She’s Mine

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Chapter 5

"Have a nice day", Elodie and I say together. The older woman flashes us a warm smile and heads out with a box of muffins. She was the last for today as it nears almost six in the evening. I throw my apron on the counter as Elodie follows suit and we sit at the table thats by the entrance.

"Why didn't you tell me you knew Bentlee?"

She smiles. "He told me it was a surprise. How the hell does he even know where I work anyway? I thought he was a serial killer at first but he showed me a picture of you taking a selfie of you guys while he was sleep. And why haven't you told me you have a hot guy friend? Sometimes I think you're gay", I gape at her.

"I'm not gay", I push her shoulder and then we both let out laughs. The door bells chime as I still stare at the table. "We're closed", I say then look up. It's Bentlee. "Oh hey Bentlee", his attention slides over to me and he smiles then snickers. He motions to my face, "Flour?" I knowingly say and he nods.

Elodie sits there still stricken by his appearance so once Bentlee sits next to me and wipes my face off as Elodie smirks at me and I roll my eyes. "Thanks for not telling Lanni about the shop", Bentlee thanks Elodie but the confusion is evident on her face.


"Yeah my nickname", I say and she nods with a small smile on her face. "How was work?"

Bentlee clears his throat, looking agitated. "Elon is still mad for whatever reason. He was definitely mad when he couldn't get his schedule and things together. Final straw was when you didn't show up", he explains.

I scoff, "He's the one that fired me. Tell him I will not be coming back...especially after this", I direct my attention to the fairy lights that surround the chalkboard menu before throwing Bentlee another appreciative smile his way and he nods.

"You have to go there tomorrow Lanni", he says giving me a look. What the fuck for? "You have to give him the laptop tomorrow." Oh come on! I roll my eyes but he just smiles knowingly.

"Fine, I'll call Amelia", complying with him as both Elodie and I stand up. "You gonna leave?" She nods before giving me a quick hug. "I'll see you soon", then she leaves out. I grab my phone and car keys out of the kitchen then walk back out to see Bentlee still there. "You taking me home?"

He nods and then walks with me outside to his car and we hop in. Immediately, the seats welcome me into a cushioned oblivion. "Holy shit! You are sooooo picking me up more often", rubbing my butt onto the seat. I smile then turn my attention towards Bentlee.

"Did you just rub your ass on my seat?"

"I surely did", replying back to Bentlee as we both chuckle then head back to my apartment. "Thank you really know for the bakery. You didn't have to but you did", I say as I stare at the passing houses outside the window.

"It's fine Lanni. Besides you deserve it. I could tell you didn't like the office work anyway." I laugh and nod looking at him. His diamond ear rings glisten in the dark night before I bring my attention back to the road. "You are so making me something tomorrow morning", I scoff.

"Don't you have work?"

"Nope. I'm my own boss, I can take off when I want. And I have to take you to get your stuff from work and give him his things back", he cheekily grins at me and I roll my eyes. "How was your first day?"

My face brightens up. "Oh my gosh! It was magical. All the friendly faces I saw and new faces were amazing. It was so nice getting more customers. The place is so beautiful like I can't even describe it", my cheeks hurt terribly from the grin that's plastered on my face. He chuckles at me and nods for me to continue.

So for the next fifteen minutes, it's me telling Bentlee all about the experience while he listens with a smile on his face. I hop out the car once we pull up to the outside of my apartment complex. I lean on the door of the car putting my body downwards to look at him and he cranes his head to look at me more. "Thanks for the ride Bent...What time do I have to be ready for you?"

His gaze wanders before coming back onto me, "Nine should be alright. Everything shouldn't take that long and tomorrow could be your off day since you are your own boss and I pay for the bakery until you can pay", he shrugs. I grin at him and he nods again in saying your welcome towards me. "Besides you HAVE to let me try all the treats you have planned!"

"Fine", I prolong the sentence a little bit before tapping the door and walking towards the entrance. "Bye Bent", I say then wave my hand behind my back.

And that was day one of me having my own bakery. I loved it.


"Lanni! Wake the hell up!"

A splash of cold water is thrown over my entire body and I wake up with a gasp. Water drips off my eyelids and I whip my head around in horror to see Bentlee standing over my bed with a chilled, empty glass of water with a look of annoyance on his face. I search on my bed for my phone and finally clasp it in my hand. The timer reads, '9:50'. "Oops", I say wincing in Bentlee's direction.

"You have fifteen minutes to get ready", my face contorts into horror as I rush into the bathroom before peeking my head back out.

"You got my key that was on top of the door structure?" He nods then I go back into the bathroom and hop into the cold shower the water hitting my body as I let out a hiss. The door to the bathroom opens as I snatch the curtain away to hide my body besides my head. "Really? Come on now", he just shrugs innocently. "Elon's going to be pissed isn't he?"

By the facial expression on his face I could tell the answer to my question. I put the curtain back and proceed to wash the dirt off my skin. "Hey Lanni? What's your favorite color?"

"Red. Yours?"


"Why yellow?"

"Reminds me of the sun and sunflowers", I hear clothing shuffle so I assume he shrugs so I go on with a question.

"Favorite book?"

He hums, "Wuthering Heights and To kill a Mockingbird. You?"

I scoff, "None . I hate reading with a passion", he makes an exaggerated gasp and I can imagine him putting a hand to his chest. "It's true. If I was in that one book Fahrenheit four-fifty one I would burn books too. That's how bad I hate them", I giggle.

"How could you hate books? They're like more important then life itself", the defense in his tone pushes me to let out a laugh but I am cut short when his phone rings. "Don't say anything. It's Elon and he is FaceTiming me." I quirk my eyebrows at the curtain then look around at the water coming out of the shower head. Sureeee okay. "Hey", Bentlee says.

"Where are you? And why is there a shower running in the background and you're full clothed", Elon's voice breaks through the speakers. Oh how have I not missed that asshole. I continue to wash my body off then go to use my body scrub when the small container falls out of my slippery grasp and lands on my feet.

"Oh shit! Fucking bitch!" I yell bringing my foot into my left hand.

"Is that Alanni? Why the hell are you with her? Bent?"

Bentlee is quiet on the other side of the curtain while I'm silently praying to God that my foot won't have any marks on it. "Yeah it's her."

Oh that trader.

"She's my friend and just because you're angry because you haven't got laid in a while or whatever the hell your problem is she's staying with me and she isn't coming back. Sorry to burst your bubble", the teasing tone in Bentlee's voice makes me crack a smile but it soon vanishes when Elon opens his mouth again.

"She has to come back, I mean she doesn't have a job and she's broke so tell her to stop being a stubborn bitch and come in and get to work", I scoff and immediately whip the curtains open.

"Oh God! Lanni! Naked. No clothes. Boobs", Bentlee says and I cover my self up ass his eyes are glued to the ceiling.

"She's naked? Wow", Elon says again. I securely wrap one of the towels around me before snatching the phone out Bentlee's hand.

"I will not be coming back to your stupid job with your stupid face and your stupid workers. I have a business that your friend helped me with who actually has feelings and isn't a dick like you. I will drop what I need to off and get my items but please don't try to stop me because I will slap you. Also you fired me you stupid ass", I hang up on him before he has a chance to say anything else. Bentlee is staring straight forward at the shower curtain. "Bent?"

He doesn't answer.

"Bent?" I say again.

He still doesn't answer.


It seems to shake him out of his daze because he looks at me. "I saw your boobs."

"Oh perv!"

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