Craving Boss

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Chapter #2

Next Day

*I wish that Aiden regret to what he said to me I can’t believe he was such a jerk I think I should get a boyfriend emidietly*.said Aya.Jenna*right friend okay I think I got you just a boyfriend you need *.Aya*okay got that we’re bestfriend again right *.Jenna *yeah...and I got you a job at Seoul Korea at the biggest designing company as an worker but you’ll have to be a worker and and assistant of the our head and also I’m going to work there as and helper so you me together go to korea*.Aya*okay done let’s book ticket to Seoul *.

After packing clothes/The day of going to Seoul

At the airport

Aya*so tired,let’s get over with it*.After checking ticket and then getting on the plane.Jenna*holy sh*t this is so f’in great right Aya*.After plane lands to Seoul.*where are we going to live*.said Aya.*dude I got an apartment at Namsan it’s very luxurious for us.*said Jenna.At America with Aya’s parent.Misses Hamilton *im really sorry for whatever my son said he’s here to opoligise miss Santagus *.*im really sorry miss Hamilton Aya left America 7 days ago and I think she’s there arrived at korea *.after all the discussion Hamilton and Santagus are still friends.At Seoul Namsan.*omg my favourite day Jenna I’ll wear the dress what dress I made with the real flower coating*.said Aya.*boss will love your fashion*.said Jenna.You wear a small tank top with flower coated and a small yellow short made with cotton and sunflower with Sunflower hanging at the Side of the shorts hanging swinging and a bright yellow scarf with your handmade badge saying sunny flower.

*Oh god this dress is so fashionable okay and can you make me one Aya please it’s so cute you’ll make an expression on our boss Aya *.said Jenna.

At the office

Employees *Anneyoung ha as yo ippeusi neyo jigjang - eseoui cheosnal-ibnikka ulineun jig - won - ibnida *.*hello my name is Aya I’m new here and I’ll work for the head as an junior for the starter and this is Jenna as an helper who’ll direct the new comers and helps it’s called a co-assistant of mine and I need to do the interview so will you my friend’s show me to the CEO’s office*.Employee-An Ning*oh hello welcome our CEO will come at the next weekend beacuse he’s in America right now*.*oh so I’ll be interviewed by a ...*.said Aya.*youll be interviewed by his assistant named Min she jia gonna and she’s at the meeting room she’ll interview you both newcomers at the meeting room *.

After the interview

Min she jiang *you guys are selected and Aya you will only be the worker no need to attend the assistant’s wardrobe beacuse he already hired me okay and you can starttoday and Aya’s fee is 50k and Jenna’s fee is 50 thousand per month and your cabins are faraway from the other it’s at the 2nd tippets floor and the top pest of all the floor is of our CEO Aiden li wang Hamilton*.*wait Aiden Hamilton as an hottest young billionaire who owns his own company at Seoul and this is his biggest launched company*.said Aya.Min she jiang*yes ofcourse*.

After getting perfectly settled

*i can’t believe I work for that jerk *.said Aya.*its okay hun you are going to date Wan Cai he’s the cutest and nice guy I already asked him and he said yes and you’ll date him for 2moths and after 2months if he likes you’ll hell make you his girlfriend okay*.said Jenna.

2 weeks later when the CEO arrived

Employees *anneyoung ha sa yo *.Aiden*anneyoung*.you come to check what’s all the rush for and Jenna comes following you and the you say what’s all the rush about all the employees look at you and say gosh you don’t know boss arrived and then Aya’s heart beat gets faster.Aiden*well hello cupcake we meet again can we please talk about the past*.Aya*stop cracking jokes you know it hurled my feelings of what you said*.Aiden*brittney lied to you cupcake beacuse she was jealous and I broke up with her I’m so sorry cupcake*. Min she jiang * sir do you know the new worker of the team *.Aiden*mhm that’s my little cupcake and Jenna is a great friend why you asked*.Min she jiang*cupcake?*.

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