The Sun Of Nine

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Charlotte: I’ve been on the run since my pack was decimated before my very eyes. I’m running from an enemy I don’t know, an Alpha’s daughter reduced to Omega so I can continue to hide. I have to protect myself and my Wolf, because no one else will. I can’t allow anything to distract me, not even him. Ryker: She. Will. Be. Mine. My Mate. My Queen. Mother of my pups. My everything. No one will stand in my way.

Romance / Scifi
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The dream was the same every night. Fire burned bright and unforgivably hot; it ravaged anything that stood in its way. Everything on my pack's land was turning to ash before my eyes. My mother, Caroline, Luna of the Eastern Harbour Sea pack, was frantically pulling me through the chaos; she was running with everything she had towards the boundary of our land.

"Charlotte, you must run - run and don't look back my darling! Quickly now!" She pushed me ahead of her.

I turned back, taking in her wild eyes and her untamable beauty, knowing I'd never see her again. They'd already killed my father and brothers, and because I knew that this massacre was started over me, I held out little hope that they'd spare my mother.

"Mother, I'm afraid. How can I live without you?" I felt my eyes pool with tears, one after another running down my soot streaked face.

"No fear, my love. You are the daughter of a strong Alpha. I have seen your path, my beautiful girl, you will be well. Know that I have loved you with everything that I am since the moment that I knew I carried you within my body."

She stepped forward and cupped her hand to my cheek as the tortured screams of my pack mixed with the feral snarls of the pack that brought about our ruin. Suddenly, my mother wasn’t there with me anymore. Her eyes were glazed and unfocused, darting all around the woods surrounding us.

“Beware, my darling! Beware. The Sun of Nine will herald your darkest hour. Beware, Charlotte - The Sun of Nine.” The words left her lips in a rushed whisper. The moment she finished uttering those words to me, her eyes snapped back into focus and she was staring at me as if she didn’t understand why I was still there with her.


At that, I ran for my life.

Normally, right before I woke, I would see his eyes. Those red eyes that watched me as I ran, this sadistic game of cat and mouse only beginning for him. Tonight, however, my dream took a slightly different turn. Right before I woke up, as I was running, this amazing smell invaded my very being. It was the most alluring smell I'd ever experienced. It was clean and bright, the smell of the air after rain...and something masculine. It was intoxicating, and I stopped running trying to look for the source of the scent. I wasn’t afraid anymore, in fact, I craved with a fierce intensity whatever this smell belonged to. My skin was humming, almost alive with need. My body.. oh, my body. I was alight inside, burning, wanting, seeking release; from what, I couldn’t figure out but I knew deep in my bones when I found that release it would be like nothing I’d ever experienced.

Suddenly, I wasn’t alone anymore. My fear returned, as I cursed myself for getting trapped and allowing my nightmare to catch up to me. I knew what was going to happen now, the red eyes would open and I would be caught. Dead. I steeled myself for the pain, the end - but it didn’t come tonight. Tonight, the eyes that flashed weren't red. Tonight, they were grey.

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