerves are only lasting so long as I clench my fist knowing I'm going to start yelling soon.

"Give him the phone now", he orders.

"But he's sle-"

He interrupts me, "I said now." I frown before gently shaking Bentlee by the shoulder. After a few shakes his eyes open and he looks at me in confusion.

"Elon", I mutter and he nods before placing the phone on speaker. I quirk my eyebrows but shrug because I want to hear what he has to say.

"Getting it on with my new PA? That's low even for you Bent", Elon's ice cold voice shoots through the phone. I scowl then open my mouth to say something back but Bentlee puts his hand up to stop me.

"Elon man. She's my friend and she invited me over", Bentlee says in a kind voice but Elon just scoffs.

"That bitch just wants you for your money. I mean I looked her up and she's practically broke", I whip my head towards Bentlee seeing him lean into the couch with his hand on his face.

"You know what dick head. I don't know what the hell your problem is but that's so mean considering i've done jack shit to you. Also please don't call me out of my name", I seethe then the line goes quiet once more.

"Hmm Bent falling for her already. She answer your phone calls, and you let her listen in on them. Maybe she should be your personal assistant", eventually his cocky voice sounds again.

"Oh shove off Elon. What's your problem man anyway? You just don't go calling women bitches", Bentlee's voice now much harsher then before then the phone is silent.

"Alanni? I know you're listening", I roll my eyes. "You're fired", my mouth gapes open and my eyes water with tears. Wait what? No no no.

"Elon man what? Come on", Bentlee tries to reason with him but he hangs up.

"Bentlee...I need this job I-I can't", my voice cracks as he pulls me into a hug and I cried into his shirt while he soothingly rubs my head. "My bakery is gone. My job is gone. What am I going to do?"

Bentlee stays quiet for awhile and I thought he gave up before he sits ups urgently. "Okay look I have an idea. Come to this address Monday morning and I'll be there waiting for you", I quirk my eyebrows looking at the address that's close to Asterio corp and I nod uneasy. He smiles and kisses my forehead before leaving.

I shake my head my head before heading up to my room and get in the bed. When my head touches the pillow and my eyes close I remember something.

Shit the cupcakes!

Monday Morning

The uber pulls up and I step out to come face to face with Bentlee's all black tesla. He's wearing jeans and a shirt with some expensive gym shoes while he leans against the car. The neighborhood is pretty good, quiet even. Some men and women are walking their dogs while some people on the street hold briefcases in their hand and walk down the street.

"So what exactly are we doing here?"

My question snaps Bentlee out of his daydream and he smiles at me. "Put this on. I'll guide you", he hands me a blindfold and I put it on before I feel his warm hands on my shoulder. After a couple of minutes of walking I hear the ding of bells on doors before a door shuts and brightness fills the room. "Okay take it off", he says. I hesitantly lift the blindfold off my head then blinking to get used to the brightness. I'm surprised by the sight in front of me.

Off to the side is a long, black table that occupies four seats to it. It contrasts to the dark hardwood floors perfectly then my attentions goes to the marble counters that has a black counter top with treats, straws, napkins and ecteria. A shorter, brown, hardwood table is placed at the end of the counter that contains many treats in it. My eyes peek up at the fairy lights that surround the ceiling then I see a coffee machine and a door that had kitchen labeled on top. A big chalk board is hung up by black rope and it reads, 'My present to you!'

I turn towards Bentlee who is off to the corner, my attention catching sight of an upstairs but I don't care. Tears in my eyes I haul myself at Bentlee who catches me and laughs. "You like?"

"You did not do this for me", I state unbelieved by the beauty of the shop. It's like my fairy tale dream come true. "I love it", he perks up and chuckles at my awe stricken state.

"I told all my co workers and friends about the place. Even that best friend of yours knows about it. Told all your college friends and old friends that still live here", he grins. Elodie? Oh the little rat was in on it? I hug him once more.

"Thank you so so so much", his arms tighten around me before I let go. "How did you pay for this?"

"I own the second largest company in the world. This wasn't anything", he waves it off.

"But it was and I'm so grateful", he smiles geniunely at me.

"I'll leave you to it. People should start coming in a few hours", he says then hugs me once more before jogging out. A few hours? Oh no no no. I rush to the kitchen throwing my phone somewhere, putting an apron on and then tying my hair into a bun. I clean my hands then see fully stocked stuff in cupboards and everything. "Thank you so much Bentlee", I whisper at the ceiling.

A few hours later

I've managed to make two dozen brownies, a red velevet and chocolate cake, peach pie, apple pie, macadamian cookies, chocolate chip cookies, applesauce cake and banana bread muffins. I found some chalk underneath the cash register then I started to make prices. Like any coffee is three dollars. Cakes are fifteen fourty two and I made sure to put in parentheses that if you wanted a custom it would be more.

Cookies for one to five would be three dollars. Any other bundles over would be six dollars. Pies are only twelve fifteen while muffins are eight ninty.

All the prices depend on how many you get. I'd have to multiply the regular price to get how many you'd want. I've placed two of each in display cases so people can see then placed the rest in a preserved heater in the back. Soon enough the bell dings and I go out to see who's come. Already three people have come in and I see a couple more making their way in. Oh God I need help. I ring Elodie up and tell her to hurry up and come then I turn back around to the person and put a pleasant smile on my face.

This should be fun.

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