When the night comes.......

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Everything was going smoothly for Lucy, she was excited about starting her new life at Boston university. First day at first year of semester,she met him.....and somehow she found out something, she never should have known ........ One night hold the power to change her whole life . What she will do?How she will fight with his demons? To know about how her life will go on,add this book in your reading list . And wait for the story to get revealed.......

Romance / Mystery
Dark angel
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I woke up with the alarm clock going on and off .It was not easy to fall asleep yesterday night as the excitement of starting my new life at Boston university was making me think about all sorts of thing one could feel. Anyway when i fell asleep,the day was already about to start but what.......damn my life, now I'm having a great headache.

Pushing myself out the bed is the hardest thing of all and my bestfriend Maria will be about to knock off my door.

I'm quite excited about what will happen ? But pls god, I request you to let me live my uni life as smooth as butter...........which i'm sure is not gonna happen basically but still it's not bad to hope, right .

But things turned out to be much more worse than i imagined......one night changed my whole existence and now I'm trying hard to survive......finding it hard to fight with his demons............

What will happen? No one knows.......except lucy and him.......

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