Craving Boss

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There’s a girl who’s age 23 and just graduated she was looking for a job but then she didn’t find one after an interview she got a job at the luxurious designing company and tempted the billionaire who’s name is Aiden and keep reading for more info

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Days passed and the graduation came and job finding or hunting going to start.*yo Aya I think your sketches will work now for your job.*said Jenna.*Jenna what I’m going to start my own buissness and help my family traditions.*said Aya.*Why don’t you get the billionaire hottie who’ve you been crushing on or on our senior who graduated 3 years ago you know that his family loves you like your their sugarcube wait wait today you’re going to be meeting them as with the full family.*said Jenna.Aya *i guess what you said is .............HORRIBLE do you know he’s our senior and he has a girlfriend *.

*Ill find one who’s my age idiot *.said Aya.*you know what suit yourself and don’t come begging I’ll get a new bestie whose better then you uhhh I hate you *. Said Jenna.*uhh worst day*.Said Aya.

After the graduation at home

*Hunny get dressed up you know the Hamilton family are waiting for you *.said Aya mother.*you know ma today day was worst me and Jenna broke up our friendship I guess ill wear something decent as natural beacuse glam was only when , when Jenna blamed me up........ I’ll be in my room if you need mama*said Aya.

At Hamilton’s Villa

*oh dear come on in and my little sugarcube Aiden is up in his room go there I think he needs you up there*.said misses Hamilton.Aya*ok mam *.while walking up the corridor you open the door and see Aiden shirtless who is designing your sketched dress and had problem to know the taste of the dress.*hi Aiden how are you doing I just came up I here’d you want my help*.said Aya.*oh hi cupcake indeed I’m designing a dress your sketched and your taste are really killing as an senior you’re really getting the credit for being a perfect junior.*.said Aiden.Aya*ithink you might put the flower on the chest part and dive the gap for my big skirt and oh that’s not how you hold a needle *.You touch Aiden’s hand and straighten up the neeele while he get closer to you his girlfriend comes in a shock silence she screams at Aya pushes her off Aiden.*ouch Brittney why’s wrong why did you push me *.said Aya.*what do you have nothing no money to win Aiden and you know what Aiden said he said that your just a stupid kid who wants to be a designer get that so back off*.said Brittney.You run down crying and tell mo dad to leave and you slam the door of their villa and say heartless with no feelings only love money and all.papa and mama gets terrified at your awful mood.Misses Hamilton *oh my dear what happened I knew that bratty Brittney said something awful to our sugarcube you know what AIDEN GET A BREAK UP WITH BRITTNEY BRATTY BITCH OR ILL KICK YOR ASS OUT OF THE HOUSE YOU MADE SUGARCUBE CRY AND ILL KILL YOU COME DOWN*.*what were you thinking what did you do .* said mister Hamilton.*ihope you breakup with her as soon as possible*.said mister Hamilton.

*You know what I just used you for money *.said Brittney.

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