Sacred Love

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James had suffered a lot in these past years . Being alone had only ignited his hunger for being with someone . Samantha showing up on his door would be a blessing or pain cause it brings back all those loving memories...

Romance / Fantasy
Drishti Shukla
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

James was playing video games . Maintaining his muscular - heroic type posture , he sat on the sofa in front of the television . He had black silk growing lavishly on his head . A thin denim shirt was on him which showed much of his masculine body.

He had great thighs and arms. With a nose and face all chiseled and lips that seemed marvelous to look at and taste as well . Oh god ! He had those pretty full lips with a crazy muscle moving in his neck continuously as he tried to focus on his game .

He was a joyful and a fun to be around person but was surrounded by allsad happenings . His beloved and only relative , his uncle Mike , died three years back and now his wife . He wasn't laughing or smiling all he seemed to do was to pretend happy and normal .

The doorbell rang , he was in no mood to rise and open the door . There was Lucy Benanthan in his kitchen , a very simple lady in a skin tight jeans and a long shirt in her mid thirties , shouts from the kitchen

" James , OH James "

James was absorbed in thoughts and was dumbly staring at the television though it displayed that he lost . He felt just the same way he had felt during his wife's funeral .

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